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Hashwallet Review – Is Hashtray.store Legit Or Scam

Hashwallet review - hashwallet.store review

Hashwallet is an honest is an honest insight of the recently lunched platform, hashwallet.store, which is also same thing as hashtray.store and in this hashwallet review, I am going to be providing you with all the details you need about the platform and if it’s safe for you or a kind of site you should avoid.

You might be wondering why hashwallet and hastray surface in this guide at this same time, but that’s not a thing to worry about, this is because of the fact that both hastray.store and hashwallet.store are same thing and I can bodly tell you the the hastray store of yesterday is the hashwallet store of today.

As a result of facts revealed in the just concluded line above, you can therefore treat this hashwallet review as that of the hashtray review as both platform are one respectively.

Before browsingtechzone release any platform review, you already know that we have been there before and our discussion will be on the facts and fact alone. So if you’re reading this right now, be rest assured that you’re going to get every information you need about hashwallet and hashtray without stress.

About hashwallet formerly hastray

Hashwallet is an automated trading platform that helps you in trading and sending you the profits every seconds and the amazing part of it is that, you don’t even have to invest, you can actually sign up for free and make money on the platform without paying a dime.

The amazing part of the site is that, you will be provided with a registration bonus on $30 and this will be used to fund trading for you automatically and you can always withdraw the profit when ever you like.

on hashtray, the automated system trade and you earn doing nothing. Yes! You heard me right. But must read this hastray review carefully from the beginning to the end in other to get the message I am trying to pass.

The platform guaranteed income from 3% with automatic, every second transfer of funds to your account. But you only get three 3% interest on the platform if you invest but we’re not recommending that for now and on this note, were going to be providing you with a solution on how you can get up to 3% interest without investment.

On hashwallet.store, profit comes automatically, every second live in front of your eyes and you can request for the withdrawal of funds at any point in time and as much as you like in any convenient payment direction.

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How to make money for free on HashWallet.store

Making money on the platform is a simple as get yourself registered on the platform and leave it alone, you can always check back later to see the actual amount that has been accumulated for you automatically while you’re away.

Primarily, when you register on the platform, you will be credited with a whooping sum of $30 investment balance and this is what will stand as your invested amount and you will be getting 0.01% of the $30, every Day. That’s low right?

That’s where the accumulation method comes in, but before you can do anything on the platform, it’s obvious that you must register first. So, let’s proceed to the first step, which is the hashwallet sign up

Hashwallet.store sign up

Hashwallet sign up – How to register on Hash://Tray and get Free $30

To register on hashwallet, simply click here to go to the hashwallet.store sign up page. On getting to the page, simply click on the button that says, register and get $30.

On the next page, you will see the hastray store sign up form, simply enter your preferred username in the box provided for “your login”  and choose a preferred password thet you can always remember whenever you want to access the site.

You will be taken to your dashboard immediately and that’s all, your will see the free $30 on your investment bonus balance and of course, your estimated balance will start reading. The more your investment bonus balance, the more you get on your estimated balance every second.

Hashwallet login – how to login on hastray store

To login to your hashwallet account, all you have to do is to click here to go to the hashwallet store login page. Click on the menu bar at the top left corner if the page and select login.

Simply enter your username and your password and click on the login button, you will be taken to your dashboard immediately and you can continue with whatever you want to do on the platform.

How to accumulate more cash on the platform

Ok! Now that you have registered on the platform and fully understand how it works the next thing is to fully understand how to accumulate more money on the platform and make the most out if it.

The calculation is very simple, you already know that you will earn 0.01% of whatever in your investment bonus balance, the next thing is to try as much as possible to accumulate more money on your investment bonus balance and the more the balance, the more your daily earnings.

This takes us to the

HashWallet referral program

Hashwallet have a referral program that rewards you with investment bonus for bringing more people to the platform. Just for registering a new member on the platform,  Hash://Tray will credit your investment account with additional 8$, investment account limit is unlimited, 100 referrals – 800$, maybe 1000 referrals – 8000$.

And this gives you the opportunity to take the full advantage of the platform Hash://Tray and make the most out of it when it’s still paying.

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You will Also have the opportunity to make money from indirect referrals as the platform makes use of 3 level referral system.

How to copy your referral link on hashwallet.store

You already know that to refer anyone to the platform, you will have to copy your unique referral link and share with your loved ones. On this note, the question is not about how to refer, but how to get your hashwallet.store personal referral link.

