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Timart Business App Review – How To Accumulate Up To 20k For Free

Timart Business App is a mobile application that allows individuals to track their sales and have an appropriate record management without any form of stress and in this timart Business App review, I am going to revealed to you all you need to know about the app.

Not only that, I am Also going to explain in details, how to accumulate free cash on the platform and be able to accumulate up to 50,000 naira without any form of investment.

About timart Business App

Timart business app is a business management and  bookkeeping app, which makes managing your business easier.

With this app, you will be able to monitor you business from your mobile phone. You can track your sales, expenses and inflow, control inventory and recover debts as fast as possible. Always be aware of your business’s financial health with Timart automatic net profit and loss report.

Features of timart Business App

There are lots of amazing features on the app and this feat provides you with lots of reasons why you should choose Timart

Amongst this features are:

The app is free

With the timart Business App, you will be able to reach more audience by selling online (increase sales). On the app, you are not restricted by Time and space

Quick loss and profit overview

Timart business app has successfully eradicate your usual lengthy calculations and with the app, you will get instant net profit and loss report.

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As a result of the frequent automated product monitoring features, the app have successfully limit the rate of Missing your products. No more missing products!

Inventory management

With timart business app, you will be able to add products and record all products as well. You will have the opportunity to add products in different variations and prices

Receive low product alerts, and expiring products alert and as well have the opportunity to see the total quantity of products in-store and total value. You will always know what is in your store

Sales Management

Timart business app allows you to makes sales and print receipts instantly, have the opportunity to share digital receipts with customers

You can easily make credit sales and records instantly, receive daily sales reports, products report and analysis. Above all, you will all records of sale at your disposal

Manage multiple Shop/Businesses

The app allows you to create multiple shops, run all your business in one app and thereby increasing your flexibility of managing all your business in one place, regardless of how many business you’re managing.

Profit/Customer tracking, promo and discount

Timart app allows you to track your customers, offer them discounts and be able to manage the provided discount without any form of stress.

You will be able to view your net profit and loss report, print, export or share report

Debtors management

The app provides you with a means to manage customers that are owning you money. You will be able to record and track customer credit

Track in realtime and monitor all credit and deposits made by customers, reminds you of who owes and how much, manages credit sale until it is paid and as well have the opportunity to manages credit sale until it is paid

Sell online for free

You will have the opportunity to reach more audience by selling online, increase your sales, get free custom link for your shop and share direct product link with customers

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You will also have the opportunity to manage orders, increase brand visibility and lots more. All for free!

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Who can use Timart Business App

As at the moment moment of writing this timart business app review, the app is available for all small-scale and large-scale business owners, whether you sell products or offer services, the Timart business app is openly available for you.

Timart business app registration

In order to register on the timart business app, all you have to do is to click here to download the timart business app. Provide all the required information and complete your registration.

Once you comply the registration, you can start navigating around the app to know teg app better and get to know how to use each and every features on the app.

Simply Click here watch the video for the next step to take after completing your registration.

How to make money on timart business app

How To Accumulate Free Cash on timart business app

There are two ways to make money on the platform, the number one is your registration bonus and the other one is referral bonus.

Once you complete your registration and follow all the steps revealed in the video above, you will get up to N200 bonus.

Click here to get started on timart business app

Timart business app referral program

After which you have completed all the steps revealed in the video, you can then copy your referral link and start referring others the platform. You will earn up to 450 per referral.

Below is the breakdown of how you make money referring others to the platform

When you refer a person, and the person registers using your referral code/link, you will get:

1. 50 points immediately the person completes his/her registration.

2. 50 points immediately your referral adds his/her first product.

3. 50 points when your referral makes first Sales.

4. 50 points when the person records first Expenditure and

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5. 50 points when the person adds first transaction on the debt management page.

As contained in the previous part of this timart business app review, you will also get a registration bonus on the timart business app. This implies that when You Refer Your Friends, They Make Money Too.

When you refer your business friends, family, business owners and individuals, and they register using your referral link, they also get rewarded.

They will get 50 points for adding first Product, 50 points for making first Sales, 50 points for recording first Expenditure and another 50 points for adding first transaction to on the debt management page.

This implies that you will get N250, while your referral also get N200 bonus. It’s a win win.

Timart business app referral

How to get timart business app referral link

Simply login to your account and click on the more button at the bottom right corner of the app. You will see the option provided for the refer a friend, click on it and copy your link.

Timart business app withdrawal – How to withdraw timart business app referral bonus

The minimum withdrawal on the app is 2000 naira, immediately you have minimum of 2000 points on your referral dashboard, all you to do is to click  on redeem points.

You will be asked for your Bank details and the money will be sent to you within 24 to 48hours.

Timart business app withdrawal

Timart business app review

Lots of information have been released about the timart business app and as at the moment of writing this timart app review, the app is paying for referral and you will get paid within 24 hours after which you have requested for a pay out.

However, the app is completely safe for you and you can use it to monitor your business anytime any day and you’re not to pay to use any of it’s services.

It’s completely free and you have nothing to loose.

Is timart business app legit

With all the information revealed in this review, is very obvious that timart app is legit and not scam.


Having gone through the timart business app review, you should have fully understand how the app works and especially how to accumulate free cash on the app and get paid directly to your Nigeria Bank account.


As at the moment of updating this tmart business app Review, the tmart business app referral program Policy has changed and hence, your referral will have to purchase a plan on the platform before you can get paid for referring them to the platform.




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