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How To Make Up To N5000 Weekly Via Kuda Bank Referral

How to make money with Kuda Bank Referral program

Kuda Bank app is another app that gives referral incentive, just like Chipper Cash app and others. I am glad to have you here today, and I am going to explain in details, how you can be making up to 5,000 Naira every week via Kuda Bank referral program.

The Kuda Bank referral program is on for some months ago and I am glad to inform you that the program is still booming and paying existing users for bringing new users as promised.

The fact that the Alat Referral program has been put on hold for now isn’t negotiable, but that cannot stop us from making cool cash at the comfort of our home, and this is why I am writing this article, to expose another simple way to make cool cash while you stay at home.

You might be wondering what the Kuda Bank is, but don’t worry, below is a brief description of the app;

What Is Kuda Bank?

Kuda Bank which was firstly known as Kudi bank but rebranded to Kuda is a free Mobile-only bank which is fully licensed by the central bank of Nigeria. It serves as an online wallet which allows everyone to save, withdraw and send money at no cost.
As a verified member of Kuda Bank, you will have access to a free debit card which can be used to withdraw money from your kuda Account without maintenance fee and lots more.

Kuda Bank Referral Program

Without wasting much of your time, let’s move to the referral section of the app, which is the main topic to be discussed in this article.
Kuda Bank have lunch a referral program, which rewards you as an existing members with a whooping sum of N200 when a friend download and open an account with your referral code.
Imagine getting N200 cash per referral, that’s a whooping sum of N1,000 for referring five friends.
Kuda will send you all your referral earnings for the previous week in the following week.
Let say, you refer 10 verified members to download Kuda app with your link this week, the N2,000 incentive will be sent to you by next week Monday.
Continue reading and you’re going to have all it takes to make money from this app before you leave.

How To Register And Become A Verified Member On Kuda Bank

1. Click here to download Kuda and join with this code: GJ4RJFST .

2. Now that you have download the Kuda app, proceed to sign up with your correct details and make sure the the code in the referral code area is exactly as it is above.

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3. Make sure you provide your correct Bank Verification Number ( BVN ) at the point of registration. Don’t panic, your details are 100% safe on the app. Moreover, if you can trust the bank that issue that BVN to you, then you didn’t have any reason to be panic here. Kuda app is licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.

4. Go to account upgrade section and submit a valid ID card to verify it’s you.

5. Now that you have done with the registration, activate your account by sending N100 to your Kuda bank account via any method of your choice. The options to fund your account will be displayed to you on the app.

This N100 should remain on the app to keep your account active.

6. It’s Now time to copy your own Referral link and code to make cool cash with the app.

Kuda Bank Referral bonus history
Kuda Bank Referral
Earnings History

How To Make Up To N5000 Every week Via The Kuda Bank Referral Program.

1. Now that you have activate your account, login to the app and click on more at the bottom of the app.

2. Click on referral and copy your referral code, select share with friends to copy your referral link.

3. Refer as much friends as possible and wait till the following Monday to get credited for your past week Referral.

Don’t panic on where to get Referrals, we have make getting a lot of referrals easier just for you, click here for detailed information on how to get Referrals to any program like this without stress.

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4. Check the first picture above, and you will clearly see that my earnings for last week was being sent to me this week, which is 8,000 Naira.

The second picture shows the clear history of how I was credited with 8,000 for just single week but choose to withdraw N5,000 and leave 3000. You can do better.

Read this article again and digest it, then you’re good to go and I am very sure that you won’t have any problem, but if you come across any, just drop it in the comment box below and you will get an instant response.

kuda referral code
Kuda Referral Code

Kuda Referral Code – What You Should Know About It And How It Works

Kuda referral code is a unique invitation code that shows who referred an individual to download the app and in this section, I will show you how to get the code. Though, I have explained how to get it in the earlier part of this guide, but I decided to lay emphasis on it, so that you will know how important it is.

In order to get paid for anyone you referred to the app, they must register with your kuda referral code as this is the only way for the system to Know the referee of the referral.

How To Get Kuda Referral Code

To get your personal kuda referral code, simply login to your kuda Account, check the bottom of the app and click on the “more” option at the bottom right corner of the app.

You will be taken to an option menu, click on Referral and you will be taken to a page that consists of your kuda referral code, click on the copy option at the bottom to copy the code to your clip board and share it with your referrals.

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Facts To Know About The Kuda Referral program

1. All your referrals must register with your referral code and activate their account by funding it with N100.

2. You Must sign up with your Bank Verification Number to get paid for referrals and you Referrals must do same.

3. You will be paid for each Referrals every Mondays.

4. Your referral earnings for the previous week might disappears on the following Monday, Don’t panic, they are moving it to your main balance where it will be withdrawable.

Benefits Of Kuda Bank App

1. No Transaction fee or card maintenance fee.

2. Access to free ATM card that can be used for withdrawal at over 3,000 ATMs across Nigeria.

3. Friendly support interface, you get response without delay anytime you message their support.

4. Accurate transaction reports and lots more.

Click here to download Kuda Bank app and register now!

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