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How To Check Your Glo Number 2024

how to check your Glo number

You can actually check your own mobile phone number on Glo network in few clicks but due to the fact that the steps to take is unknown to you, it seems difficult to check your number. Worry no more as this article is going to give you the best methods on how to check your Glo number.

Glo is one of the internet providers in Nigeria that offer their users with lot of bonus and other mouthwatering offer.

But their Network can be somehow bad in some parts of the country and this is the reason why we have revealed to you in one of our previous guide, how to force your Glo internet connection to be very fast.

The guide reveals the best APN setting you can port to, in order to enjoy your browsing session on your Glo sim card and this will help our visitors using Glo sim card to enjoy any offer that comes their way.

However, it can be so frustrating if you need the phone number of your Glo sim card and you have to go extra mile before getting the number.

In order to prevent this unnecessary stress, we have helped you to analyze and picked the fastest way to check your mobile number on Glo and today, I will be showing you how to check your Glo number in just few clicks.

How To Check Your Glo Number In Few Clicks

We have analyzed all the methods that are available in checking your Glo number and we have found two different methods that sounds so cool and very fast.

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In order to save your time, we will be revealing two different methods with which you can use to know your Glo number.

By revealing this two best ways, you will have to opportunity to compare both methods and pick the one that is best and convenient for you.

How To Know Glo Number By Calling A Special Digit

One of the best way to check your mobile number on Glo sim card is by calling a service number that is special dedicated to all Glo users to help them with their number whenever they need it.

All you have to do is to make sure that your Glo sim card is well inserted in your phone, then dial 1244 and listen to the voice.

Once you call the number above, you wit immediately hear a voice dictating your Glo phone number to you, simply take your pen and paper to write the number down.

The voice will dictate the number for you twice and the call will end automatically. If eventually you didn’t get it in the first attempt, you can dial the number again.

How To Check Glo Number Using USSD Code

You can as well check your number on Glo, by dialing a USSD code, kindly follow the instructions below to do that.

Open your phone dial pad then type *777# and send it. You will be redirected to an option menu, enter 4 to select tariff plan and reply with 3 on the next option menu to select my number.

You Glo number will be displayed to you and you can the copy it and use it for whichever purpose you want to use it for.

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Conclusion: There are multiple ways on how to check your Glo phone number and above are the best and valid two methods you can use to check your phone number on Glo without any issue.

However, you can as well call Glo customer service center to let them tell you your phone number or call any of your friends and let the check the number and call it for you.

With this full insight and detailed step by step, you shouldn’t have any issue in checking your Glo number anymore.

Should you have any question after reading this guide, feel free to drop them in the comments section of this post for quick and appropriate response.

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