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Comegold Review – How To Earn Free $15 Weekly Performing Tasks

Comegold is an Online platform that allows you make money performing simple task and in this detailed comegold review, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the platform and in details, how you can make money performing simple tasks on the platform.

By registering on comgold.top, you will be eligible to perform up to 3 tasks daily and earn as a free membership, no investment required before you can start making money on the platform and this is the main reason why I picked interest in letting you know more about the platform .

The task you’re required to complete on the platform includes: YouTube video likes, YouTube subscription, YouTube post, Facebook post, Instagram and TikTok tasks inclusive. However, you will have the opportunity to choose the most convenient tasks from the list of Many tasks that are available on the platform.

Before moving futher to how the platform works, you should fully understand that the platform is not available for Nigerians, meaning that the comgold registration is generally not available for Nigerians, it’s only available for countries like USA, UK, Canada, and other. But don’t worry, I will provide you with away to register on the platform if you’re a resident of Nigeria.

About Comegold

As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide, comgold is a Social tasks earning platform that pays you for performing tasks on different social platform you always use for free. It’s a Ponzi scheme likes platform but this Time around, you can make money on the platform without paying investment. The platform was lunched on the 20th of June, 2022 and still paying as at the moment of writing this comgold review.

On the comegold platform, you will get rewarded by performing simple social media task, once you perform the task, you’re required to submit a Proof to show that you really perform the task and you will receive your reward after uploading the proof.

Before moving to the comegold review, let me explain to you, how to register on the platform and make money without investment.

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Comegold Registration – How to register on comgold.top

Simply click here to go to the comegold registration page, you will be asked for your phone number, enter your US phone number and an OTP will be sent to the number, enter the OTP to complete your registration and Gain access to your account.

Are you from Nigeria? Simply click here for Detailed information on how to get a free US number and make sure you connect your VPN to USA before clicking on the registration link.

Download and install the app, login to your account and leave it. Do not log out for any reason unless you used a valid US number that is not a temporary number.

Now that you have complete your registration, the next thing is to start performing tasks on the platform to accumulate free Cash.

Comegold tasks

Performing Tasks on the platform is the main method to accumulate free cash on the platform and having complete your registration, your next concern should be how to perform tasks on the platform.

When you perform a task on Comegold, you will earn a fixed amount of $0.5 per task and can be repeated three times a day. This implies that you earn $1.5 daily and can easily earn upto $15 within 10 days.

How to perform tasks on comegold

How to perform tasks on comegold

Simply login to your comegold account and click on the tasks button at the bottom of the app. You will see the lists of tasks that are available, simply click on teg receive button attached to any three tasks of your choice.

Now click on the record button and you will see this tasks under pending, click on the Open link button, you will be taken to the tasks, do the needful and take screenshot (E.g if it’s a YouTube video like task, you will be taken to the video on YouTube, like the video and take the screenshot).

Return to the page on comgold and click on the complete button, upload the screenshot and submit the tasks. The task will be reviewed and approved accordingly. Repeat the steps everyday to complete your three daily tasks and earn $1.5 everyday.

Comegold Withdrawal

Now that you have fully understand how to make money on the platform, the next thing is how to make withdrawal on the platform. But before then, let’s take about the

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Comegold minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal on the platform is $10 and before you can initiate a withdrawal, always make sure that you are having $10 or more one your balance.

If you don’t have up to $10 you won’t be able to withdraw.

Comegold Withdrawal

How to withdraw from comgold

Simply login to your comgold account and click on mine button, select personal information and click on payment password to set your Payment password, you will be needing this password for withdrawal. Use 1122 as your default password if you’re asked for any.

Having set your payment password, the next thing is to set up a payment method and this can be done by clicking on wallet, then withdrawal channel. Simply read our detailed step by step guide on how to create a valid PayPal account that can send and receive money in Nigeria. The PayPal account is the viable means of withdrawal on the platform as at the moment of writing this comgold.

Comegold review

Having scan through the platform and putting all the necessary things into consideration, the platform can be concluded a Ponzi platform. This is because it has same pattern with many of the ponzi scheme platforms we have seen in the past.

However, the method explained in this comgold review allows you to make money on the platform without investment and with this, you will be able to operate the platform without the fear of loosing anything. You absolutely have nothing to loose.

Is comegold legit

The platform is paying as at the moment of writing this guide and it cannot yet be pronounced as Scam so far it’s still paying as promised. Once you oh have the minimum required for withdrawal, you will be able to place a withdrawal and get paid via your preferred payment channel.

Is comgold Scam

No for now, it’s paying but you must remember that it’s a potential Ponzi scheme and soon or later, you will wake up and the platform will be disappeared into the thin air. All you can do is to enjoy while it lasts.

Can I invest on the platform

Do you want to invest on the platform? Then that’s your decision to make, all I can say is that the platform is of high risk and in other hand, the minimum investment is $100, which makes it More difficult to risk.

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However, since you can make money on the platform without investment, I think sticking with the free version will be a very good idea unless you make your personal analysis and found a very strong reason why you should invest.

Wants to refer others to the platform?

Comegold referral link

Comegold referral program

The platform just like other platforms, have a referral program, which allows you to make money on teg platform by inviting others to join the platform and complete their daily tasks.

Every time this people complete their daily tasks, you will earn commission and this will be added to your balance on a daily basis.

However, if your referral operates a free account, you won’t get commission. You only eligible for commission when your referrals upgrade to at least, VIP 1. Technically, you’re inviting them to as well benefits from the free cash accumulation.

How to get comegold referral link

Login to your account and click on mine button at the bottom of the app, you will see the invite friends Option as shown in the image above, click on it and copy your referral link.

Latest Update On Comegold

Following the recent update on the comegold platform, the PayPal withdrawal method has been removed and this individuals will not have the opportunity to withdraw their earnings via PayPal anymore. (Now added back)

However, you don’t need to Panic as an alternative has been provided, which will allow you to withdraw your earnings regardless of if the PayPal method is Ava or not. Starting from the 2nd of August, you will be able to withdraw your earnings Via USDT TRC20.

In addition, you must understand that the VIP0 on the platform is an experience account and you’re only allowed to withdraw $10  once. This implies that as a free user on the platform, you’re to withdraw your earnings when you have minimum of $10 in your account and you won’t be able to withdraw with that Same account afterwards, unless you upgrade to VIP1 or higher.

Note that the opportunity for the VIP 0 to withdraw via USD is a limited opportunity and will only be available on the 2nd of August alone. Anything outside the second of August, you May not have the opportunity to withdraw again.

PayPal Withdrawal is now open to everyone!!!

Conclusion: With the detailed information revealed in this comegold review, you should have fully understand how the platform works and especially how to make money on the platform without investment.




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