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Home Reviews Hjfarms.pro Review – Is Hjfarm Legit Or Scam

Hjfarms.pro Review – Is Hjfarm Legit Or Scam

Hjfarms.pro review

Hjfarms farm is a Ponzi scheme investment platform that allows you to invest a particular amount of money and get a fixed amount as your daily return and in this hjfarms.pro review, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the platform.

However, you will need to go through this hjfarm review with 100% attention, so as to fully get the information intended to be passed in this guide. This implies that you need to go through this review carefully to get the proper interpretation of it.

Just like teckmine, webappex, and others, hjfarm is a self acclaimed investment platform that allows you to make double of your investment amount in 45days and in this hjfarms review, I am going to provide you with all the information needed to help you conclude at whether hjfarms.pro is legit or just another scam.

About Hjfarms.pro

According to the information contained on the platform about us page, HJ Farms is said to be established in Abuja, Nigeria and is positioned as a company focused on agricultural cultivation.

The platform narrated that in the early days of establishment, it mainly provided domestic market services and established an efficient planting research team.

It proceed by saying it quickly gained loyal customers through sustainable growing techniques. HJ Farmas claimed that it increased the cultivation technology of cocoa nuts, palm fruits, and cashew nuts, gradually expanded its business scope, and began to cooperate with more restaurants and food suppliers.

Hjfarms claimed that it will continue to improve planting efficiency and add more orchards to increase customer supply and demand. Through the accumulation of word-of-mouth, it said that it customer base continues to grow and the company’s popularity gradually expands.

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Other Claims contained on Hjfarms About Page

HJ Farmas further Claimed that it expanded its partners to cities such as Montreal and Vancouver, and established long-term cooperative relationships with more restaurants and suppliers. Increase food processing business, with the mechanized planting rate exceeding 80%, increasing crop yields and delivering more high-quality fruits.

It said through continuous innovation and provision of high-quality services, the scale and profitability of the enterprise have grown steadily.

How to make money on Hjfarms

How To Make Money On Hjfarms

There are two Broadways to make money on the hjfarms and these includes; Buying a product on the platform and building a team. When you registered successfully on hjfarms.pro, you will have the opportunity to buy a product and start claiming income on a daily basis.

The more your investment, the more your daily income. The second way is by building your team, a lot of benefits is attached to this part and as a users that refer people to the platform, you will have access to multiple referral incentives.

Hjfarm Investment Plans

Below are the products that are available on hjfarms.pro, how much it costs, how much you earn on a daily basis ams your total income in 45days.


Price: ₦2900

Cycle: 45 Day

Daily income: ₦127.6

Total revenue: ₦5742


Price: ₦7900

Cycle: 45 Day

Daily income: ₦355.5

Total revenue: ₦15997.5


Price: ₦16500

Cycle: 45 Day

Daily income: ₦759

Total revenue: ₦34155


Price: ₦28000

Cycle: 45 Day

Daily income: ₦1316

Total revenue: ₦59220


Price: ₦42000

Cycle: 45 Day

Daily income: ₦2016

Total revenue: ₦90720

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Hjfarm referral program

HJ Farms Referral Program

The platform have it’s own referral program like other platforms, when you refer others to tye platform, you can get 10% of the income of Lv1 members. If three of your Lv1 members adopt H42000, It will bring you more than 27216 NGN team income.

If you invite 3 friends to join within a week, you will get an agricultural subsidy of 1,500 NGN on the next Monday.

The more friends you invite, the more your weekly salary will be. Note that agricultural subsidies are not always available, so you can try to actively invite friends to join.

Hjfarms registration

To register on the platform, you must have studied the platform carefully and be Ready to deposit. When you get to the platform registration page, you will be provided with the registration form, fill it and proceed to your account.

Once you get to the account, click on recharge to deposit the amount you wish to invest on the platform, once the deposit reflect, but the equivalent product and start Claiming your daily earnings between 00:00 to 8:00 everyday.

Hjfarm have crashed previously and 2024 lunch is a relaunch of their old self 

How to claim Daily earnings on hjfarm

Hjfarms.pro Review

Now that you have fully understand how the platform works, it’s time to know what the platform is up to and if hj farms is legit or scam. In this section of my hj farms review, I will provide you with the insight of what the platform is really is and with this insight, you should be able to arrive at one conclusion or the other.

Mere looking at hjfarms.pro, you don’t need a prophet to tell you that the platform is a Ponzi scheme investment platform, in case you don’t know much about Ponzi scheme, you can check out our detailed guide on what Ponzi scheme investment platform is.

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While the platform claims to have been in existence since 2016, it’s found to have been a newly lunched platform, which was created in the month of September, 2023.

Also, while the platform makes the general public believes that they’re into agricultural cultivation and related business, they’re found to be just virtual agricultural firm that have no offline base or source of income.

They fully generate the money used in paying their members from the investment made by new users and this makes it prone to crashing at any period of time.

Is hjfarm legit

The platform is paying as at the moment of writing this review and things are working smoothly for the users on the platform, however, it’s worthy to know that the platform will not pay forever and if I should predict base on experience, the best they can do is to pay for few months and thereby disappearing into the thin air afterwards.

Platform like this are only being enjoyed by the individuals that joined as early as possible, while the individuals that joined lately stuffer the losses and thereby loosing part or even the whole of their Investment amount.

Is Hjfarms pro scam

As at the moment of writing this hjfarms.pro review, Hjfarms is still paying and therefore cannot be pronounced as a complete scam but a potential One. While you stand the chance to make so much money from the platform, so as you stand the chance to loose to the platform.

On this note, you’re advised to invest only the amount you can afford to loose if you must invest on hj farms.


Having gone through this hjfarms.pro review, you should have fully understand how hjfarm works and especially have the opportunity to categories the platform to where it truly belongs and take the appropriate investment decision.



  1. HJfarms is a pure scam, avoid d site by all means, I was told to hold offline meeting n HJfarms banquet party dat if I don’t do it I won’t be entitled to monthly salary, immediately I handed over d pictures n videos of d offline promotion n banquet party details my accounts n those of my downlines re blocked without paying us a dime. The next thing dey do is dat dey re posting d videos n pictures dat dey re giving agricultural assistance to d farmers n dat dey re holding a large banquet party. All na lie, dey re scammers Avoid HJfarms ❌❌❌❌❌

  2. I’m proud to be a member since I have being in d platform since last year October and I received my monthly salary with which I help my self in my studies Alhamdulillah

  3. HJ farms is pure scam, after me and my husband invested a huge amount of money, since last week they have being saying network issue, now they brought out ATM for fast withdrawal, after my husband purchased the card up till now his money has not been dropped. They are pure scammers and they have really destroyed a lot of people


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