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Obiex Finance – Sawap, Buy, Sell BTC And Earn $1 Per Referral

Obiex Finance

Obiex Finance is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides you with multiple features in one place and in this complete guide, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the obiex app.

Not only that, I am going to provide a detailed information on how you can make up to $1 per referral on the app and accumulate as many dollars as possible without any investing a dime on the platform.

About Obiex Finance

Obiex Finance allows your to Swap, Invest, and Earn Interest on your Crypto, not only that, you can as well change your cryptocurrency to cash on the app.

Obiex is indeed one of the best exchange that allows you to swap, buy, sell, send, receive and store bitcoin securely as well as other cryptocurrencies from anywhere in the world.

Its easy-to-use interface makes it the top choice for crypto enthusiasts, whether new or old. The app provides it’s users with a very easy to understand interface and without so much stress, you will be able to understand hoy the app works regardless of your level of knowledge of cryptocurrency.

Features of obiex Finance app

In order to provide users with reasons to join other traders to make more profit trading on Obiex by swapping coins instantly with no confirmations, obiex Finance has add some features to the app and one or two of them might be enough reasons for a new user to keep using them.

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In this section, I am going to provide you with all the features of the obiex app and indeed, the detailed information about each of the features.

Price alerts

Just like many other crypto exchange platform, the obiex app also provides you with real-time price alerts, letting you know when the price of an asset goes up or down in order to leg you Keep track of your active or intended trades.

This feature provides you with the opportunity to receive regular market updates and explore obiex Finance real time coin pricing, best rates in the crypto market.

Easy setup

You can easily create an Obiex account within minutes and create your personal wallets for several crypto assets.

Swap without confirmations

This is the feature of the obiex app that provides you with the opportunity to trading a wide range of coins instantly within seconds, even without confirmation. Enjoy smoothly swapping Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, Matic, USDT, BUSD, and a host of other coins on Obiex.

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Zero swap Fees

The app allows you to get the most out of your trades by instantly swapping coins for free with 0 transaction fees on swaps.

Send and receive crypto easily with usernames

Obiex app allows you to connect with your friends, family and loved ones by easily sending and receiving crypto anywhere in the world. You don’t need long wallet addresses when sending or receiving crypto within Obiex. You can send and receive crypto using only usernames.

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Withdraw and deposit cryptocurrency

You can move crypto into your secured Obiex wallet and out to an external wallet. It’s safe, fast, and easy. The app also provides a competitive rates for you to buy and sell your cryptocurrency.

Refer to earn referral bonus

You earn great referral bonuses when users sign up with your referral code and trade. Invite your loved ones with your referral link and get paid instantly.

We shall elaborate on the obiex referral program in the latter part of this guide.

24/7 Support

Obiex is a customer-focused exchange and will always be available to help resolve any issues you might be experiencing. Obiex have several support channels, from support guides to chats with human customer support agents via live chat, emails or phone conversations.

Regular market updates

Never miss out on key happenings with our regular market updates that help you trade better in the crypto market.

Safe and Trusted P2P

You can pay for crypto by depositing money directly from your bank account and withdraw safely too by using the Obiex custom P2P. Deposit from your bank account in a minute and buy any listed coin of your choice. You can also sell your coins and withdraw Naira X into your bank account.

Obiex Registration – How To register on obiex app

To sign up for an account on obiex, simply click here to download the obiex app and install the app. Upon completion of the installation, open the app and provide all the required information in order to get started with your registration.

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Obiex login

Logging into your account is the next thing after which you have complete your registration, simply open the app and provide your registratered phone number, then your password and you will be redirected to your account.

Obiex Finance KYC verification

Having login to your obiex account, the next thing is to complete your KYC. You will see a prompt to do so once you logging into your account for the first time. Click on the prompts and follow the provided instructions to complete your KYC.

Once your KYC is complete and verified, you can now start trading on the app and as well earning through Obiex Referral Program.

Obiex referral program

Obiex referral program

The referral program allows you to make money referring others to the platform and immediately you registered on the app and complete your KYC, you can start referring others to the platform and make money doing that.

To get your referral link, simply click on more Button at the bottom of the app, select referral and you will be able to get you referral link/code.

You will earn $0.5 worth of doge as soon as your referrals signed up with your link and verify their KYC and another $0.5 doge when they make their first deposit.

Obiex withdrawal

You have accumulate some cash and intend to withdraw? Simply click on Swap, select NGNx as the coin to swap to, enter the amount of Doge you wish to swap to Naira then complete the process. Go back to your Homepage and click on Withdraw, select Fiat and click on NGNx.

You will see a prompt to Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA), setup 2fa for your account. Once Two Factor Authentication is enabled for your account, you can then withdraw your funds.


Accumulating free dollar on obiex is as simple as just register and account via the provided instructions, verify your KYC and start referring others to the platform. The more you refer, the more you earn.



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