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Airtel Social Bundle Cheat For 2021

Airtel social bundle cheat settings via 24Clan VPN Lite

Airtel social bundle data is a special data offer from Airtel, which allows users to use all social media apps, such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other social media app.

As it’s stated above, this data is very cheap as compared to other data plans due to it’s limitation and can only be used to access social media apps, but with the help of the settings that will be provided in this article, you will be able access all app and website with the social bundle data.

This airtel social bundle cheat will show you the simple Steps involved in surfing the internet with the social bundle data, removing all form of limitations just as we did in the latest MTN mPulse free browsing cheat.

If you didn’t forget, I have shared with you, the detailed guide on how to get free 1GB data on Airtel as well as how to get free Airtel 3GB data via the Airtel TV, which is still rocking as at the moment of writing this article.

Today, I am going to give you the settings to Enjoy 500MB data for just N100 and 3GB with just N600, the amazing part of this is that the data is valid for a whole month ( 30days ). This is an opportunity to surf the internet at a very cheaper rate which cannot be found anywhere else exepet through free browsing cheat like this.

Without wasting much of your time, below are the requirements for this airtel browsing cheat;


Requirements For Airtel Social Bundle Cheat

• A registered Airtel sim card.
• 24Clan VPN Lite which can be downloaded here.
• Minimum of N100 to subscribe to an Airtel social bundle plan.
• The settings to be provided in this article.
Now that you have all it takes to use this airtel browsing cheat, follow the procedure below to activate the cheat:

Airtel Social Bundle Cheat Settings Using 24Clan VPN Lite

1. Simply Dial *141*104# on your Airtel Sim card, select 1 if you want to continue browsing from your Airtime balance once you exhaust your data and 2 if you want your internet connection to be stopped once you exhaust your data.

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Airtel social bundle plan
Airtel social bundle plan
Note that your sim card might not be eligible for the offer, if the sim that you intend to use isn’t eligible for the offer, simply use an older sim card to enjoy. But most sim card do eligible.

2. Click here to download 24Clan VPN Lite.

3. Install and open the app, then select either NG| Airtel Social Bundle.
NG| Airtel 500MB Social Bundle as shown in the step 2 of the first picture above.
4. Leave the country server as it was or select anyone of your choice.
5. Now go back to the app home page and hit the big green button as shown in the step 3 of the first picture above and wait for some seconds for the app to connect.
That’s all, minimize the app and start surfing the internet till you exhaust your data.
The good news is that the data can be accummulated and this is where the Airtel 2GB for N200 and 3GB for N600 comes from. Once you exhaust your existing data, you can subscribe to another one immediately and you can also purchase the plan multiple times before you start to be using it.

Fact To Know About The Airtel Social Bundle Cheat

1. The data is valid for 30days.
2. No config file needed.
3. It select sim card but hardly reject old sim card.
4. You can accumulate the data by subscribing to the plan multiple times.
5. No disconnection if you didn’t disconnect the VPN manually.

6. If you have any question about this cheat, drop it in the comment box below and you will get an instant response.

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