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Kinemaster Mod APK Latest Version Download

kinemaster mod apk

Kinemaster is a video editing tool that allows you to create amazing video and edit any video to your lovely taste and in this guide, I will be releasing the direct link to download the kinemaster Mod APK and give you free access to the app.

With the mod version of the kinemaster app, you will be able to have free access to all the paid features of the app and you will be able to edit videos without ads and export your video without watermark.

In our previous guide, we have released the inshot Pro APK and as well as the filmigo Mod APK. In today’s guide, our main target is another video editing app with a lot of themes, effects and other video editing features that will makes your video appealing to watch.

About Kinemaster Pro APK

Kinemaster Pro APK is a video editing app that allows you to create a beautiful and appealing video content without extra cost. The free version of the app has a lot of features that you can use to beautify your videos and make it an interesting piece of artistic work for people to watch.

A lots of the videos you watch on the internet today aren’t just recorded and published for people to watch directly, it involves a lot of hard work to edit the video for smooth visual and in this case, kinemaster Pro APK has played a lot of role in making video editing seamlessly easy for everyone.

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About Kinemaster Mod APK

Kinemaster Mod APK is the unlocked version of the kinemaster pro app and once you download and install it from here, you will be able to access all the paid features of the app, especially getting ride of the watermark with paying for the premium version of the app.

The kinemaster Mod APK has been unlocked already and you don’t have to paid for anything on the app and you will have full access to all the features available on the app.

Features Of Kinemaster Pro MOD APK

There are lots of features on the kinemaster Mod APK and in this section, I will be listing all the basic features of the app with the detailed information on all you need to know about each if the features, how it works and what advantage you stand to gain from the features.

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Without further ado, let’s get started with the kinemaster pro features and the detailed description of each features.

Chroma Key

There are lots of other features on the app but I decided to let this chroma Key comes first as it’s unique and one of the features you can find on the kinemaster Mod APK and that is not available on some other apps that serve same purpose with the kinemaster app.

The chroma Key feature is used to change the background of a video and it’s an advanced feature that is mostly found on PC software, but kinemaster has successfully made it available for mobile phone users.

With the application of this feature while editing your videos, it makes your video way more professional and this feature is really useful for shooting professional videos for YouTube and other platforms as you can easily remove background from any video and as well change the background to anyone of your choice.

Multiple Layers

Adding deferent objects while editing videos is very important to make your videos more attached and satisfying to watch. With the kinemaster multi-layer feature, you will be able to add multiple layers in a video like adding image, gif, photos, audio, animation, other clips and lots more.

Adding multiple layers will make your video more awesome as you will have the opportunity to add multiple things at the same time. You can also adjust the settings of all the layers and this provides you with the freedom to attach files in the video and can show them on screen easily.

Instant Preview

This feature will allow you to preview your video at any point in time, to observe your progress so far in that particular video. This feature only available on few apps as some apps will makes in impossible to preview your recent changes until you’re done with the whole editing process.

Checking the preview of your work as you proceed is very important as this will give a room to correct all errors that has occurred unknowingly. When you preview a certain parts of the edited video, you will be able to see if it’s perfect or still needs more improvement to give you what you really want.

Speed Control

This feature gives you the full control over the video you want to edit and with this feature, you will be able to decrease or increase the speed of the video.

Let say the duration of the video is too long for the purpose you intend to use for, you can simply use this feature to increase the speed of the video to make it more faster and this will in turn compress the duration of the video and make it more shorter than the initial duration.

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You can also decrease the speed of the video to make is slow than how it was and this will in turn increase the duration of the video. This feature gives you the opportunity to create slow motion video with the kinemaster Mod APK without any additional app.

Volume Controls

This gives you the full control over the volume of the video, with this feature, you will be able to adjust the volume of any video to serve the purpose you want in the final video.

You will also have access to fade in and fade out sound effects, which will give you the opportunity to apply fade in and fade out sound effects to enhance the Audio of the clip and give it relevant effects in accordance with the theme of the video.


A lots of video animation affects are available on the kinemaster pro APK to make your video more attractive and very satisfying to watch. On kinemaster Mod APK, you will be able to have full access to multiple animation effects, which you can use for your video editing and make your video elements in animation.

This feature is also a professional feature that is mostly available on PC Software,, but with the kinemaster pro APK, you will have access to this feature and make your video looks more professional.

Audio Recorder

This is another feature of the kinemaster pro app, it provides you with the opportunity to add voice-over to your video Without leaving the app. All you have to do is to check for the Audio recording icon, click on it and the recording will start. This prevent you from the stress of recording voice note separately if you’re to use your voice for the clip.

No Watermark

The free version of the kinemaster APK is known to always have watermark on its final video, which most of the video editor find unfavorable as the watermark mostly makes their videos looks unprofessional.

With the kinemaster Mod APK, despite the fact that you will not pay for the app, the watermark has been removed for free and you will be able to edit and export your videos without watermark.

No Ads

Kinemaster free version is also known for add displays while editing videos and this seems to be disturbing for some people, however, there will be no ads while using using the kinemaster Mod APK.

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Additional Features

  • Supports for animated gif files.
  • Speed control for video layers.
  • Support for import and export of project files.
  • Option to download premium assets and export videos containing premium assets.
  • Availability of color adjustment tools: Vibrance, temperature, highlights, shadow, gain, gamma, lift and hue.
  • Share option support for Facebook and Instagram stories and fees.
  • Intensity slider for color filters.

Download Kinemaster Mod APK

Having gone through the detailed information about the kinemaster pro mod APK, the next thing bid to download the to explore the features by yourself and get to know more about the app and how to use it for various video editing works.

In this section, I will be giving you direct download link to download the app directly with the detailed information on how to install the app for proper usage.

Name                             Kinemaster Pro MOD

Version                          Latest Version

Size                               99MB

Download Kinemaster Mod APK


Installation – How To Install Kinemaster

The installation process is very simple and easy. If you have been installing APK files before, you shouldn’t have any issue with the installation of the kinemaster Mod APK but regardless, I will brief you on how to install the app without any form of interruption.

To install the APK file make sure you have uninstalled any other version of the app, if any is currently on your phone and enable installation from unknown source. You can do that via the settings menu of your phone, click on settings, navigate to security and follow the prompts.

Now open the download folder of your phone and Locate the kinemaster pro APK that you download above, click on it to open it and you will be asked if you want to install the app, click bon install and the app will be installed immediately.

Conclusion: kinemaster pro app has made video editing seamlessly easy for everyone by giving you a lot of video editing features in just on place and with the Kinemaster Mod APK released on this guide, you will be able to have free access to all the amazing features of the app.

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