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Mypay247 Review – Legit Or Scam


Mypay247.com is a new ponzi scheme that just emerged early this month and I have decided to write a detailed and honest review of this website, so that you guys can know if it actually worth your time and all it entails.

I have received a lot of request from many individuals trying to know if the site really pays or not. And guess what? I am about to answer that question now.

In this mypay247 review, I will reveal all you needs to know about the website and allow you to take the right decision.

I have drop some reviews in the past about some income programs in which jobira, viraltrend and others are involved. But the case of the platform to be reviewed today is very different, as it’s Ponzi scheme just like MMM and others.


Table of Contents

What Is Mypay247?

Mypay247 is a Ponzi scheme, which is known as the process of Rubbing Peter to pay Paul. But mind you, people often mark a scheme like this as rubbing Petter to pay Paul base on the fact that new members will have to pay the old ones directly. But if you’re lucky, you will also become Paul and another Petter will pay you.
This implies that, it’s a peer to peer donation and new members will have to be marged automatically to pay the existing members that are due for payment.
You are the Peter and those that have registered and make a donation are the Paul. In this case, for the pauls to get paid, their must be new Peter’s coming in to the system Or Paul that is willing to make donation repeatedly.
Don’t be confused, the above line is just an illustration and you will surely understand it if you read it carefully.
In mypay247, you will donate a sum of N2,500 to the existing members and once your donation has been confirmed, you will be given two people that will pay to you directly within 24hrs. That’s a whopping sum of N5,000 in 24hours.

If you could remember, I marked this as a Ponzi scheme just like MMM and others but wait, there Is still some differences between the two programs. MMM pays within 30days while Mypay247 pays within 24hrs and mypay247 only have one plan, which is gold Plan and it costs N2,500 to get N5,000 but, you can donate up to 4 times in a day.

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About Mypay247

Mypay247 is said to be a non-profit charitable platform which is dedicated to the growth and the development of its people.
Their vision is said to create a better everyday life for millions of people with a mission of empowering millions of people in other to break the chain of insufficiency and suffering.

How It Works

As I have mentioned it in the previous lines above, mypay247 is a member to member donation platform where where participants donate and receive money directly to each other.

How To join

Below are the steps to join mypay247 after which you have done reading this review and decided to take the risk associated with it.
• Click here to register on the website.
• Once you’re done with the registration, you will be redirected to the login page, enter you username and password to login.
 • Once you are able to login, you will see someone details on your dashboard, call the person and inform him of your intention to make a payment to him, then send N2,500 to the account and click on I have paid button to upload your payment proof.
Call the person to confirm you and once he/she approved your payment, you will be matched with two members to pay you too in the next 24hours.
• that is all about the registration process, but wait! Don’t join yet.

Is mypay247 legit or Scam?

Mypay247 is still paying as promised as at the moment of writing this report, but it’s going to stop paying at any point in time. Since they are paying as promised, I cannot marked it as Scam yet, but get this fact right; they will stop paying at any time which solely depends on the input and output of the platform. And this time is around the corner.
This is because, every Ponzi scheme need higher number of new donors everyday to continue, once the new figures falls below the old figures, then the system have reached the maximum lasting point and the only option at this time is to break.
While writing this mypay247 review, below are the pros and the cons I am able to derived from the platform;

• It’s still paying as promised.

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Recent payment from Mypay247
As at 20th of June 2020
• It’s new and not up to 2weeks old. This implies that it’s still safe and pays as at the moment of writing this review.
• It’s a Ponzi scheme.
• They can stop paying at anytime soon and people that Register at that moment won’t get paid.
• It’s meant for those that can take risk and accept which ever way the out come is.
• The website was lunched on the 16th of June 2020 and the longer it becomes the risky it turns.
That’s all for today on mypay247 review, I hope you have all it takes to classify this platform to where it belongs. If you have any question concerning this review, drop it in the comments box below and get the appropriate response immediately.

As it has been stated in the earlier section of this post, that the so called mypay247 is a ponzi scheme and can shut down and stop paying at any point in time, as at the moment of writing this notification, mypay247 has stopped paying!


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