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Rukki Cash Review – Legit Or Scam? (Rukki.cash True Picture Revealed)

If you have come across the rukki.cash Investment platform and you’re wondering if it’s legit or another scam, then worry no more cause, this rukki cash review will give you a lot of information about the website and let you know if your money is safe with them or not.

If you have any intention to invest on the platform and you really want to know what the platform is up to, then you have come across the right guide.

We have reviewed a lot of Investment platforms in the past and today, we will be doing same to the rukki cash Investment and at the end of this review, you are going to have all it takes to take the best decision towards the platform and have enough information to decide whether you are joining the platform or you’re zooming off.

About Rukki Cash

Rukki cash is said to be a community of like-minded people that are ready to help each other in building their financial status.

The line above clearly shows that the platform is one of those Ponzi schemes that works with peer to peer system, where a member will be merged with other to give an amount in expectation of receiving more from others when he/she is due for getting help.

Arcording to the platform, all investors will be paid with 150% of their Investment, after 7days. This implies that the platform will provide every individuals on the platform with 50% ROI after 7days, just as clickella investment platform.

how rukki cash Investment works
How It works

How Rukki.cash Works

As I have mentioned in the earlier part of this rukki cash review, the platform is not among those that you will need to buy coupon code for registration, you can go directly to the website and register for an account, then you fill in your details and provide help when you feel like.

In short, this platform is another version of mypay247 because they work with the same method and if you are among those that participate in mypay247, you will fully understand how the rukki cash Investment works without any issue.

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Once you complete your registration on this platform, you will be taken to your member dashboard and in this area, you will see where provide help and get help are clearly written.

Once you click on the provide help button, you will be asked to enter the amount you want to donate, once you enter the amount, you will be merge with a member of the platform that is already on the get help list.

What Is The Minimum And Maximum I Can Invest On Rukki Cash

Arcording to the information we gathered from the rukki.cash official website, the platform is established with the aim of starting from low Minimum and maximum investment to high minimum and maximum Investment.

On going through the platform history from the lunched date, we are able to collect some information that clearly shows that they begin with the minimum Investment of N1000 and maximum of N10,000.

But as at the moment of writing this report, the Minimum investment required has been raised from N1,000 to N2,000 while the maximum donation you can make at a go is N55,000.

However, the platform make it known to the general public that they will keep on raising it till the minimum investment is N10,000 and the maximum will be N1,000,000.

How Much Is Referral Commission On Rukki.cash

The platform gives everyone on the platform, the opportunity to earn 10% commission on every help provided by their referral.

The line above clearly shows that the platform pays a recurring commission and not per referral. If your referral invest in the platform ten times, then you’re going to get a commission for all those rounds.

For example, if your referral invest N5,000, then you’re going to get N500 bonus as referral commission and if that same person re invest, you will still get 10% of which ever amount they re invest and it continues like that till the platform stop paying.

rukki cash registration
Rukki Cash Registration

Rukki cash Registration

To register on the platform is absolutely free and you’re not required to pay any amount for either registration or account activation. If you have interest to register on the platform, simply follow the instructions below and you will be in your account dashboard in no time.

  • Visit rukki.cash
  • You will see two options on the website homepage and this options are; Login and Get Started.
  • Click on get started.
  • Now, input the required details and click on submit.
  • You will be redirected to your dashboard, fill the form that will pop up asking for your bank account details.
  • Once you complete filling the form, your registration is complete.
  • You can now decide if you’re ready to provide help or not.
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Rukki Cash Login

Once you complete your registration on the website, you will be taken to your account directly, but if for any reason, you need to access your account login page, simply follow the instructions below;

  • Visit rukki.cash.
  • Click on the menu bar and choose login.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Now, click on the login button and that’s all.
rukki cash login
Login Page

But wait! Don’t join yet!

I am very sure that you decided to read this rukki cash review in order to know if the website is legit or not, which I haven’t answered yet. Guess what, we have gathered some data about the website that will help you in taking the best decision and decide if you should give it a trial or not.

During the process of gathering information for the purpose of this rukki cash Investment review, we have been able to gathered some red and green Flags we found on this platform. Check them out below;

Green Flags;

  • The platform is user friendly and easy to navigate.
  • The platform has managed to pay it’s investors continuously for weeks and still paying as at the moment of writing this report.
  • On scanning through the platform arrangements, we perceived they could have plans to stay for a while before crashing.
  • The platform has no central Account.

Red Flags;

  • The platform is a Ponzi scheme like mypay247, clickella and others.
  • The CEO of the platform is not known.
  • The platform operate on a peer to peer basis and this gives some members the chance to attempt in cheating others, even even the platform is still up and running, there is a significant possibility of a member having issues with payment.
  • The platform pays 50% ROI in 7days, which is considered to be somewhat high.
  • Continuous payment of 10% affiliate commission might might leads to insufficient funds in the platform peering chain.
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rukki cash domain age
Rukki.cash Domain Age

When Was Rukki Cash Lunched?

According to the information we have gotten from the domain registration details, the domain has been registered since 2020 but the platform was lunched for full operation some weeks ago.

Is Rukki Cash Legit?

Rukki cash Investment is paying it’s members as promised as at the moment of writing this report and no one has report any irregularities about the platform so far.

Is Rukki Cash Scam?

Rukki cannot be tagged as scam as at this moment, because they are paying their members accordingly and without any interruption but it’s just a matter of time. They cannot be legit forever.

Who Is The CEO Of Rukki Cash?

As I have stated in the earlier part of this guide, the owner of the platform is yet to be known to anyone and the identity of the brain behind the platform is completely anonymous as at the moment of writing this report.

Can I Invest On Rukki.cash

This question can be best answered by yourself as we have provide you with all you need to know about this platform, it’s left to you to take the decision if whether to Invest or not.

However, we advise you to Invest the amount you can afford to loose, if at all you’re planning to invest on the platform.

Conclusion: This rukki cash review has revealed all you need to know about rukki.cash and have given you all it takes to take the best decision towards the platform. We make it clear to you that the platform is a Ponzi scheme and you know a very high risk is always involved if Ponzi scheme is involved, it might be paying now, but sooner or later, they will call it a day.

I hope you found this review helpful, do let us know what you think about it and if you have any contrary opinion. All the possible questions are welcomed in the comments section of this post.

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