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How To Earn N200 Everyday And Up To N10,000 Every Week For Free

Complete Step By Step Guide On How To Make N200 Everyday And Up To N10,000 Every Week Without Investment

Here is another complete step by step instructions on how you can be making  up to N10,000 every week without having to take  a dime out of your pocket or exposing yourself to any kind of risk, it’s a system that is considered to be rewarding and stress free.


If you have been following us for a considerable period of time, you will know that we have been dropping a lot of method to earn cool cash online without having to invest a dime, ranging from branch referral program, kuda app, chipper cash app and others, which are still paying till this present moment.


However, the method to be revealed in this guide might seems to be stressful, but trust me, you will enjoy it as times goes on, reason being that no amount is too small and anything is worth trying, so far it pays and impose no risk.


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How To Earn N200 Everyday

With this method, N200 is assured everyday till this method stopped working and bellow is how it goes;


1. Click here to go to the Z-union registration page.


2. Enter your preferred username, your active mobile number and set your password. Leave other box and proceed.

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3. An OTP will be sent to the phone number you provided, enter the OTP and click on the sign up button.

NOTE: If you did not see where to input your phone number, just proceed to the next step. If they didn’t asked you to provide your phone number they won’t ask for OTP, so you are free to hit the sign up button.


4. Upon clicking on the sign up button, an app will start downloading, you might received a warning against downloading of the app, click ok and continue.

If the Download process did not begin automatically, you can check just below the sign up button and click on the Download button manually.


5. Once you finished downloading the app, install and open the app.


6. Login with your username and password.


7. You will be redirected to your dashboard and boom! You can now start accumulating your daily N200.

Process Involved In Placing Order



8. Click on the place an order button on your dashboard.


9. You will be redirected to where to fill your billing details, fill it correctly and return back to your dashboard.


10. Click on the place an order button again, on the next screen, select order now.


11. Click on submit and you will be asked to confirm the order, click on the confirmation button and you will earn N10 immediately.


12. Repeat the above step in 19 more times (19X) and your total earning will be N200 by this time.


13. You can now withdraw your earnings as minimum withdrawal is just N200.


Note that the number of orders you can placed on a daily basis is limited to 20 and this implies that once you place order 20X per day, you won’t be allowed to place more order until the next day.

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N200 everyday is equivalent to N1000 in 5day, remember you have nothing to loose.

Withdrawal History


The Processed Withdrawal Received



How To Accumulate Up To N10,000 In 7dyas Time Frame


Reading the just concluded section above, you might be wondering how you can now earn up to N10,000 in a week with the steps above and how possible and realizable it is.


Anyways, you don’t  have to bothered yourself as I am going to explain the concept just in the line below.

Simply follow the instruction below and watch your earnings increasing;


1. Login to your user dashboard.


2. Check the top right corner of the app and click on invite.


3. Grab your link and refer as many friends as possible.


4. You will earn N10 for everyone you refer, instantly as they download the app.


5. N10 is too small to hit that target right? Yes! That was my thought when I first explore it but trust me, their introduction of recurring income is what makes it fun.


6. The number of orders you can get will also increase as you continue to refer.


7. So, just try to refer many friends, I guess they will be happy to join as they have nothing to loose.


How To Withdraw From  Z-union


The process is very simple and straightforward;


1. Login to your dashboard and click on withdrawal.


2. If you haven’t fill in your withdrawal details before, fill it and click on safe.

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3. Now enter the amount you want to withdraw and click on submit.


4. Wait for 24hrs for your withdrawal to be processed.




The terms of service and policy of the Z-union app has been recently modified and the two changes below were made;


1. The 20 order per day to earn N200 every day has been restricted to 2days and henceforth, you will only be able to complete twenty orders for the first 2days. To continue earning after this first 2days, you will need to continue referring and earn recurring income from your referrals.

And if you are able to refer till your earning sum up to N6000, you will be giving access to VIP1 and this will give you the opportunity of fresh 26 orders for another 2days. The more you refer, the more you earn, the more your level increases and the more your order and commission per order increases too.


2. The minimum withdrawal has been changed from N200 to N2000 and you can not withdraw any amount lesser than N2000 as from now on, hence, all the pending withdrawal that are lesser than N2000 will be canceled.


Also, if  you have more than N2000 on your Z-union app balance and have any difficulties in withdrawing the cash, Click here to send me a direct message on WhatsApp for quick solution


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  1. 1.Can one withdraw with any bank account. Like the one that do not match with his name?

    2.Can I use same bank account and make two different withdrawals from different z-union accounts? E.g My brother's earnings?


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