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Payobilz – How To Make N10,000 to N80,000 Per Month

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If you have been searching for a legit way to make money online, then you’re very lucky to come across this article.

NOTE: This opportunity is strictly for Nigerians. 

I’m very sure that you will have more than thousands reasons to smile to your bank account with this online business opportunity that I am going to share with you, and that is if you take action.

This article is going to explain all you need to know about payobilz, how it works and how to make money with payobilz without stress.

Payobilz is the best way to make money for students, Graduate, people seeking for job and everyone that is willing to make money online.
Payobilz is not a get paid to read News website and that’s what makes it the best way for you to earn a residual income. Believe me, you can be earning more than the amount stated above with payobilz as your chances to earn money depends on your activities and how serious you take it.

This is clearly different from those scams out there as every money you earn from payobilz will be sent to directly to your bank account.

Without further ado below are all you need to  know about payobilz:

Payobilz is a unique online business, which was officially launched on the 5th of May 2019. It is a registered company in CAC with registration number RC 1199677.

Payobilz operate on a system that is exactly like set and forget. What do I mean by set and forget? Payobilz allows their members to earn cash doing nothing. You don’t need any experience to earn on this website as they are there to do many things for you and make things easier for both parties.

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Having gone through the above text, I know that you would have been asking your self if it’s possible to make money on this website without Referral and the answer to that question is YES.

Making money on this website without referral is very certain as they have ways of getting Referrals for you if you can’t.

There are two ways to earn money from this website, but the best trick for you is to make use of the two ways.

This way includes:

1. Do it yourself : You can decide how much you want to earn weekly from this website by your self and this is can be done by promoting your affiliate link by your self and get people referred to your system. This website provides a lot of marketing materials for their user and all the materials are very easier to use, even if you’re just getting involved in this type of business for the first time. If you’re not good in referring others, I have dropped some tips that may help you here! click here to know more about how to refer others to any Referral program.

2. Let the system do it for you : If you don’t have the time to refer others to the website then you can ask the system to do it for you. This is possible because they also place advert on different channels and all the referral from those ads are added to their members downline based on first come first serve.

To let the system do it for you, just log in to your account after registration and click submit referral link button, that all just sit back and watch the system to assign people’s to your downlines.

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•NOTE: The only best trick to earn big and faster from this website is to submit your referral link and also promote your link by your self.


How Does Payobilz Works?

To join payobilz and start making cool cash, you only need one time activation fee of N800. Imagine having an opportunity to stand a chance of getting N100,000 to your bank account every month.
You may be wondering how possible it is to earn the claimed figure with just N800, don’t give your self unnecessary headache as payobilz has proofed this to be possible with their simple affiliate earning system.
Below are simple steps involved in getting this done :

1. Click here and follow the caption below to register your account.

2. Proceed to make your N1000 activation fee using various methods that are available on the website. Once you complete your registration, you will be automatically redirected to a page where you will make your payment as shown below.


Click on the button as shown above and select any payment method of your choice.

Or scroll down and follow the instructions that are provided on the page if you wish to make your payment using direct bank account.

3. Once you account has been activated, then you’re eligible to to receive N800 from 5 peoples which makes you earn a total amount of N4,000 for your first level.

4. Once you have earned your first N4,000, you, will then upgrade to level 2 with N1,600 out of the money you earned from level one.

Once you’re activated for level 2, the system will automatically pair 20 peoples to pay you N1,000 each within a short period of time which gives you a total amount of N20,000 cash.

Once you have get to this stage, there is no limit to the amount of the money that you can earn from this website, you will keep on earning in level one and also in level 2 everyday.

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Take action now and don’t allow N1000 to stop from from realizing your goals, which is to have a financial independent and pay your bills.

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  1. Many people are on the system now and if you submit your link to the system, it will take longer to get someone under u automatically or even take forever.

    The automatic referal system isn't that active anymore.


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