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How To Buy Safemoon On Trust Wallet (Complete Step By Step Guide)

how to buy safemoon on Trust wallet

Safemoon has recently become the most hyped coin in the last 24hrs due to its sudden bullish run and this has prompt us to create this detailed guide on how to buy safemoon on trust wallet.

The coin has earlier been classified has a shit coin with less potential but reverse is the case as the coin increased by 101% in just 24hrs.

The fact that coin price keeps increasing every single ours has left a lot of people with no option that to purchase the coin in order not to miss out.

The fact outlined in the line above has make getting of the coin a very difficult task for people as those that are selling the coin keeps increasing the price as the demand for the coin increases.

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Today, I will be showing you how to buy safemoon on trust wallet by yourself without needing to pay anyone or go through any form of stress before getting the coin.

What Is Safemoon?

Safemoon is a decentralized finance token that is complex and aim to disrupt the finance word in order to enable people to follow and lead in peer to peer networks.

Safemoon has gathered a lot of attention in the last few weeks and this is as a result of the sudden surge of it’s value.

The coin also recorded a 99% rise on Sunday after Bitcoin and some other alternative coins had their biggest day drop.

Having have the brief overview of the safemoon coin, let’s proceed to the next section of this guide.

Where To Buy Safemoon

Safemoon have not been listed in any of the popular exchangers where many individuals have free and easy assess to, which is one of the reasons that makes buying the coin a very difficult task for some people.

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However, you don’t have to worry yourself anymore, as we have identified the problem associated with the purchase of safemoon and have gathered all the required solution for you in this guide.

How To Buy Safemoon On Trust Wallet Using Paneckake Swap

Pancake swap is a binance smart-chain DEX that is lunched by anonymous developers. The paneckake swap serve as other DEX and allow anyone to swap one access to another.

In this guide, we will be making use of pancake swap to covert Smart-chain BNB or other assets “if at all you have any” to safemoon coin.

Kindly follow the instructions below in other to buy safemoon coin on trust wallet.

#1 – Purchase BNB Of any amount.

The first steps in getting safemoon coin is to purchase BNB from any exchanger that offer the sales of the coin and send to your trust wallet.

The exchanger we recommend for easy transaction is binance, it’s the owner of the coin and you can get it easily from them and send it to your  trust wallet.

However, if you have another means to get the coin, you can use any method of your choice, just make sure that the coin gets to your trust wallet.

For example, if you want to get $10 safemoon, buy $11 worth of BNB by any means and send it to your trust wallet, the extra $1 is for charges.

Smart chain BNB

#2 – How To Send The BNB To Your Trust Wallet

Once you have gotten the BNB, open your trust wallet and locate Smart-chain BNB as shown in the picture above.

Click on it and you will see four options as follows; send, receive, copy and More. click on receive and locate the copy button, click on the copy button to copy your receiving address.

Send the address to whom you’re buying the coin from and if you’re buying it from binance, take the address to your binance and withdraw to it.

Trust Wallet Dapps

#3 – Go To Pancake Swap

The next step is to visit pancake swap with your trust wallet Dapps browser. Simply copy the link below;


Open your trust wallet and locate Dapps as shown in the picture below, click on it and you see a url box at the top of the next page.

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Paste the pancake swap link you copied above to the Dapps url bar and continue.

You will be taken to pancake swap directly and you can now proceed with the next step below.

connect trust wallet to pancake swap

#4 – Connect Your Trust Wallet To Pancake Swap

On getting to paneckake swap, you will have to connect your trust wallet address to your paneckake swap, don’t worry, the process is automatic.

Kindly check the top right corner of the app as shown in the picture above, click on the ethereum icon and select Smart-chain BNB, click on the connect button and your trust wallet will be linked to the pancake swap immediately.

How to Swap BNB To Safemoon

#5 – Swap BNB To Safemoon

This is the final stage and all you have to do is to swap your BNB to safemoon coin that you need.

You will see two boxes on the page, one at the top and second one below the first one.

The first one should be showing your BNB balance automatically but in case anything goes wrong, click on it manually and select BNB and shown in the picture above.

Now, copy the safemoon contact address below;


Click on the second box and a search box will appear, paste the contact address into the search box and it will bring safemoon automatically.

Click on the result “safemoon” and it will be in the second box.

Safemoon contact address

Once you follow the instructions above, the swap button will appear immediately, click on it as shown in the picture above.

You will be redirected to a page showing the break down of the charges involved in the transaction you are about bro perform.

Click on the approved button to approve it and you will be taken to pancake swap with a notification saying the transaction has been submitted successfully.

Once you get the notification that the transaction is submitted, it means you have complete all the process successfully and you can now go back to your trust wallet to check your coin. The amount swapped to, will be added to your balance automatically.

How to correct error encountered in swapping BNB to safemoon

I Get Error Message After Approving The Transaction

Yes! You might get error message after which you have approved the transaction, don’t panic, simply check the top of the page and click on the icon shown below.

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How to increase pancake swap slip tolerance

You will see a box with number starting from 0.1, increase the number to 5 and try again.

If 5 doesn’t work, try 10, 15 and 20. 20 will surely work.

Can I Swap Other Asset To Safemoon?

Yes, you can as well swap USDT and BUSD to safemoon on trust wallet, all you have to do is to follow the same Instructions above and replace Smart-chain BNB with either USDT or BUSD.

But, you must note that the changes will be covered with BNB and this implies that if you want to swap other assets that are not BNB, you must have little amount of BNB available that will be enough for the charges.

This is because, the technology is built on Smart-chain and it only uses BNB for transaction liquidity and others.

Safemoon Contact Address

Contract address for any token is the address location bif the token contract that manages the logic for that token.

I have provide you with the contract address of the safemoon coin in the earlier part of this guide and once again, below is the contract address;


Safemoon Price

As at the moment of writing this guide, one safemoon is sold at $0.0000057792 and $6 will get you a whooping sum of 1m of the coin.

However, you should know that the price of the coin is not stable and might have pumped beyond this price by the time you are reading this guide or might have dip below the price.

Conclusion: With the piece of information provided in the guide above, you should have understand the everything on how to buy safemoon on trust wallet and be able to get the coin without stress.

However, if you are confused with any part of the guide or you need more clarification on the guide, you can check out our YouTube video on how to purchase the safemoon coin without stress.

By watching the video, you will be able to see the illustration of everything we have been discussing here so far and you will have better understanding of the guide.

If you have any questions pertaining this guide or needs support during the process of implementing the instructions provided in this guide, feel free to drop a comment below and you will get the appropriate response as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: We published this guide in order to make getting the safemoon token a very easy task for you and no financial advise was contained in this guide.

Make sure to do your research and understand the risk associated with any steps you take as we’re not advising you to buy or not to buy the token.

I hope you found this guide helpful, do let us know what you think about this guide via the comments section below.



  1. Thanks for the useful explanatory and well guidelines.. Assuming I’ve $30 BNB in my trust wallet, how can do it to only purchase $11 worth of safemoon coin

  2. Boss you’re too much, you really help me to purchase the coin and I’ve seen it in my balance.. you’re blessed In Shaa ALLAH

  3. I luv ur briefs on how to buy Safemoon so nice. But a bit confused😣 in the trust wallet I saw BNB and SMARTCHAIN BNB and they are same price. When making purchase for this swap for safemoon do I have to specify to d exchanger that what I need is SMARTCHAIN BNB or are they d same

    • You need Smart chain BNB and will have to specify.

      When you open your trust wallet, you will see the smart Chain BNB separately and ordinary BNB, select the Smart-chain BNB and neglect the ordinary one.


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