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Vrend Review – Legit Or Scam?

Vrend review is an insight that will give you everything you needs to know about the so called income program. This article is going to reveal in details, everything you should know about the website, how it works and how to utilize it to make considerable amount of money in return. Just as I did on payobilz and others

And also, if you don’t know about vrend before but luckily come across this review, just grab your sit and read through as it’s going to be best thing you could read today.

I guess you might have been looking for a cool way to make money online with or without the need of referring, if yes, then this article is for you as it’s going to reveal one of the best way to make money online.

Yes! Vrend might be the best to serve as your plan B or even the main source of income depending on your aim and how much you works towards it. Just read on!

You might might be asking yourself what is vrend? But I am glad to inform you that you shouldn’t stress yourself about that as I am going to tell you what is all about plus and it works and other things you needs to know about it.

What Is Vrend?

Vrend is a sustainable marketing platform which helps people in raising capitals for personal use or business purposes. They provide opportunity for people to utilize the power of the internet in creating stream of income at their own convenient.

Vrend has equipped their user’s to earn and get paid in two ways, depending on your choice.

You can choose to either get paid directly to your Nigeria bank account or to you BTC wallet. That’s amazing right?

If you have lost hope on getting BTC accumulated into your wallet, then vrend has restored the hope which will be revealed in this Vrend review as they give you the chances to accumulate from referring and spillovers and get paid directly to your BTC wallet.

How Does Vrend Works?

As it has been outlined above, it’s a marketing platform that helps you in utilizing the power of the internet to create stream of income for yourself.

There are three different ways to make money on vrend and they are explained in details below.

1. Referals: This is an income that comes directly to you when you introduce vrend to someone and they register successfully via your unique invitation link. This is completely optional and the most amazing part is that you can withdraw your Earnings immediately you earned it. (Referal is optional but increase your Earnings potential). The amount you earned is equivalent to N1,200 in Nigeria currency.

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Spillover transaction

2. Spillover From the site: This is why you can make money on vrend without referal as there’s going to be spillover for everyone every two days, no action is required, just Register and sit back to watch your spillovers coming in.

3. Spillover from above (upline): this is the reason why you’re lucky to have come across this guide, as it’s going to provide you with additional Earnings from our own hardworking, using the link that will be provided in this article guranteed you of getting another Spillover from our own massive referrals plus the mandatory one you get from the site.

The picture above shows the inflow of the spillovers in a team which is considered to be weak as compared to the link to be provided in this article

Once you join via the link to be provided in this guide, you are set to be getting massive spillovers.

Is Vrend Legit Or Scam?

I guess this is the part you’ve been looking forward to, since the beginning of this review and guess what?

Vrend is legit and having take a deep look at it, it’s a long lasting and reliable program as it’s works in liking of smart contracts which implies that the out put can never be more than the input and this guaranteed the smooth running of the system.

How To Register And Start Making Money On Vrend

The next thing after which you have know how the so called Vrend Works is to know it’s registration process, especially now that you know it’s legit.

In this Vrend review, I will show you how to register on vrend in two ways, let’s go.

Method 1:

Kindly Click here to reach me directly on WhatsApp and I will guide you in step by step till you complete the registration and likes.

Or better still, make use of the second method.

Method 2:

Kindly follow the instructions below to start band complete your vrend registration.

1. Bookmark this page or save it for offline read depending on the browser you are using. This is to enable you to easily get back to this page for completion of registration or anything you could need after you have left this page.

2. Now Click here to go to the coupon code vendors page on vrend website. Select any vendor you see their and buy a coupon code for registration. The registration coupon code cost N2,500 so you’re going to send N2,500 to the vendor you choose on the page and he will send coupon code to you in return.

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3. Now Click on the link below to go to the registration page or copy the link and paste it on your browser.

4. After which you have clicked on the link above, you will be taken to the registration page directly.


Apply coupon code

4. On getting to the registration page, you will see a box provided for coupon code as shown on the picture above. Paste the coupon code into the box and click on apply.

5. Now proceed to fill other details which are your; Username, Password, Phone Number and Email address. They are shown in the picture below.

Registration form

6. Upon Filling All the required details, click on the submit button and boom! You have completed the registration.

You can now go to your dashboard and explore.

How Can I Convert My Earnings To Naira On Vrend?

As I have said earlier, vrend is also a way to accumulate BTC and withdraw to your BTC wallet in my no time while you can still get paid in Naira to your Nigeria bank account which I know is the method that most people will prefer.

To get ride of any problem associated with this fact, the admin of The platform have embedded a currency converter into the system. Follow the instructions to check your Earnings in Naira denomination.

Currency converter

1. Go to your dashboard and Select currency converter.

2. Upon clicking on the currency converter, you will be taken to a page shown below.

Currency converter page

3. Now Select the Earnings you intend to convert.

If it’s referral Earnings, click on recent referral earnings converter.

If it’s spillovers, click spillover earnings converter.

On the next screen, enter the number of referrals / spillover you have and boom! Your earnings will be displayed in Naira.

How Can I Refer On Vrend?

This is the most simplest thing ever.

1. Login to your vrend Account and navigate to your dashboard.

2. Copy your referral link. It’s located right below your dashboard.

3. Tell your referral to purchase coupon code or purchase it for them if you wish.

4. Give them you referal link which you have copied from your Dashboard and let them complete their registration via the link.

What Is The Minimum Withdrawal On Vrend?

I know you would have been looking up to this for a while, but guess what, there is no minimum amount required before you could Withdraw your earnings from vrend as at the moment of writing this review.

Below is someone that withdraw his spillovers to test if truly there is no minimum amount required before you could withdraw.


Minimum Withdrawal test
With spillover

Now guess what? There is no limit to how much you can earn with that token of N2,500 you used for the registration and there is nothing like resubscription, once you Register with one time payment of N2,500, that’s all for life.

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Below is a payment proof of N30,000 and the Earning still continues

Vrend payment proof

How Can I withdraw From Vrend?

Withdrawal steps on vrend is very simple and short, once you have referal earnings or spillover that you intend to withdraw, just login to your account and on cash out.

Upon Clicking on cashout, you will be taken to a page shown below.

Vrend withdrawal page

Then select how you want to be paid, be it
to bank account or BTC wallet as mentioned before.

Then select the earnings you want to withdraw, be it spillover or referal earnings and fill the withdrawal form. Boom! Your money is on it way to your preferred Withdrawal method.

How Much Can I Earn On Vrend?

I guess you should have deduct one or two things pertaining to this question if you have been reading this review with full attention, but let me answer it again;

There is no limit to that amount you can earn on vrend and we call it endless income, the more you take it serious the more you make serious money from the system.

What I love About Vrend

There are couple of things that I love about vrend and I won’t end this review without mentioning them, check them out:

1. It’s simple to understand.

2. No minimum withdrawal; you don’t have to to wait until you accumulate a specific amount of money before you could withdraw.

3. Your withdrawal is guaranteed at any day and time.

4. No referal needed; you can make money and withdraw from vrend without single referal exspecially now that you joined with a link that guranteed massive spillovers.

5. No task involved; they don’t deceive their user’s with fake tasks, is either you refer and earn spillover as well or sit back and watch your spillovers as they pile up.

6. No specific day for withdrawal; on Viraltrend all day is Withdrawal day.

Wow! You just complete reading my honest Vrend review, by now you should have known many things about the platform and it’s capabilities in changing your financial situation to the best of your satisfaction.

Explore the opportunity, do the math and decide the amount you want to be earning, every day or every week. Remember all day is pay day on vrend. Scroll up to the registration section and get started now!

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