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How To Get Free 600MB On AirtelTigo

AirtelTigo Free 600MB
I am glad to have all our followers from Ghana here today, as I am going to drop another detailed guide on how to get free data and surf the internet for free with your AirtelTigo sim card.
The amazing part of the offer to be discussed in this article is the fact that all AirtelTigo customers, both new and existing customers will be eligible for this data, it doesn’t require any trick or VPN. Just follow the steps to be discussed in this article and you are good to go!
The free AirtelTigo data to be discussed in this article doesn’t requires any VPN as mentioned above, it’s an offer from the AirtelTigo network provider and requires just a little steps, just as we did in the Vodafone free 1gb.
This offer can be tagged as a promotional offer, because the network provider wants the app to gain more exposure and this prompt giving a whooping sum of 600 MB worth of data to everyone, just to download the app. This implies that you have to take this advantage now and not later as there is the possibility for the offer to end at anytime.
Without further ado, let’s dive into the detailed guide on how to get the free data.

Requirements For The AirtelTigo Free Data

1. A Valid AirtelTigo Sim card with or without airtime/data.
2. You Android/iOS device.
3. Following the instructions below.

How To Get Free 600MB Data On AirtelTigo

• Click here to download the app from play store or here to download it from iOS store.
• Install and open the app, then select the option to link your phone number.
• An OTP will be sent to your phone number, check the four digits code and enter it for your mobile number confirmation.
• Once you are done linking the phone number, you will receive instant free 200MB. Now proceed to the next step.
• Click in the three white dots at the top left corner of the app and select offers.
• five offers will be listed, in which you have completed one, which is linking your phone number, the remaining four offers will give you 100MB each which sum up the 600MB.
• The remaining four offers are; buy airtime, buy bundle, ATM transaction and update profile.
• If you buy any amount of airtime, you will get free 100MB. If you purchase data bundle, you will receive another free 100MB.
• If you update your profile, you will receive another free 100MB as well as if you perform ATM transaction.
• At this point you are having 200MB + 100MB + 100MB + 100MB + 100MB which is equivalent to 600MB.

That’s all.

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