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Fairmoney App Download – Instant Loans & Digital Bank (See How It Works)

fairmoney App Download

Fairmoney loan app is a type of credit-led digital bank that is built with the purpose of providing easy loan for individuals to fund their business or for personal reasons. In this guide, I ma going to provide you with the direct link to fairmoney App download and detailed information on all you need to know about the app.

The loan applications like easemoni loan app, newcredit loan app and others that we have shared with you in the past only based on providing loans for business or personal purposes, but in case of fairmoney App, it combines multiple features in one place and aside using it as fairmoney loan app, you can as well use it for other purposes like buying airtime, data, cable TV subscription and lots more.

Today, I am going to provide you with fairmoney APK, the original app, how it works and all you need to know about the app and their services. This guide will enlighten you on how to apply for a fairmoney loan, how to repay a fairmoney loan, the fairmoney customer care, fairmoney loan interest rate and other basic information you need about the app.

About Fairmoney App

Fairmoney App is a multipurpose app that provides it users with the opportunity to take fast loan without collateral and at the same time, gives you the opportunity to buy Airtime, buy data, pay for cable TV subscription and lots more, all in one place.

You can use fairmoney to get loans up to N500,000 anytime you need one, without collateral or any extra charges. The process is fast and simple, your credit score will be tracked by fairmoney, so as to enable you to get better deal every time you apply for a loan.

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Fairmoney loan app is passionate about improving access to financial services in the emerging world and go into exceptional dept to understand it’s client’s pain points. Fairmoney believes in speed over certainty, and avoid over-analysis by making decisions based on 70% of the available-data and a 30% margin of error.

Other Basic Information About Fairmoney Loan App

FairMoney app gives you FREE bank transfers, and instant loans — no collateral

Loan amounts range between ₦1,500 to ₦1,000,000 with repayment periods from 61 days to 18 months at monthly interest rates that range from 2.5% to 30% (APRs from 30% to 260%)

Loan characteristics

-Loan amount from ₦1,500 to ₦1,000,000

-Repayment periods from 61 days to 18 months

-APR from 30% to 260% per annum

-Interest discounts of up to 90% for early repayments

-No hidden fees

An example of a FairMoney loan

If you borrow ₦100,000 over 3 months, interest (total cost of the loan) is ₦30,000 (30% rate) three monthly repayments: ₦43,333 total amount payable is equal to ₦130,000

Representative: 120% APR

Now, the FairMoney app is more than just a loan app. Fair own a Microfinance bank that is duly licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. As such, all your deposits are insured with the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC).

As fairmoney app continued to seek a more efficient way to disburse it’s loans to you and help you spend it, fairmoney realized that their customers need a simple way to receive and spend money. Hence, fairmoney redesigned the app to accommodate the aforementioned two key actions and more.

With the FairMoney app, you can:

– Get an account number and use it to receive money from anyone in Nigeria

– Add money to your account

– Send money to any bank account for FREE

– Apply for loan and receive it instantly

– Pay your bills

Fairmoney Loan Interest Rate

The amount of loan you can request for on the fair money loan app ranges from N1,500 (one thousand, five hundred Naira) to a whopping sum at N1,000,000 (one million naira) and the fairmoney interest rate is about 10 to 30% for three months Repayment and APR of 120%.

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Fairmoney Loan Requirements

For you to qualify for a loan on fairmoney app, there are some requirements you must have in mind and get them available before attempting to register bon fairmoney loan app. Having this requirements will step up you chance of getting a loan from the app and also determines how much loan you will get for a start.

Below are the fairmoney loan requirements;

1. You must be at least, 20 years old before you can get approval for a loan on fairmoney App.

2. You must be a Nigerian and reside in Nigeria.

3. You must have a good credit score and a good source of income. This will determines the maximum amount of loan you’re going to be eligible for.

4. Use the phone number attached to your BVN during your registration.

5. Make sure you provide valid information during your registration.

How To Apply For A Fairmoney Loan

Applying for a loan on fairmoney app is very simple and easy, in this section of fairmoney app download, I will provide you with the detailed information on how to apply for a loan on fairmoney loan app.

