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Download Filmigo Pro APK Latest Version

Filmigo pro APK

Filmigo pro APK is a video editing app that was just released and have eventually become a popular video editing app in just few time if it’s lunch with positive feedback on Google play store. In this guide, I am going to give you the direct link to download the filmigo pro mod APK and use it for your video editing works.

Our prime aim in this detailed guide is to provide you with a mod version of the filmigo app and allow you to enjoy the premium features of the app for free. With the filmigo mod APK to be released here, you will have access to all paid features of the app without paying a dime.

About Filmigo App

Filmigo app is a video editing app as it as been explained in the previous part of this guide while the Filmigo pro APK is the paid version of the app with essential features that are not available on the free version of the app.

The Filmigo all has two versions, which are free and paid version respectively, if you download the the app and happens to bee on the free version of the app, you’re going to have limited access to the features available on the app as some of the features are on available on the paid version of the app.

With the help of the Filmigo pro APK to be dropped in this guide, you are going to have direct access to all the paid features of the app without paying a dime and you will be able to explore all the features of the app and won’t need to make any payment watch add before you can use any feature of the Filmigo App.

Filmigo video maker MOD APK was developed and published by videoshow enjoy mobi video editor and video maker Inc. for Android users around the world and allow you to add different effectsto your videos in just few clicks. It serves the same purpose with inshot Pro app, though they both have some features that are not common to both and on this note, checking out the both of them will be a very good idea.

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filmigo app features
filmigo video maker basic features

Features Of The Filmigo Video/Photo Editing App

Filmigo pro APK as a video editing app provides it’s users with a lot of editing tools and filters allowing you to tweak a particular video to anything of your choice. With the tools available on the Filmigo pro APK, you can easily cut, crop, split, merge duplicate and compress your video clip without without loosing it’s quality.

The Filmigo app has a lot of free themes and it only takes few clicks to create an amazing music video or ideal shows. The use of the app is not limited to video editing only, buy can also be used to edit your photographs making video creation, video editing and photo editing easier for you and help you to capture people’s attention and get more followers on your social media apps.

In this section of the Filmigo pro APK download, I will be outlining some basic features of the app with the detailed information about each features so that you can have better understanding of each features and how they works.

Availability Of Professional Editing Tools

Filmigo video maker as it has been stated in the previous part of this guide, gives you the best and easy to use tools to cut, trim, split, reverse, merge, duplicate, rotate, compress your video clips band lots more if editing tools that you will found amazing when you start using the app.

With all the tools mentioned, you can do a lots to your video clips, like cutting your video clips into parts, merge image from your phone’s gallery, compress videos without loosing the video quality resize video, rotate video and lots more.

Availability Of Themes

Filmigo pro APK has more than one hundred beautiful themes that can be utilized to create an amazing music video and ideal slideshow in just few clicks. The Filmigo video editor makes it simple for you to seize consideration and achieve extra followers and likes on social media as a result of creating eye catching videos with the help of these free themes.

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Filmigo video maker provide it’s users with a lots of fully licensed video that will greatly help them in the video editing, video creation and ideal slideshow creation. The availability of the online catalogs and local music makes your video fun and very popular. How ever, you can also record your own sound or choose a music from your phone gallery.

Creative Subtitles

With the video maker, you can add text/subtitles to your videos and the Filmigo pro APK has provide you with different fonts and styles you can easily choose from, while add text/subtitles to your video.


There are lots of emoji, GIFs and different kinds of stickers you can apply to your videos to make it more appealing and eye catching. With the video maker, you can also select stickers from your phone gallery if it happens that none of the available stickers fit in for your video or you have a custom sticker you will like to apply to the video.


Filmigo movie Maker gives you the best collection of stunning and amazing filters to make your videos unique and attractive. There are lots of filters that have been made readily available for you in the app and you can always choose anyone that is best fit for your video .

Beauty Camera

Filmigo Movie Maker consists of a beauty Camera with an automatic beautification effect to give your photographs and videos a beautiful look. This feature allows you to beautify your body and face and make it more appealing to the viewers.


Filmigo pro APK gives you the opportunity to add watermark to your video and decide where you want it to be positioned on your video. With this, you can easily promote your brand name and let people knows the real owner of of the editing work.


The video maker app have a feature that allows you to control the speed of the video, with this feature, you can increase the speed of a particular video to make it faster and you can also reduce the speed of a particular video to make it a slow motion video. The app also offer a video reverse and video playback option for creating a fun and creative original videos.

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The video maker app and video editor provide a HD export with 720p/1080p without reducing the quality and time limit of the video. You can as we save videos to your draft or album at anytime. With a single click on the export option, your well edited video will be downloaded to your phone gallery in just few clicks.


After editing your videos, fi you intend to share it to any social media, Filmigo movie Maker has made that easier for you by embedding social share button to the app and in just few clicks, you will be able to share your videos to Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube and lots more. You will be able bro select the social media of your choice from the available options.

filmigo pro apk download
Filmigo Pro MOD APK Download

Filmigo Pro APK Download

Having get to know how the Filmigo mod app works, the next thing is to download the app and install it to your phone, so that you can explore all the aforementioned features by yourself and see what the app has gotten for you on your video editing tasks.

Without further ado, below is the direct link to download and install the app without any interruption.

Name                                 Filmigo Pro

Size                                    39MB

Version                              Latest

           Download Filmigo Pro MOD APK


How To Install Filmigo Pro MOD APK

To install the Filmigo pro APK, simply click on the download button above to download the app to your phone gallery.

Make sure to uninstall any other version of the app that is installed on your phone, open your phone gallery and go to download folder, click on the Filmigo pro APK file you download above and follow the prompts to install it.

Conclusion: Filmigo pro APK has made video editing seamlessly easy for you and even if this is your first time in video editing, you should be able to use the app to achieve one or two things with the detailed explanation of this guide. With the Filmigo video editor, you can decorate your video creatively and individually with subtitles, music, free themes, transitions, stickers and almost anything you intend to add to beautify the video.



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