To get the referral link, all you have to do is to login to your account and scroll down a little bit on your dashboard, you will see a button that says copy link, click on it to copy your referral link and anyone that register via the link automatically become your referral and you will get additional $8 to your investment bonus balance instantly.

Hashwallet.store minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal on Hash://Tray is $1 and you should remember that you can only withdraw the amount in your estimated balance and not that of the bonus balance.

Your bonus balance has been invested for you and will fetch you interest on a daily basis, this interest will go to the estimated balance and as soon as you have up to $1 on the estimated balance, you can withdraw to your account via the preferred payment method anytime you like.

Hashtray.store withdrawal – how to withdraw on hashwallet

To withdraw from the platform, simply make sure that you are having at least, $1 o. Your estimated balance. Click on the menu bar and select withdraw funds.

Select the preferred method you want to use to receive the payment and proceed to provide the required details and get your money withdrawn immediately.

For the purpose of this guide, browsingtechzone make use of Payeer account to withdraw from the platform, click here for Detailed information on how to create a Payeer account and all you need to know about it.

Hashwallet withdrawal proof

Hashwallet.store withdrawal proof.

Above shows the recent withdrawal of $9.36 from the hashwallet.store a s this is in a bid to test them and see if they’re truly paying or not and furtunately they paid instantly. The proof is shown above.

Needs more information about the platform especially a Live withdrawal? Simply watch the video below:

HashWallet.store review

As hash://Tray is said to be one of the best earning platforms in the market of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, providing partners with a stable income with the ability to predict future dividends, there are still some speculations surrounding the platform that tell individuals to thread with caution on the platform.

In this section of my hashwallet review, I am going to be providing you with the exact thing you have been wanting to see and this is if the platform is legit or another scam.

However, while exploring the platform, it’s well noted that the platform is a secured website in terms of security. HashWallet.store, which is also hash24.store uses an extended SSL certificate to secure their website from spammers, in order to keep visitors’ data safe.  And of course have a friendly user interface.

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hash24.store review – Is hashwallet legit or scam

This is where we are going but before I revealed to you if the platform is legit or scam, let me walk you through the green and red flags that has been found on the platform when browsingtechzone.com is gathering information for the purpose of this hashwallet review.

Hashtray.store review – Green And Red flags

The green and red flags are the major indications that provides you with all the information you need to take a valid decision of if a particular platform is legit or a scam.

The more the green flags, the more likely the platform is safe to some extent and vice versa. While the more the red flags, the more risky the platform becomes and vice versa.

Green flags found on hashwallet store

Withdrawal: the platform withdrawal system is very simple, easy to understand and withdraw only take a very short period of time to arrived at your account.

Availability of a valid withdrawal proof: a withdrawal has been requested from the site and processed within a very short period of time and this means the platform is paying.

Nothing to loose: Though the platform have Investment plans and you can deposit money from your pocket to make more money on the site, but in this guide, we only encourage you to make use of the free opportunity that the site has provided.

With this, you will be able to make money without investment and if you follow this gesture, Even if the platform shut down tomorrow, you have nothing to loose.

Exist twice and remain Same: hashwallet.store firstly lunched as hastray.store and when they’re back, they retain all the members data and no one loose anything.

Red flags found on hash24 store

The one and only red flags found in the platform is running Into a 505 error page after registration or after using some time on the platform.

A lot of individuals have reported to browsingtechzone.com that they ran Into a 505 error page on the platform and since then, they haven’t been able to access their account

You might be wondering why I advised you to stick with the free version of the platform and by now, u think everything should be clear to you. Imagine running to a 505 error page without Solution after which you have deposited.

And once you run Into the page, that’s all, I have practicality and confirm it’s true.

Hastray.store 505 error – How to resolve 505 error issue on hashwallet.store

As at the moment of writing this hashwallet review, If you encounter the error on the platform, the only solution is to get another browser that is different from the one where you encounter the error, Copy the registration link and register afresh.

For example, if you encounter the the error on your chrome browser, simply click Open brave browser and register afresh.

Hashwallet review – is hashwallet.store legit or scam

With the detailed information revealed in this guide, I think you should have been able to deduct the actual fact about the platform and decide if it’s legit or not.

But the actual fact is that the platform is not a Scam website as you will be able to withdraw without investment, the only thing is that it’s not safe to invest with your own money as the platform is having an undefined issue that hasn’t been resolved till this moment.

Conclusion: This is an honest hashwallet review and with the detailed information revealed in this guide, you should be able to deduct the tye best practice on the platform is to register, accumulate free investment platform and withdraw whenever you have minimum of $1 on your estimated balance.

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