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Home Android Apps Download Truecaller Premium Gold APK (Fully Unlocked + MOD)

Download Truecaller Premium Gold APK (Fully Unlocked + MOD)

Truecaller premium gold APK

If you have been searching for where to download the truecaller premium gold APK with paid access fully unlocked, I am glad you come across this article as you’re going to be provided with the direct link to download the app right here.

This article is not limited to providing you with link to download truecaller MOD APK, but will also help you with the special features big this app and the benefits you can get from the usage of the truecaller app.

Truecaller has made calling and texting to become a great enjoyable experience for all of it’s users as the app entails a lots of elements to listen to it call your friends and family. At the same time, the application also help you to avoid Calls that you don’t have interest I picking and lots more. Call information can also be easily stored with the help of the truecaller gold premium.

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About Truecaller

Truecaller premium gold APK as an Android application has successfully innovate the way of callings by providing every users of the app, with amazing features that cannot be found on the phone caller.

One of the amazing features of this app is it’s ability to help you identify a caller even when you don’t have their contact saved on your own mobile phone. It is helpful in providing people with call security features like identification of spam calls, identification of an unknown number, sending voice calls to your partner,  and a lots of features that will be explained bin the later part of this guide.

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However, you must understand that for Truecaller gold to function on your phone and be able to execute all the actions that have been stated so far, you must have internet access on your phone and once your internet access is off, the app will also stop functioning till you ON your data connection again.

The truecaller premium gold APK have some amazing features that are only available for the premium membership of the app but with the help of the MOD version that will be provided in  this guide, you will be able to have free access to all the premium features of the app as the  truecaller has been unlocked.

Features Of Truecaller Premium APK (Gold/Unlocked + MOD)

As it has been mentioned in the previous part of this article, there are lots of interesting features on the truecaller app and in this section, we’re going to provide you with some handpicked features if the app with detailed information about each features. Let’s go!

Block Unnecessary Numbers

This is one of the amazing features of the truecaller app, it gives you the full access to block any spam call or call that disturbs you on a regular basis.

After downloading the truecaller premium APK, you will be able to enjoy this feature, block all unwanted calls and the application Wii automatically create a separate section for this number and named it spam in your contact interface. You can always refer to the section to see the numbers you have blocked so far and for relevant updates when you clicked on them.

Identify Unknown Number

As it has been stated in the earlier part of this article, true caller will give you the ability to identify any unknow number. This usually occure when someone called you with a number that you have saved on your mobile, with the help of truecaller premium APK, you will be able to see the information of the caller before you picked the call.

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Text And Call Other People

As it has been mentioned in the about section of this guide, truecaller premium gold will give you the ability to call or message the numbers you have available on your phone, which is very convenient for you. Moreover, you can also text your family and friends for free. At the same time, you can easily create a group chat between friends and family in Truecaller and it’s convenient and you will find it amazing.

Record Calls With Truecaller Premium Gold

Another great functionality of the Truecaller premium gold APK is the ability to record calls and this in turns help the user to retain some important information while on the call with the help of the Truecaller premium. The recording function is very straight forward as other functions and you don’t need any third party app outside Truecaller to implement this function.

Once you download and install the Truecaller premium gold, you will see a tab on the left hand side of your screen and from this tab, you will be able to setup the recording function of the app and in the other words, you can also see the call recording option directly.

Make sure you choose the appropriate method during the configuration of this feature, the options available includes; automatic recording and custom recording. It’s now left you to choose the function you like most but if I should give you a recommendation, I will recommend you to choose custom settings, this will let the recording function appears on your call interface whenever you initiate a call and you can then decide which call to record and which one to leave.

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Truecaller Premium Gold APK Download

Now that you have fully understand how the app works, the next thing is to download the app, explore and enjoy the amazing features that that the app has to offer and in this section, I am going to provide you with the direct link to download the app without any difficulties.

Name                             Truecaller Gold Premium

Version                                             Latest

Size                                                   100MB

  Download Truecaller Premium Gold APK Here

Other Basic Features Of Gold MOD Truecaller

  • No Ads. The ads has been removed and you can enjoy the app with any ads on it.
  • Ability to identify people that view your profile.
  • Access to location map results.
  • Free access to back up information and data.
  • Unlocked Gold membership.
  • Optimized graphics.
  • Disable Analytics.
  • No force shortcuts.
  • Clean up resources.
  • And lots more.

Conclusion: Above information entails all you need to know about the Truecaller premium gold APK and all of it’s basic features has been outlined and explained appropriately. With the information provided above, you shouldn’t be confused or have any issue in using the Truecaller app.

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