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Opera News Shake And Win Offer Is Here Again With Prizes That Worth Over 200 Million Naira.

opera shake and win

Opera news shake and win is  real and the payment proof of my recent withdrawal is shown below.

The first and second round has ended but you still have the chance to participate in the 3rd and the 4th round.

Click here to download the Opera News app and don’t forget to Copy my referral code and use it as your referral code after registration.

Note: make sure you input my referral code in order to activate your gold card and complete your puzzle with ease. My code is  7MZ3BL

NOTE: You can reach me on WhatsApp for support before and after registration via 08142420544

Below are all you need to know about the app, how to use it and how it works.

Opera News is known to be the most popular news app and also the most downloaded app in Africa.
Last year, during the football world cup, Opera news gave away almost 54 million prizes and rewards to more than one million people across Africa through shake and win offer.
This year, the app is back again with shake and win offer and you may be among the lucky winner.
Opera news introduced the latest shake and win offer to celebrate the 2019 African cup of nation and this allow you to stand a chance to win split prizes of over 200M Naira which includes: cash prizes, vouchers, and other fantastic gifts.
If you are among those that participated in the Opera news shake and win, last year, I’m happy to inform you that the app is back again with that same offer.
If you’re among those that just heard of it when it has ended last year I’m glad to inform you that the opportunity to enjoy this offer is here again.
If you are seeing this for the first time, this offer doesn’t require any money or experience, all you need to do is to follow the steps provided in this article and stand a chance to win a lot of fantastic prizes.


Without further ado, below are all you need to know on the shake and win offer.
• Click here to download the app for free.
• After which you have clicked on the link above, a page as shown below will be displayed on your phone’s screen.
• Click and hold the invite code as shown above to copy my invite code and stand a chance to share the 200 Million Naira prize pool  you can also write the code to somewhere.
• Click on the join now button as shown above and you will be redirected to the Google play store, Download and install the app.
• Open the app, enter your country name and other required information.
• Click on the button shown below on next page that shows on your screen.
•You can now started to be shaking  your phone and win a lot of prizes which will be explain further in this article.
• Keep you eyes at the bottom of the page that displayed Every time you shake your phone, before you shake your phone one or two times it will automatically display some text at the bottom of the page which will ask you to log in to record your reward click on the caption.
• Locate the place where you see “enter Referral code for new members only” from the listing that is been displayed, paste the invite code that you have copied before you downloaded the app from play store.
Then continue to win more prizes by shaking your phone.
There are two ways to win a lot of prizes from Opera news shake and win:
1. Complete all the nine pieces of the puzzle in Opera news to collect a cash prize and others. With every shake that is completed on the app, you may be rewarded with the missing pieces of the puzzle. Those who have the chance to complete the puzzle will have a chance to be among the winner of the real cash from the shared cash prize.
As soon as you complete the puzzle, you will receive a pop message as shown below.
2. You can also win cash and vouchers with each shake. The voucher that are available for now are: ORide and super bet vouchers, and you don’t need to complete the puzzle first before you can redeem your vouchers.
All you need to do in order to win, is to keep shaking your phone.
For this year edition, the offer is divided into four rounds starting on June 21 to July 19. For the first day you enter each of the rounds, you will be rewarded with a total of 15 shakes for free and five new shakes daily until a new round begins.
You will have the chance to withdraw your prizes a day after each rounds. This implies that, for the first round you will be able to withdraw your cash prize on June 29 and July 9 for the second round  respectively.

What can I do to get new shakes if I actually runs out of my daily shakes?

If you runs out of shakes in a day and you want more for the day, the only way to get new points is by inviting others to play by sharing your invitation link. Or you can click on “My Prize” from the Opera News home menu, Click on the caption that says “share 200,000,000 Naira prize” and then click on the invite now button. If the person you referred, input the code correctly, and he/ she has not download the Opera news before, you will be rewarded with either a Gold card or one more share in the prize pool.
NOTE: you will only receive the Gold Card, if you’re yet to complete the puzzle. If you have complete the puzzle already, you will be given one more share from the prize pool.

How can I claim my and redeem my vouchers respectively?

All the prize that you win will have to be withdrawn with your Opay account, if you don’t have Opay account before you can easily get one with ease. Your cash prize will be sent to your account as soon as possible after your request submission.
Note: Use Opay account number during your withdrawal request.
How can I redeem my ORide vouchers?
Go to My Prize from Opera news app home menu, click on ORide vouchers and click on how it works on the next page and this is located at the upper right corner of the page.
NOTE: The shake and win offer will be available from June 21 to July 19. And this implies that all your vouchers and cash prize have to be redeemed before july 25.
Use the comment box, if you have any questions about this offer. 
Enjoy the offer while it lasts!
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