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Fox Wallet – See How To Claim The Foxwallet $10,000 Anniversary Fund

Foxwallet with fox wallet

The fox wallet Anniversary $10,000 fund is a fund dedicated to the general public by the fox wallet in a bid to celebrate it’s considerable years of being in existence. This implies that the fund is not for one person, but for everyone and all you have to do is to complete some tasks, in order to cut your own share of the money.

Don’t worry! I am going to provide you with the detailed information on how to accumulate free cash in the app and get as much free cash as possible. Also, I am going to explain how that app works and the benefits you can enjoy on the app aside the ongoing promo.

What is Foxwallet

FoxWallet is a safe and easy-to-use decentralized Web3 wallet, dedicated to creating an entrance and connection to the Web3 world.

The FoxWallet development team has rich experience in blockchain and network security, and the code has passed the audit of authoritative institutions, making it a reliable wallet.

About fox wallet

The fox wallet is the one app that can manage all your crypto assets and the app allows you to create your secure crypto wallet in less than 1 minute.

FoxWallet claims to be the most easy-to-use crypto wallet and indeed, if not the most, it’s surely among the easy to use crypto wallet as being a one app and can manage all your crypto assets makes it easier for users to manage their cryptocurrency asset in one place.

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FoxWallet is a decentralized crypto wallet, which supports 20+ chains such as ETH, FIL, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Aurora, Avalanche, Boba, Celo, Conflux, Cronos, Evmos, Fantom, Gnosis, HECO, KCC, Moonbeam, Moonriver, OKC, Optimism, Polygon, zkSync, etc.

How fox wallet works

Features of Fox Wallet

FoxWallet is secure, no private keys are stored on cloud, users have full control of their assets, full support of Filecoin ecosystem, keeps up-to-date with on-chain data, tracks the latest info from miners, supports filecoin F3 address, push notifications once the power decreases.

And amongst all, the fox wallet app Also allows you to enjoy perfection of security and decentralisation, secure and reliable industry-leading storage solution with encryption and above all, your digital assets are under your control with access to multi-chain and multi-wallets, which makes it very easy to use

Other features includes the fact that the app, supports importing multiple sets of private keys and seed words, flexible switching among different accounts

Also, FoxWallet can speed up or cancel your pending transaction.

How to get free Cash on Foxwallet

As it has been stated in the previous part of this guide, the fox wallet is currently running an anniversary bonus in which a pool price of $10,000 is going to be share to the general public and what I am going to explain here is how to accumulate as much cash as possible before the pool price get exhausted.

There are two ways to get free cash on Fox Wallet as at the moment of writing this guide and these two ways are: claiming the registration bonus and accumulating more cash via referral.

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Foxwallet registration – How to claim Foxwallet registration bonus

To register on this app and get a bonus, you will need a referral code that you will apply during the registration, simply click here to copy the referral code.

Once you have copy the code, click here to download the Foxwallet app. You will be provided with multiple download option. Click your preferred option and download the app.

Open the app and click on create new wallet, enter the provided referral code on the space provided for referral code and continue. Use KoDCF16AfT as your referral code.

You will be provided with 12 words which are known as keys/back up code. Write them in safe place and click on the back up to verify that you already get the codes correctly.

Once you complete your registration, wait for 24hrs and you will receive a registration of 0.5 BUSD. You can withdraw the bonus.

Click here to copy the referral code

Click here to download the app.

Now, how to accumulate more BUSD for free!

Fox wallet referral program

Fox wallet referral program

The Foxwallet referral program is the only option to accumulate more BUSD after which you have claimed your $0.5 registration bonus and you will get $0.2 bonus per referral on the platform.

All you have to do is to open your Fox Wallet app, click on the me button at the bottom of the app homepage and click on Share. Click on get referral code and your referral code and Link will appear.

Share it will people and you will earn $0.2 per referral and the person you referred will also get $0.5 for applying your code.

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Important Points To take Note On Foxwallet Anniversary Promo

1. The Foxwallet reserves the right to modify the promo at any point in time with or without prior notification.

2. Foxwallet as we reserves the right to put a Total stop on the promo at any period of time with or without prior notification.

3. New users, who download and fill out the referral code during the event, can get a bonus of $0.50.

4. Anyone individuals that refer others to the platform will receive $0.2 per individuals that register on the app and apply their referral code during the registration.

5. The top 10 inviters will receive extra prizes.

6. The anniversary bonus will end immediately the rewards pool reaches up to $10,000. First come, first served.

7. Snapshots are taken at 00:00:00 UTC every day. Rewards will be distributed to your BNB Chain account within 24h after the snapshot.

8. Anyone who invites 3 eligible users (users bound with invitation code) since FoxWallet launch could claim an Exclusive FoxWallet 1st Anniversary NFT.

9. You must apply KoDCF16AfT as your referral code during the registration to get your registration bonus.

10. There is no minimum withdrawal and you can move out any amount from there wallet at any point in time.


Creating wallet on the fox wallet app is very simple and immediately you open the app, all you have to do is to Click “Create wallet”, and set the “Wallet name”, “Password” and “Password reminder” according to the prompts on the Foxwallet registration page.


As at the moment of updating this Foxwallet Review, the Foxwallet referral program has been put on hold. This implies that you can only continue to use the wallet for the Main purpose far which it’s being created and won’t get paid for referring others to the platform anymore.





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