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Chipper Cash App – How To Make Up To N20,000 Daily For Free

chipper cash app review

You’re welcome to the complete guide on how to make money online with chipper cash app which is very simple and easy to use if you do things accordingly. Chipper App has been trending for some weeks now and the app is also paying accordingly with their promise.

If you have not heard of this app before, I’m glad to have you here and if you have heard of it before but having issue with verification, I’m also glad to have you here as we have test the app very well and this article will also provide solution to the verification problems.

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But before I proceed, I will like to drop some details about this app, below is short description of the app ” Chipper App”.

What Is Chipper Cash App?

Chipper cash app is a mobile app that allows you to send and receive money across many countries, this app is the first app that allows you to send money to other countries with ease from your mobile phone.

This app have Referral program which allows both of you and your referral to enjoy N1000 Naira when the referral sign up through your link and verify their account.

You will also get N10 credited to your account after your successfully signed up and the amazing part of the game is that you can withdraw this N10 to your bank account immediately and this makes the app more flexible because it has no minimum withdrawal you can refer one person and cash out your N1000 immediately the person verify his/her account or even decide to withdraw part of it and leave the rest.

Below are the break down of how you earn from chipper app:

> Sign up bonus = N10 and if you see N0.0 after registration, don’t panic, just go ahead with the verification and others

> Registration bonus = N1000

> Per Referral = N1000

> Withdrawal > no minimum withdrawal, you can withdraw as low as N10 and as high as a your account balance

Below is the recent withdrawal proof from the app.

Without further ado, below are the detailed steps on how to register and started making money with the app

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How To Sign Up With Chipper Cash App

NOTE: If you have signed up for the app before but you are having issue with verification, just scroll down to the step4 and follow the instructions provided in the step strictly.

Follow the steps below strictly and you will started making money in no time:
Step 1: Click Here to download and open the Chipper App. Download chipper App HERE

Step 2: Sign up with your phone number and an OTP will be sent to your phone, check and enter the OTP accordingly.

Step 3: choose your country where it’s required  and you will be redirected to the app home page where you will see a message like, chipper App sent you N10 and this can be withdrawn to your bank account immediately.

Step 4: Check the bottom of the app and click on earn, click on apply referral code and a box will appear, copy and paste the code below into the box.


Having issue copying the code above? Click here to easily copy the code directly

Once you have paste the code above into the box, now Click on the apply button to apply the code.

Step 5: Then verify your account. This is the most important aspect of the app, but don’t worry just follow the simple steps below and you’re done.

How To Verify Your Chipper Cash App Account

> Open the chipper cash app.

> Check the bottom or top right corner of the app and click on profile.

> Scroll down and click on get verified.

You can either verify you account with BVN or government approved ID card, I will advise you to use BVN because it is very easier and faster.

> If you want to verify using ID card, take out your government issued ID card (which includes: National ID card, Voters card or Drivers license) snap it and you will also be asked to take selfie while holding the ID card. Then submit.

> To get instant approve, select BVN and just enter your BVN and your selfie and boom! Your account is verified.

> Wait for the verification to be approved

Approved Verification

> Now, click on your balance on the dashboard, select add cash and send N1000 to your chipper cash app via your ATM card or bank transfer

> Immediately the N1000 is being added to your chipper Account, send it to any chipper app user and tell the person to send the money back to you.

Notification: If you don’t have any chipper cash app user to send the money to, kindly send it to @adexbkw, open your chipper app, click on send money and you will see a search box to paste the payment name. Send the N1000 to @adexbkw and use your name as description.

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Click here to message me on WhatsApp with the screenshot of the transaction and your payment name and I will send the money back to you with immediately.

> After which you have send the N1000 to your chipper account From your bank account, you have send the N1000 to a chipper Account User and they send it back to you, simply follow the steps below again.

> Check the bottom of the app and click on earn, click on apply referral code and a box will appear, copy and paste the code below into the box.


Once you have paste the code above into the box, now Click on the apply button to apply the code again, making it twice.

> Now wait for 24 hours for your N1000 sign up bonus to appear.

> Copy your referral link and start referring others to accumulate as much N1000 as possible.

If you follow the steps above strictly, I’m very sure that you will not have Any problem with the verification.

