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Home Android Apps Download Inshot Pro MOD APK Latest Version (Fully Unlocked)

Download Inshot Pro MOD APK Latest Version (Fully Unlocked)

Inshot Pro MOD APK

Inshot Pro is one of the best Android application when it comes video editing and it’s functions and elements are easy to understand. In this guide, I will be providing you with the inshot Pro MOD APK, which will give you full access to the app premium version for free.

A lot of people have request for the inshot Pro APK to be released and looking at the number of request I have gotten so far, I will be releasing the app today and not only that, I will give you the detailed information of what the app entails, it’s features and what each features have to offer.

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About Inshot Pro APK

Inshot Pro APK is a video editing app that allows you to edit your videos with handy features to Make your video looks better or modify it to your taste. The video editing app allows you to remove or add music to your videos, cut or join videos together and lots more features that will make video editing an easy task for you.

Inshot is not limited to video editing alone, you can as well use it to edit your pictures and the app seems to be one of the best option when it comes to choosing photo and video editing software/application.

Inshot Pro APK comes with extra ordinary features for making videos and in this era of social media, a lot of people have developed the interest in creating HD videos and for anyone to be able to do this, a video editing app like inshot Pro is highly needed.

However, inshot have two versions, which are free and paid version but the only difference between the two is ads display and the availability of some sticker pack. But do not worry, the inshot Pro MOD APK to be provided in this guide has been Unlocked already and you will have full access to the paid version of the app for free.

Features Of Inshot Pro MOD APK

As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide, inshot have a lots of amazing features that you can explore and make use of them when editing your videos and in this section of inshot Pro MOD APK download, I will outline all the amazing features of the app with the functions of each.

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Inshot Pro gives you a lot of video editing tools to help in making your videos looks professional. Amongst the available tools on the app are; cut and trim tools, video splitting tools, background remover, HD cast sub video adder and lots more.

This features makes the app a great fit for making video editing easier for you and I even recommend it for tv owners in our previous guide on how to Create WhatsApp TV. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the popular features on the app and what they does.

Remove And Add Music

The ability to remove music and add any music of your choice to a video is one of the best and primary features of the inshot Pro APK. With this feature, you can easily get ride of unpleasant music attached to any video or even the background sound of the video.

Inshot Pro gives you collection of amazing and pleasant sound effects that can be used in your video at any point in time, not only that, you can import music from your phone gallery and apply it to the video with the ability to cut the music to size a specific area if your video and you can also choose to either reduce or increase the volume of any video.

Merge And Split Video With Single Click

If you have multiple video clips that you will like to put together, inshot Pro will help to do that in just few clicks and you can turn multiple clips to a single video. This feature is very easy to Use and can be done with zero experience in video editing.

As inshot Pro APK allows you to put multiple clips together, you can also split a single video to the number of your choice and this feature allows you to remove unwanted clips from your video.

Transition Effect

This is useful when you’re putting multiple clips together, the use of transition in-between them will give your video a beautiful and cinematic look. Inshot Pro MOD APK allows you to just various transition effects like glitch, ghost, fade out, fade in and etc.

Photo Editor Software

As it has been stated in the earlier part of this guide that inshot MOD APK uses is not limited to video editing alone and you can as well use it to edit photos as it consists of a tool to edit photos as well.

Editing Photos on inshot is as good as editing videos as it provides you with a wide range of filter and stickers for proper photo editing. You can as well use it to do photo collage, enabling you to put multiple photos together in just one place.

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With the Inshot photo editor, you can crop your photos, add frames to your photos and other features to make your photos more attractive and eye-catchy. Inshot MOD APK gives you easy access to ready made templates that you can use to beautify your photos.

Add Text

With inshot Pro APK, you can add text to your videos or photos in wide varieties of fonts. There are multiple fonts that you can use on your video or photo to explain their purpose or to deliver a particular message.

With this feature, you can make your videos and photos more definable and self explanatory and as it has been stated earlier, you have varieties of fonts to choose and be able to choose anyone that pleases you.

Add Stickers And GIFs

There are thousands of stickers and gifs that you can apply to your videos to make it more eye-catching and attractive and these feature is only available on inshot Pro paid version which the inshot Pro MOD APK to be released in this guide will give you free access to. The app provide you with stickers for kids and for adult as well and you will be able to choose anyone that best fit for the purpose you’re using the video for.

Customize Canva

Customize canva if the feature of inshot Pro that allows you to choose the size of your video as multiple social media platforms have different aspect ratio for video and photos. With this feature, you can select your desired canva like 6:9 for YouTube, 9:16 for Tiktoks, 1:1 for Instagram and lots more, depending on the platform you’re going to post the video to or your choice.

Modify Video Speed

Inshot Pro gives you the full control of the video speed and you can choose to increase the speed of the video to make it faster or reduce the speed to make it slower. If you want to make a slow-mo video, you can easily upload the video to inshot and modify the speed to give you the result you desires without loosing your video pixel while making the slow-mo video.


Inshot provide you with the easy access to add filters to your videos and give them good looks and add colors of your choice to the videos, add beauty to specific video and create cinematic effects.

With this filter application, you can easily make a black and white videos that gives a fantastic looks to the video. With inshot Pro MOD APK, you can add multiple filters to a video, depending on your choice. You will also have access to various adjustment to contrast, brightness, color, saturation and many more, all on your smart phone with with one app.

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Rotate And Flip Video

If you’re not pleased with the position of a particular video, you can easily rotate or flip it with the help of inshot Pro APK, if you’re used to video editing, you will notice that sometimes, when you make a video, it has different angles. With the help if inshot Pro APK, you can rotate the video and make and angle of corrections and this in turns give your videos an amazing looks.

Easy Share On Social Media

Inshot Pro consist of inbuilt share options and as soon as you’re done with your video editing and export it, you will be provided with a button consisting of all social media app on your phone( YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktoks, WhatsApp, etc.) and you can share the video to any social platform of your choice with just a click.

Convert Video From One Format To another

If you want to convert your videos to another format, inshot app will make it easier and faster for you. Once you upload the video to the inshot Pro APK, you can convert it to other format with just a click.

Slide Show / Photo Collage

Inshot app also allows you to create slide show with your pictures and provide you with multiple templates that you can choose from to make the slides show more appealing. You can also use the app to make collage of your photos as stated in the earlier part of this guide.

Inshot Pro MOD APK Download

Having understand the full features of the inshot app and what each features have to offer, the next thing is to download the app and explore to enjoy all the amazing features that have been explained so far and I this section, I will provide you with the direct link to download the inshot Pro APK.

Name                                     inshot Pro APK

Version                                   Latest

Size                                        50MB

     Download Inshot Pro MOD APK Here

How To Edit Video With Inshot App

For the purpose of those that are just getting started with the use of the Inshot app, browsingtechzone has made your video editing journey easier as we have provide you with a video, that explains all you need to know about the Inshot pro app and how to use various features on the app for your video editing work.

Watch the video below!

Conclusion: Inshot Pro has been considered as one of the best video editing app and with the features of the app explained in this guide, it shows that the app is undoubtedly a great fit for your Video Editing tasks and with the Inshot Pro MOD APK provided in this guide, you will be able to have unrestricted access to every features of the app.




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