In order to apply for a fairmoney loan, all you need do is to download fairmoney loan app and install it on your smart phone, follow the instructions provided in the fairmoney loan Requirements section of this guide during your registration.

Once you complete your registration, login to your dashboard and click on the loan option at the bottom of the app, you will be taken to the loan page and the amount of loan you have qualified for will be displayed to you. The more you take loan and repay on time, the more you have access to loans of higher amount.

Fairmoney Loan Registration

To register on fairmoney loan app, simply download and install the app on your smart phone. Open the app and your phone number will be requested for, input a valid phone number that can receive an OTP, preferably the phone number linked with your bank verification number.

Enter the OTP in the space provided and you will be taken to a page to input your BVN (bank verification number) input it, verify it and proceed. You will see a form that requires your basic information, fill the form with correct and valid information and you will be taken to your fairmoney Account dashboard.

fairmoney referral code

Fairmoney Referral Code

Fairmoney has a referral program that allows you to also make money for free on the app. If you Refer anyone with your link or your fairmoney referral code, the the person will automatically become your referral and you will get N500 whenever they request for their first loan and it get approved. The N500 is per referral.

During your registration, if you’re asked of a referral code, simply input NGPEW as your referral.

How To Get Your Own Fairmoney Referral Code

After which you have complete your fairmoney loan registration, if you want to join the fairmoney loan referral program and get paid for every individuals you refer to the app, all you have to do is to copy your own personal fairmoney referral code and tell your referrals to apply the code during their registration.

To copy your referral code, simply login to your account and click on the referral option at the bottom of the app homepage, you will be taken to the referarral page, simply click on the copy option to copy your fairmoney referral code and also, you can copy your referral link and refer people with the Link.

If you didn’t see your referral code directly, kindly copy your referral link and paste it somewhere, you will see something like =NGPEW at the end of the link, the letters after the equal to sign is your referral code.

Fairmoney Login

To Login to your fairmoney account, simply open the app and you will see two boxes, one asking for phone number and the other one asking for password, simply enter the phone number you used during your fairmoney registration and in the space provided for password, entry the four digits PIN you set during your registration.

Incase your phone number has been filled into the top box automatically, simply go ahead and input your four digits PIN into the second box and click on the  login button.

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Fairmoney Loan Repayment

To repay loan on fairmoney App, simply login to the app and navigate to the loan option, you will see the breakdown of your loan, the repayment amount and the due date. Simply tap on the repay option and you will be redirected to where you will repay your loan, simply pick the best way that is convenient for you out of the listed repayment methods and follow the prompts to complete your loan repayment.

Fairmoney Loan Contact Number/Customer Care Number

While writing this fairmoney app download, I have decided to provide you with the fairmoney contact number, so as to enable you to have easy access to the fairmoney customer care whenever you need their attention. Also, whenever you encounter any issue on the app, be it during the loan application, fairmoney loan repayment and other related issue, the best thing is to contact the customer care via any of the means below, and they will help you with which ever issue you are having.

Below are the means with which you can access Fairmoney customer care whenever the need arises:

PHONE: 01 7001276 / 01 8885577

EMAIL: [email protected] or [email protected]

ADDRESS: 3 Ajao Road, Off Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria (No money in the office, everything is digital).

Fairmoney APK Download

Having gone through the detailed information about the fairmoney loan app, the next thing is to download the app and explore it’s features in order to understand better, how the app works and it’s features. In this section, I am going to provide you with the direct link to the fairmoney loan APK download.

Name                                      Fairmoney APK

Size                                        10MB

Version                                    Latest Version

Service                                    Fast Loan & Digital Bank

         Download Fairmoney Loan APK

Fairmoney App Download

In this section, I going to provide you with the link to download the app directly from play store, this will enable you to explore the both options and download the one that is best for you if you’re not ok with the file provided in the APK section, then you going to be able bro use the fairmoney app download option directly.

