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Pluapp.net Review – Is Pluapp Legit Or Scam

Pluapp.net review

Pluapp.net is a recently lunched Ponzi scheme likes investment platform and a lot of individuals have been asking how the app works and especially, if the Pluapp is legit or not and in this pluapp.net review, I am going to provide you with everything you need to know about the app.

Aside from providing you with detailed information that will greatly help you classify the platform to where is really belongs, this review will be providing you with the detailed information about the platform, how it works and how you can make money from the platform.

About pluapp

Pluapp is a virtual trading app that claims to have a mission of providing users with a first-class cryptocurrency trading experience.

Pluapp.net futher in its claim to be committed to providing its users with the most advanced trading tools, innovative technology and unparalleled customer service.

According to the information retrieve from the platform, it is contained that the digital asset space is changing rapidly. Only by looking forward and acting quickly can people keep up with the rapid pace of technological innovation. Provides the most advanced digital asset trading services to pluapp users and liquidity providers around the world.

How To Register On Pluapp

One person can only create one account, not multiple accounts. The founder must fill in the correct mobile phone number and keep his account password properly (note: if the system detects multiple accounts, all related accounts will be blocked)

To register on Pluapp, all you have to do is to click here to go to the Pluapp registration page and on getting to the page, fill all the empty boxes with the corresponding information and click on sign up.

You will be taken to your account dashboard you can proceed to deposit from their. It’s only when you Deposited on the platform that you will be able to make money from the platform.

How to deposit on Pluapp

To deposit on the platform, all you have to do is to login to your account and click wallets, then select recharge. Enter amount you want to deposit, minimum deposit is ₦3000.

You will be taken to the payment page, simply copy the account details provided and fund it with the amount of deposit you initiated, click on confirm button after the payment has been sent.

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If you don’t get any notification, simply click on reconfirm button as many times as possible, open another tab and login to your account on this separate tab and be sure the DEPOSIT has reflected before leaving the payment page.

About Pluapp recharge

Every time you recharge, you must initiate a recharge order through the platform and obtain the latest bank account information.

Funds must be transferred to the latest bank account, otherwise you might loose your money. The minimum recharge amount for a single transaction is: NGN 3,000.

How to trade on Pluapp to make money daily

In order to make money on the platform, you will have to be completing trades on a daily basis and the returns from the trade is what you can withdraw to your bank account.

To trade on Pluapp, all you have to do it to join their telegram channel. Click here to join Pluapp telegram channel. Signals will be dropped daily and you should follow these signals strictly to avoid loosing your money.

Pluapp trading steps

Steps to trade successfully on pluapp.net

Step 1: Check the Pluapp net telegram channel for trading signal. Signals will be dropped at 8:00pm everyday.

Step 2: Check the asset to trade, e.g TRX, login to your Pluapp net and select the exact asset, select the option provided on the signal (call or put), enter the amount and click on confirm trade. Refer to the image above for better understanding on how to trade.

About trading signals

Trading signals are sent on time at 8 o’clock every night. The transaction time is 20:00-20:05, and the effective time is 5 minutes. Please do not place an order if the time is exceeded.

Trading signals are not guaranteed to be 100% realized, but Pluapp guarantee that at least 6 days a week will be profitable. (excluding the impact of major international events and policies)

PLU is not responsible for any losses caused by its own transactions, wrong transactions or lending accounts to others.

The transaction amount is 10% of your account balance, and the transaction profit is 60% of the transaction amount. (Example: balance 3000. Profit calculation method: 3000*10%*60%=180, the final account balance is 3180).

Click here to register on Pluapp to get started

Pluapp.net withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal amount on the platform is: NGN 1,800 and Withdrawal time is Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 11:00 am (account within 24 hours)

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The total recharge amount needs to be kept in the account, otherwise the cash withdrawal will not be successful and all users must Makes sure that  their bank details are correct and the cardholder is the same as the PLU account creator.

This is very important and I will re-emphasize it in this Pluapp.net review, Withdrawal on Pluapp will generate 20% tax and the tax(charges) will be deducted from the account balance.

Pluapp Withdrawal calculation formula

Total account balance – total recharge amount ÷ 1.2 = funds you can withdraw. For example: the total balance of the account is 6000, and the total recharge value is 3000. (6000-3000)÷1.2=2500. The funds that can be withdrawn are: 2500.

Pluapp Agent Salaries

Pluapp Agent Salaries

Pluapp Agent Salaries is another way to make income daily on the platform and to be eligible for this, you must meet up with tye requirements for each level of agent. The image above shows the number of referrals for each agent Level and the appropriate Daily salaries.

How to get your Pluapp daily wages

Share your invitation link or invitation code, invite your relatives and friends to join the platform and become your subordinates.

You will be paid according to the total number of recharge users of L1.L2.L3, that meet the corresponding job requirements.

Once you meet the job management requirements, you can apply to the marketing manager or online customer service for job approval.