Note that, you will only receive the N1000 Referral bonus After which the person you referred has verified his/her account. And you will also get your sign up bonus after which your verification has been approved.

Chipper Cash App Referral – How To Refer Others To Chipper Cash App And make money

> Open the app “Chipper App”
> Click on Earn at the bottom of the app, then click on share link and share it to any of your friend on WhatsApp or other social media available their, then Copy your link from there.

> Share the link to your friends with appropriate caption and when any of your friends sign up through your link, both of you will receive N1000 from Chipper app which can be withdrawn immediately.

> The last five character in your referral link is your referral code as shown in the picture below.

Referal Code
Method of payment:

> Direct bank account

> And you can also use your balance to purchase Airtime of any network, the choice is yours.
Click Here to download the app, apply : E2B2B to redeem your sign up bonus, Verify your account, start referring others  and start making money now!!!

That’s all, Enjoy the offer while it lasts. I hope you found this article helpful, share your thoughts in the comment box below.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Chipper Cash App Referral Bonus

Both referral and registration bonus will be sent to your chipper account within 24hrs and in some cases, it might be immediately or after some hours. But practically, all bonus will be sent to you with 24hrs after which your referrals complete their verification and send N500 naira to another chipper account user.

This implies that if it hasn’t take up to 24hrs that your referral complete their verification and send money to other user account, you shouldn’t complain or raised any alarm.

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What Is The Minimum Amount To Send To Other Users Before Getting My Referral/Registration Bonus

The chipper cash app referral program rules has already state this and it has been emphasized in the previous part of this guide, the minimum amount your referral should send to you or other users is N1000 naira.

Can I Withdraw My Chipper Cash App Registration Bonus

Yes! Once you have gotten the bonus, you can withdraw it into your bank account immediately, keep it their till you need it or even use it to buy airtime and data.

Chipper Cash App Review

Their is no doubt in the fact that chipper cash app is legit and are ready to serve you better. Apart from giving you a bonus for registration and inviting others to the app, they have create a great medium for you to send money across bother without stress.

They also provide you with the opportunity to buy airtime and data from the app and get some percentage of your transaction as cash back on every recharge or data bundle purchased.

Above all, transfer on the app is free and there is no charges attached to your daily, weekly or monthly transfer and their is no limit to amount of free transfer you can enjoy on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

More Information About Chipper Cash App Referral Program

After reading this guide that consists of the chipper cash app review and lots of information about their referral program, if you still need more information about their referral program, simply login to your chipper account, click on earn and click on the referral terms and conditions to check out for possible modifications and additional information.


Chipper cash app referral program

Update!!! Chipper Referral Program Terms &C Changed!

Chipper terms and conditions are not stable when it’s comes to the chipper cash app referral program, it’s subjected to constant changes and before you start referring individuals to download and register on the app, you should check the earn section of the app, to know the latest development and how much you will get paid per referral.

When this guide was created afresh, the sign up bonus is pegged at N250 per referral and as times goes on, the bonus increase to N500 for both parties and from N500 to N1000 and back to N500 and later N600.

And now, it’s N1000 for registration bonus and N1,000 per referral, this makes it very important for you to always check the chipper cash referral program page to see if their is any changes.

However, the amount you get pee referral is the amount you will send and receive in order to get your registration bonus and referral bonus respectively.

For example, if the registration bonus is N500, the amount of transaction needed to Claim your bonus will be N500 and if increased from the N500 to 1,000 naira, the minimum amount of transaction required to claim bonuses will Also increase from the 500 naira to N1000 respectively.


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  1. Hi,I was already on the chipper cash app before,but when I added your referral code in the box they said that I have already claimed a reward from you before which was the first reward I got when the app was launched the first time, so I don’t know what to do to still get the 1k referral bonus from you, help me

  2. Been trying to register with phone number attached to my bvn but it’s not going. The ussd option too is not working
    [Can I use email to register please

  3. When I applied the ref code it’s telling me that I’ve already applied the ref code from the link you sent to me? What does that mean,apart from that I’ve done everything in the guide

  4. Admin your update are great if I should ask for some thing again Sir is can you be posting it on a WhatsApp group or post it for me in my DM because Google here is taking a lot of data


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