Name                                     Fairmoney App

Size                                       10MB

Version                                   Latest Version

Service                                  Fast Loan & Digital Bank

    Download Fairmoney App From Play Store

Fairmoney App Download For iPhone

The app is not limited to Android users only, it’s also available on iOS store and if you’re and iPhone user, in this section, I will provide you with the link to download the app directly from iOS store.

Name                           Fairmoney App For iPhone

Size                             10MB

Version                        Latest Version

Service                        Fast Loan & Digital Bank

    Download Fairmoney App From iOS Store

Fairmoney Website

A lot of people have been trying to know if fairmoney have their own website or not and if you have been searching for the fairmoney website or wondering if they have one or not, search no more, worry no more.

Fairmoney has a website and the URL to their website is https://fairmoney.ng. that the URL you can use to access the official fairmoney website.

fairmoney Loan Review

Fairmoney Loan Review

Fairmoney has been operating for few years and has been able to gathered over 5,000,000 (five million) download from Google play store with overall star rating of 4.4 and that’s not bad for an app like fairmoney loan.

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Below are what people says about the fairmoney app:

Shuan Jacob says “It is tested and trusted. It paid me out twice when I needed cash and I instantly I was given to me. My challenge is the interest rate. It too high. At least they should have made it 2 per cent of the money borrowed by a client, instead is 3perent of the loan given to client. Something should be done quickly especially considering existing customer’s on this platform. I personally am already going for something new. Thanks”.

Esther Okafor says “Seriously, i love this app but right now am having issues with it. I have gone a long way with it and have paid my loans on time but my problem is that i applied for a loan on Saturday and they just attended to me as a beginner. The offer was so poor that am still confused up till now. I really want to know what my offense is. I need this loan for today for my business”.

Abijah Uloko says “For sure this app is reliable, BUT their interest rate is too much and even when you pay before due date they tend to still take more charges when you want to reapply. It’s bad especially when your loan is due. They’ve changed the settings and the setting isn’t good at all. When your loan is over due the interest attached to it is high. I can’t explain how I feel about this interest rate thing. Please do something about it. Secondly the app takes time to clear your account after you repaid. I’m not happy”.

Ola Agboye says “I just applied for a loan which was granted after which I was asked to enter my card information but I was surprised to be told that there was paystack error and that my card number was invalid. I checked several times to ensure I didn’t make mistake in entering the number but was still told the same thing. After giving up on inputting the card number a message was sent to me that you can’t reach me on Twitter because the government has closed Twitter. Please I’m not a Twitter user”.

ASOGBA Oluwabamidele says “Fair money just used the first payment you used to lure you into giving them five star rating. They are trying o but still have a long way to go. I paid back as at when due but accessing another loan now is a serious problem and without any explanation or whatsoever. I like communication. Let me know why I am been denied further access so that I can improve on it and the interest rate too is very high compared to your first loan”.

Kisha’s kitchen says “Dear Fairmoney, My payment was due yesterday but before then, I started dropping the money I think a day before, I have completed payment but the App is still shows I have debt to balance and even asking for late fee. You guys should do the needful on all repayment and clear it once it’s paid. I don’t know what’s wrong but whatever it is, kindly fix it. You can’t fail to keep your part of the agreement. If it’s a strategy not to give good loans to me again, then it’s okay. Your reps should call”.

Is Fairmoney Loan Legit

The fact that fairmoney loan interest rate is high as compared to that of other loan applications but still, they are legit if you are ready to follow the rules with which the app operates with, however, the issue you might encounter on the app are not fixed and cannot be predicted, if you have any issue with the app, kindly contact the customer care service via any of the provided means in the fairmoney contact number section of this guide.

Conclusion: Fairmoney Loan app is a quick loan app designed for Nigerians and the app provides a fast and secure loan service for those in need of quick money or financial assistance. The app also allows you to save money on online payments and mobile communication costs.

With the detailed information provided in this fairmoney app download, you should fully understand how each features of the app works and how to use the app without any form of interruption.

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