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5g-era.in Review – Is 5g Era Legit Or Scam

5g-era.in review

5g era in is a newly lunched platform that provides you with the opportunity to make more than 10x of your investment in 30days and in this 5g-era.in review, I am going to provide you with all the detailed information you will be needing about the platform.

When a new platform like 5g-era.in surfaced online, the best option for you is to read reviews about them before you have anything to do with them, in which I believed you’re doing the right thing, an that’s why you found this 5g-era review and reading it carefully right now.

When, Gmgtrays crashed, Enerconvip yachts was created and now that Enerconvip yachts have crashed, here comes 5g-era .in again!

Today, I have decided to provide this 5g era in review in order to help you know who this platform are really are and surely, I am going to provide you with the enough information in this 5g-era.in review to help you classify 5g-era.in to where it truly belongs.

About 5g-era.in

The 5G era claims to be a world-leading wireless technology innovation company under Qualcomm. It said to be committed to inventing breakthrough basic technologies and added that it has revolutionized the way the world connects, computes and communicates.

It proceed to claim that Qualcomm’s invention connected mobile phones to the Internet and opened the era of mobile Internet. Today, Qualcomm’s foundational technology has empowered the entire mobile ecosystem.

According to the information found on 5g-era.in about page, qualcomm brings the advantages of mobile technology to emerging industries such as automobiles and the Internet of Things. and computers, creating a new world where people and everything can communicate and interact smoothly.

The basic technology 5g era claimed to invented is said to have been widely applied to the entire mobile industry through the technology licensing model, and has become a strong backing for customers and partners to innovate, compete and develop on a global scale.

It added that the model began in 1995 and is the foundation of Qualcomm’s core mission, values and culture. The research and development of 5G has promoted the vigorous development of the market and continuously benefited consumers.

5g era futher stressed in it’s about page that the purpose of launching 5g-era.in platform is very simple, that is to enable those who believe in them and support them to live a better life and embark on the road to wealth together.

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It futher claims that 5G can help corporate factories, logistics networks, energy companies and other institutions operate more efficiently, consciously and with purpose. 5G could offer better mobile data connections. 5G is currently the only alternative to wired communications, and its low latency and high reliability will greatly support the digital transformation of factories. 5G will bring a world of unlimited connections. Let us change together and create the 5G era.

Unreliable and false information found on 5g-era.in About page

All the description contained in the about section of this 5g-era.in review is found on the 5g era in about page and reading through those description, there’s is of no doubt that a lot of individuals will develop interest in the platform and indeed believe that the platform will surely benefits them

But after browsingtechzone diligence research, it’s found that all the information provided in the page are false and not reliable to any extent. All the firm they claim to be in partner with have no knowledge about their existence and the information contained in that page is just a random one to keep your eyes busy Incase you tried to know more about them.

Now, put this at your left hands palm while you Navigate through the remaining part of this review.

How 5g-era.in works

I am only going to brief you on how 5g era works in this 5g era in review and if you need Detailed information on how they work, you can check their official website by yourself and find out more. But regardless, I am going to provide some information about how they Works.

How to make money on 5g-era.in

When you register on the platform, you will be given a sum of #300 as registration bonus and Upon completing your registration, you will see investment at the bottom of the page. Then you can click and decide to purchase a plan and start making money on the platform.

The image below shows their Investment page and some investment plans that are available on the platform.

How 5g-era.in works

According to the image above, 2,500 plan is the Lowes plan on the platform and this implies that the minimum investment is #2,500. For example

2500 will get you Micro base station 5kw

Cycle:35 days

Daily income:₦625

Total income: ₦ 21,875

Price:₦ 2,500

5000 will get you Micro base station 12kw

Cycle:35 days

Daily income:₦1,300

Total income:₦ 45,500

Price:₦ 5,000

What the information above is telling you is that, just N5,000 investment will earned you N45,000, this imply that you will get 9 times your investment. At this point, the question running through your mind should be where will 5g-era.in see that Money to pay you and others. I will tell you Where they sees it in the latter part of this guide.

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Click here to check out the overview of 5g-era

5g-era.in Review

Having properly explore 5g era in, it’s found to be a pure Ponzi scheme investment platform. See what browsingtechzone says about any Ponzi scheme investment platform.

But before I proceed to tell you if 5g-era.in is legit or 5g-era.in is scam, I will like to firstly revealed the green and red flags found on 5g era .in as they are major information agent to let you know how Risky a platform is.

5g-era red flags

1. The platform is a Ponzi scheme investment platform.

2. The platform pays a very high amount of money for you to bring new members to deposit on the platform and this is definitely a bid in trucking you to bring as many people as possible to the platform.

2i. When you Invite your friends to invest on 5g-era.in, you will get 30% cashback immediately.

2ii. When your Level 2 team members invest, you will get 3% cash back immediately.

2iii. When your Level 3 team members invest, you will get 1% cash back immediately. However, you must invest in a plan to start earning referral commission.

3. The platform allows you to invest up to 1 million from start and this is one of the notification that the platform have no plan for long-term, it’s just a hit and run  project.

4. 9x ROI is very high and this amount can only be offered when the people behind the platform on target short term and plan to run as soon as they accumulate enough money from people’s investment.

5. They’re clone to Enerconvip and we suggest they’re fraction of the aforementioned platform.

6. The CEO of the platform remains anonymous and all operators are not known, this is the usual of Ponzi platforms.

5g-era.in green flags

1. The platform is easy to navigate and simple to understand.

2. They’re paying as at the moment of writing this 5g era review and payment arrived in 24hrs. However, this is not a guaranteed that they will keep paying, just that they are paying as they’re still new to an extent.

5g era review

5g-era .in review – Is 5g-era.in legit

As at the moment of writing this 5g era review, the platform is still paying and payment arriving as they promised, but mind you, they will only pay for a very short period of time.

This implies that you might see payment proofs flying around, yes, it’s from them but it’s for a short period of time, GMG pays before it Crashed, so as Enerconvip. They all crashed in blink of an eye

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5g era review – is 5g era in scam

They’re still paying as at the moment of writing this 5g-era review and hence, they can’t be tagged as scam yet, but they’re potential Scam.

This implies that they are paying for now but when they will stop paying is what no one knows. So if after your personal consultation, you decided to deposit on the platform, only deposit the amount you can afford to loose.

5g-era review – Can I invest on 5g-era.in

Browsingtechzone.com have provided you with enough information for you to take a decision on either to deposit on the platform or zoom off, however, if you previous rush through this 5g era review before, kindly go back now and read gently this time around.

We’ve revealed a lot of hidden Truth that are enough for you to take a proper investment decision on the platform.

When did 5g-era.in lunched – 5g era lunching date

The platform lunches on the 12th of may, 2023. So if you have been looking for when the platform lunches, I am sure this answers you perfectly.


With the detailed information revealed in this 5g-era.in review, I am sure to an extent that you should have fully understand how the 5g era platform works and have all it takes to classify the platform to where it truly belongs.

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Once again, please note that BrowsingTechZone.com is an independent platform and is not associated with 5g-era.in in any manner.




  1. 5g-era.in is a scam. They have stopped paying and the web is still open so people can continue to fall victim. They are scammers.


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