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How To Share Data On Glo (Share And Unshare Data On Glo)

how to share data on glo

Glo is known to be one of the best network providers in Nigeria that makes a lot of freebies available for their users and this guide will be revealing how to share data on Glo with complete instructions on how to Unshare data on Glo network.

Sharing data and transferring data on the Glo networks are two different terms that shouldn’t be missed together and on this note, I will like to clear the air on both terms to let’s know what we will discussing in this guide.

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Difference Between Glo Data Share And Glo Data Transfer

Glo data share is a method that allows you to share your data plans with other people on Glo network and it was established by Glo due to the fact that they understand the love in sharing and this provision will allow you to share your data with your loved ones.

This implies that you don’t have to send data to anyone you want to share data with, immediately you follow the instructions to be revealed in this guide, once you have data on your phone, the person you shared the data with will be able to browse the internet on his/her phot without having data.

This means that two or more people will be using one data plan, all the charges for their internet session will be deducted from the main Glo sim card where you shared the data from.

While data transfer is the act of transferring data from one Glo sim card to another. In this case, you will decide the amount of the data you want to transfer to your friends or family.

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However, this guide is mainly on how to share data on Glo and if you need more information on how to transfer data on Glo, we have provide you with the detailed information about it and you can click on the highlighted text to know more about that.

How To Share Data Plan On Glo

If you have been looking for the exact code to use in sharing data from one Glo sim card to the other, then this section of this article is going to show you just that.

Without further Ado, simply follow their instructions below to share Glo data with family and friends.

  • Open your phone dial pad and dial the code below.
  • *127*The Glo number you want to share the data with#.
  • Click on send and the number will be paired with your sim card in terms of data bundle immediately.
  • Or Send Share 0805XXXXXXX to 131.
  • The number of your friends or family that you intend to share the data with is represented with 0805XXXXXXX.

How To Check The List Of Contacts Sharing Your Glo Data Subscription

We all know that the opportunity provided by the network providers do sometimes create some loop hole for penetration.

With the data sharing opportunity, it will be a very easy task for someone to pick your phone and add their contact to share your data bundle without your consent.

As I have promised from the beginning of this guide, I will be revealing the detailed steps on how to check the list of people that are sharing your data plan with you on Glo network.

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If you noticed that you do exhaust your data earlier than normal, you might need to check if someone is sharing your data with you without your consent.

Simply follow the instructions below and you will see the full list in just few seconds.

To see the lists of people that are currently sharing your data plan with you, simply dial *127*00# or send the word “List” to 127.

You will get notified with the full lists of people sharing your Glo data with you and if you have no one sharing your data plan with you, Glo will let you know as well.

How To Unshare Numbers From Glo Data Sharing – How To Remove Number Sharing My Glo Data

Having gone through the list of the people sharing your data with you, did you found any contact you want to remove? Don’t worry, this section of how to share Glo data will give you the detailed information on how to do that without stress.

It doesn’t matter if you found someone sharing it without your consent, you might internationally gives someone the access before and decide to take it back from them. Those who enjoyed the last Glo unlimited free browsing cheat can relate.

To Unshare a number from your Glo data plan, simply dial *127*02*[the number you want to unshare]# or send a text message “Remove 0805XXXXXXX” to 127.

The number of your friends or family that you intend to unshare the data with is represented with 0805XXXXXXX.

You will receive a message from Glo, saying “you have successfully remove 0805XXXXXXX from sharing your data plan subscription”.

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That’s all e need to do and the number will be unshare within few seconds.

Conclusion: Having gone through the detailed information on how to share data on Glo, how to Unshare number from Glo data and how to check the lists of people sharing your Glo data plan with you, you shouldn’t have any issue in this concept again.

The guide has been able to provide you with all you need to know about data sharing on Glo and how to find your way around, just in case you changed your mind and not willing to share your data bundle with someone anymore.

If at all you encounter any issue during the implementation of any instruction provided in this guide, the comments section is widely open for your  questions and the proper response will be provided as soon as possible.




  1. This information is very helpful, of resent I suspected an unauthorized person sharing my data, with the above information I was able to detect and unshare the person.
    Kudos to BrowsingTechZone.


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