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Opera Celo Giveaway – How To Get Free $2 Via Opera Crypto Browser

Opera celo giveaway

Opera Celo Giveaway is the latest promotional offer that allows you to claim a whooping sum of $2 via opera crypto browser for free and be able to convert the bonus to airtime or even withdraw it to another wallet of your choice.

Opera Mini is known to be a browser thate nables you to browse the internet without data with or without data on a daily basis. With the opera browser, you can get up to 1.5GB of Free Data every month when you browse with Opera Mini as an MTN or Airtel subscriber.

The Opera Mini internet browser has a massive amount of functionalities all in one app and is trusted by millions of users around the world every day. But we’re not here to emphasize on the usefulness of the app or about the app, but about the giveaway going on the app.

This development is what prompts me to create this guide in order to provide you with all you need to know about the giveaway and especially, how to accumulate up to $200 or more via the opportunity.

Simply grab your sit and follow me carefully as a reveal all you need to know about the opera Celo Giveaway.

About Opera Celo Giveaway

The Celo Giveaway is a promotional offer that aim in fostering the operation of the newly lunched opera crypto browser and let a lot of individuals know how the browser works and what they stand to benefit from it.

Indeed, Opera is not a new name or something you’re hearing for the first time. For you to be able to locate this guide, I am very sure that you’re familiar with the opera browser to some extent.

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However, if you know Opera, then you won’t doubt any offer coming from them as they have proofed themselves to be Mr talk and do, in the past few years. Opera shake and win Promo is one of the offer that people enjoyed from Opera before it comes to an end. that people enjoyed from Opera before it comes to an end.

Opera crypto browser

Opera Crypto Browser

This is a newly addon function to there opera browser and instead of using the app to browse the internet, you can now use it for the purpose of storing your cryptocurrency. Yes! Opera browser can now be referred to as opera crypto wallet and at the same time, opera browser. That’s multiple function in one place.

With the newly crypto wallet add-on function, you will be able to manage your cryptocurrencies, and Nfts safely and securely.

You will be able to to explore the universe of decentralized apps by having seamless access to your favourite DApps  directly from the browser. Also, you will be able to easily send and receive supported Blockchain assets to anyone in the world.

How to claim $2 free Celo Giveaway

Claiming the free Celo USD giveaway is very simple and all you have to do is to create a new wallet on the opera crypto wallet. To create a new wallet and claim your free USD, simply follow the instructions in the following paragraph.

Opera crypto browser Registration

Simply download any of the opera browser below


Operamini beta

Opera Crypto browser

Opera browser beta with vpn

iPhone Users should click here

Open the app and and click on the profile icon at the bottom of the app or menu bar. Anyone you come across since I recommend multiple apps.

Now, now sele crypto wallet and you will be taken to the opera crypto wallet registration page, simply click on create new wallet. You wallet key phrases will be displayed to you, back it up by any means convenient for you.

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You will be taken to your wallet dashboard, now return to your Opera browser homepage and paste the opera Celo Giveaway bonus link on the url bar and click on enter. Click here to copy the bonus link.

You will be taken to the giveaway page and the number of days for the giveaway to end will be displayed to you. At the moment of creating this guide, it remains 57 days for the Promo to end.

You will see giveaway button, simply click on it and then click on connect opera mini button. Select allow you be able to connect it a z finally click on confirm. You will be asked for PIN, simply enter your phone PIN.

You will be required to bind your phone number, enter your phone number and an OTP will be sent to the phone, enter tye OTP to complete the verification and boom! You’re done.

How to redeem opera celo giveaway bonus

How to withdraw from opera Celo Giveaway

For the airtime redemption option, the first step here is to go to go to Coinsbee platform and select Mobile phone top-ups in the top left menu on mobile

Select the country you are in such as Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda or South Africa and paste the phone number of the sim card you would like to top up, the  choose your network provider.

Select the airtime or data package you would like to purchase and add it to the card. Make sure that the cUSD value is sufficient to buy the data package you are aiming to buy. This is very necessary to avoid error.

Now, go to the shopping cart and enter the email to receive the product code, re-enter the same email address as the shipping address and elect the payment method CryptoCoins , choose the Coin Celo Dollar (cUSD) and select buy now.

Copy the wallet address And open your opera Crypto wallet in Opera mini browser. Go to Celo Chain and click on Celo Dollar , paste the wallet address into the recipient address, enter the cUSD amount and click confirm payment. You will be asked to put in your crypto wallet password

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Go back to the open tab in your Opera Mini browser it may take up to 5 mins

Simply go to Celo Chain and click on Celo Dollar , paste the wallet address into the recipient address, and enter the cUSD amount and click confirm payment. You will be asked to put in your crypto wallet password.

Simply go back to the open tab in your Opera Mini browser it may take up to 5 minutes to confirm the payment on the blockchain

You will be receiving an SMS confirming the top up accordingly.

You don’t want airtime?

How to withdraw opera Celo USD cUSDT

In order to be able to withdraw it as USDT, all you have to do is to create a kucoin wallet a s Send your bonus to the Wallet and you can then withdraw the money from there.

Minimum withdrawal on kucoin is $5

How to accumulate up to $100 on opera celo giveaway

I have shown you how to get the $2 for free and in order to accumulate more, all you need is to repeat the process.

You don’t need to clone, all you have to do is to keep clearing the Data and claim another bonus with another phone number.

Then send all the bonus to one place and boom! You will be smiling at your wallet already.

Opera mini Celo Giveaway campaign

Important thing to take note in the Celo Giveaway campaign

This is the most important aspect, there is limit to the number of people that will receive the bonus on a daily basis. Remember it’s giveaway. The implication of this is that if you registered when the total number of luck users had been reached for that day, then you won’t get any bonus.


Always wait until 12:00am before claiming the bonus. By this time, the number will just be refreshed and start from zero again. I hope you get the point here.


This guide has so far been able to provide you with the detailed information on how opera crypto wallet works and especially, how to join the opera Celo Giveaway and accumulate as many free $2 as possible.



  1. Boss. Just at the last part, i couldn’t verify my number. Keep saying ‘Verification Failed. I tried resend and input another codes but the next i got was “not have enough stock.
    What’s the solution please?

  2. I am not able to withdraw to any wallet of mine.
    When I try to withdraw ut says the gas fee is bigger than the amount im sending

    • Exactly what it’s showing me.
      I try it with 4 different numbers it keeps on telling me that the phone number have been link to another wallet

  3. I did all the registration step but the page Is saying you’re now register waiting for the draw..I don’t know what to do next

  4. I tried verifying my phone number, it said this number is associated with another wallet I use another number it said the same thing. I don’t understand again

  5. It not working for me , it keep saying my phone number is invalid and my sim card it’s a registered sim, what is solution to this ??

  6. Someone used my number to register and since then my data has been deducted anyhow.
    Under 20 minutes, 1gb finishes.
    What can I do.


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