Job requirements

Actively assist your lower-level users to use plu APP, clarify transaction rules, transaction signal time, acquisition location, recharge method and minimum recharge rules, and cash withdrawal rules.

1: Marketing Associate daily salary: ₦4000

2: Marketing Coordinator daily salary: ₦7000

3: Marketing Specialist daily salary: ₦17000

4: Marketing Consultant daily salary: ₦40000

5: Director Of Marketing daily salary: ₦70000

6: Chief Marketing Officer daily salary: ₦100000

L1 is the user registered through your invitation code, L2 is a user registered through the invitation code of L1, L3 is a user registered through the invitation code of L2.


Pluapp review

Pluapp.net review

Before I proceed with the detailed Pluapp review, Please be informed that BrowsingTechZone.com is an independent website and is not affiliated, associated, or endorsed by Pluapp.net or its services.

Any information, views, or opinions presented on BrowsingTechZone.com are solely those of the website’s authors and contributors. We do not assume any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of any content related to Pluapp.net on BrowsingTechZone.com.

For official information and updates about Pluapp.net, kindly refer to their official website.

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Now, let’s continue with our review

Commentary overview of pluapp review

Having properly explore pluapp.net, the platform is found to be a Ponzi type investment platform and hence, it’s a risky platform with a significant probability that you can loose your money on the platform.

With our experience with other platform of this likes, we can Suggest that the platform might last for a considerable period of time and people that deposited on the platform as early as possible might secure a significant gain before the platform crashes. However, nothing is guaranteed as our prediction might be wrong sometimes.

We might assume it to be a project that will not last and it will last, while at the same time, we might assume it to be a platform that will last for a considerable period of time while it it’ll crash earlier than we expected. On this note, our view is just an opinion and not a recommendation.

Pluapp: Created on April 2023 and starts major operation on July 2023

Is Pluapp.net legit

As it has been stated in the previous part of this pluapp.net review, the platform just come to lame light and as at the moment of writing this Pluapp review, the platform is still functioning well and no report has been gotten from the platform users so far.

On this note, the platform can be said to be paying for this moment but for how long it will keep paying is what we can’t tell. No one knows!

Is pluapp.net Scam

As at the moment of gathering information for this Pluapp net review, the platform is still paying and hasn’t turn to Scam yet. However, you should be very careful while making an investment decision on the platform and you should invest only the amount you can afford to loose.

Has pluapp net crashed

Yes! Pluapp have stopped paying it’s users for a while now and refused to bring down the website, the platform is still reachable and will work normally for new users, however, you will be blocked upon requesting for a withdrawal.

This implies that you can be able to do everything on the platform but won’t be able to withdraw. Once you get to the minimum withdrawal and placed a withdrawal, your account will be blocked and if you contact customer service, your will be ignored or get irrelevant response.

On this note, pluapp have crashed and you should Avoid the platform by all means possible.








Having gone through this Pluapp.net review, I am sure to an extent that you should have fully understand how the platform works and especially, how safe it is for you to invest on the platform.

However, you can make this Pluapp review more complete by dropping your experience on the platform or whatever you think about the platform in the comments section before. Don’t forget, if you must deposit on the platform, deposit only the amount you can afford to loose.



  1. Boss I did it today so after clicking on confirm Ofer it brought on circle ⭕️ decreasing and counting form 60 downward
    And it also displays continuous button so I don’t know what to do maybe I should wait for the numbers to count finish or I should just click on the continue button
    So I later click on the continue button when the counting reach 41
    Because I don’t know what to do
    And the thing just go away
    And then I check my dash board I say 3180

  2. You can only withdraw your interest not with the capital you recharged. You must leave the capital you recharged and divide your interest with 1.2 what you get is what you can withdraw otherwise your withdraw will not be successful.

  3. I’m not sure what you mean by PluApp crashing. It still works for me. At least since the time you posted this I’ve made a total of 6 Withdrawals. The last came in 2 days ago.

  4. That is the fact withdraw only interest and divide it by 1.2 that is ur withdrawal, I have withdraw once I am a new member

  5. PLUAPP IS a scam unable to withdraw please guys take note I recommend you flag it on play store so they can delete it off (PLUAPP) that’s the name on play store

  6. PLU app is a scam oh. You cannot withdraw again. It’s just a matter of time, it will crash and never to come back. Don’t put your money into it. Don’t invite people. It’s a scam for real.

  7. They are scammers, now nobody can withdraw again. Before you can trade you have to recharge 34,000 again after series of stupid excuses from them
    Na only God go judge them because many people money are involved

  8. this is fat scam, i never knew that in my entire life that someone can scam me. however, i just fall for this cheap scammer.
    yesterday, we were told that people attacked the app but all lie

    • The app is no longer working and the website has crashed. It was always a scam. I lost two hundred thousand to this scam. Those scammers have made over 5.7 billion naira o. Wow. What a wicked world.

  9. It’s a PURE scam. Complete 419. Now they’ve short down the app. Not paying a dime in return to anybody. The matter is now been handled by security operative to the best of my knowledge.


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