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Gm2345.com Review – Legit Or Scam?

gm2345.com review

Gm2345.com is the official website for gmgold investment platform and in this gm2345.com review, I will be revealing a lot of things you need to know about the platform and above all, help you with the enough information to decide whether the platform is scam or a legit platform that will earn you cool cash.

In our previous review, we have revealed a lot of information about the platform but it seems a lot of people mistook the same platform as two different platform and hence, gm2345.com and gm gold are the same platform. Just that the site is located at gm2345.com but it full name is gm gold.

About gm2345.com

Gm2345 com is the URL for gm gold investment platform and it’s promised to pay it’s members for performing social media tasks like posting and watching big random videos on Facebook and others.

The platform have been paying for some weeks and a lot of people are just getting to know about the platform which is the main reason I decided to write this gm2345.com review, to reveal all you need to know about the platform and if it safe for you to invest or not.

How To Make Money On gm2345.com

There e two different ways to make money on the platform and this includes the takes performance and referring others to join the platform.

Below is the brief overview of how each method works and how you can make money via any of the method.

Make Money On gm2345.com By Performing Tasks

This is the main way to make money on the platform and it requires you to deposit some amount of money, the platform consists of multiple membership levels and the higher your membership level, the higher your daily income will be.

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When you register on the platform, you will be on level zero automatically and be able to perform tasks and earn for 3days, after the 3days, your free membership offer will expire and you will have to upgrade to a VIP level between level 1 to 5 if you want to continue with the platform.

How Does gm2345.com Affiliate Works

Gm2345.com Affiliate program is the referral program organized by the platform and will give you the opportunity to make a lot of money doing nothing on the platform.

The platform will reward you with bot direct fixed commission and recurring commission, this implies that when you refer anyone to the platform, you will get a fixed bonus and after that, you with still be getting commission from any amount your referral earn from the platform on a daily basis.

For detailed information and break down of how gm2345.com membership levels and referral program works, check our previous gmgold review, the articles explained both system in details.

gm2345.com Registration

Gm2345.com Registration

The registration on the platform can be done in just few clicks and all you have to do is to click here and you will be redirected to gm2345.com registration page, a registration form will be displayed to you, fill in the required information and click on register, your account will be created and you will be redirected to your membership dashboard.

gm2345.com Login

If after completing your registration, you left the website and couldn’t find your way back to the platform login page, all you have to do is to click here and you will be redirected to the gm2345.com login page directly, enter your phone number and your login password and you will be redirected to your membership dashboard.

gm2345.com app download

gm2345.com App Download

To download the gm2345 com app, login to your account and check the bottom left corner of your membership dashboard, click on the me icon and on the next page, scroll down to locate install app and click on it, the gm2345 app download will start, wait for it to complete band install it.

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How To Make Deposit On gm2345 com

The deposit system of the platform is slightly different from that of other platforms that have once been in existence and as a result of this, you might be confused with the deposit process but do not worry, this gm2345.com review will show you how to do that without Stress.

Follow the instructions below for detailed information on how to deposit and upgrade your membership level on gm2345.com

Open Your Binance App

For you to make deposit on gm2345.com for membership upgrade, you will need to be a registered member on Binance, if you don’t have Binance account, click here to register for one now.

Once you complete your registration, and have the app verified and ready to use, proceed to the next step below.

Deposit USDT To Your Binance Account

Check the USDT amount that is required for the membership level you want to upgrade to and get the equivalent amount of USDT to your Binance account. Once the USDT is available on you Binance account, proceed to the next step below.

Login To Your gm2345.com Membership Area (Dashboard)

The next thing after getting the USDT ready in your Binance account is to login to gm2345.com or open your gmgold app, check the bottom of the app homepage and click bon member, locate the VIP level you want to upgrade to and click on the upgrade immediately button.

A USDT address will be provided for you, copy the USDT address and open your Binance account/app.

Send USDT To Your Gm gold Account

Once you copied the USDT address provided for you in gm2345.com, login to your Binance account and go to where your asset (USDT) is located, click on it and select withdraw.

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A box will be provided for receiver address, enter the USDT address you copied from gm2345 com and paste it into the box, select TRC 20 in the box provided for network and click on the send button.

Submit Your Transaction To gm2345 For Verification

Once you send the USDT successfully, check the transaction status on your Binance and copy the last four digits of the transaction TXID and go back to your gm2345 account and enter the TXID into the space provided.

Now, submit it and copy your user ID, go to the platform customer service area and provide your transaction details screenshot and your user ID, wait for few minutes and your membership level will be upgraded successfully.

gm2345.com Withdrawal

If you want to withdraw from your gm2345 account, all you have to do is to copy your Binance USDT(TRC20) address and use it to withdraw from your Gm gold account to your Binance account.

Gm2345.com Review Legit Or Scam

In order to take the valid and appropriate conclusion, there are lots of things to consider before labeling gm2345.com legit or scam and all the information required to know where the platform will be safe for you to invest in, has been revealed in our previous review, kindly click here to see the detailed information required to know the real picture of the platform and together with our stand on the status of the the platform being legit or not.

Conclusion: Having gone through this gm2345.com review, you should be able to know that gm2345 com and gmgold and the same platform and not two different platform and for you bro take proper decision on the platform and also understand how it works, you should consider reading both this review and our previous review, with the two detailed review, you will see the true picture of gm2345 com/gm gold.

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