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Home Paying Websites Fitgift Review – How To Accumulate Free Cash While Doin Exercise

Fitgift Review – How To Accumulate Free Cash While Doin Exercise

fitgift review

Fitgift is more like a fitness that pays you far taking care of your own health, imagine getting paid to do what you supposed to be doing to to keep your health active. In this fitgift Review, I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the fit gift app and how to make the most out of it.

However, you should fully know that there are more than one app that shares same name and the particular fitgift am talking about is the one that pays you for doing regular exercise, such as drinking water and etcetera.

About fitgift app

FitGift is a funny health management app that pays you for managing your health in a funfair way and the app is mainly available for individuals from the united states of America.

You’re not from the united states of America? Don’t worry, I am going to share a trick with you, that will allow you to access th app regardless of wherever you reading this fitgift Review from.

With FitGift, you can log your lifestyle habits and earn fair rewards from amazing stores. And all you have to do is just to install the app, record life habits and get a healthy body And in turns Get tons of rewards

Features of fitgift app

There are lots of features on the app that makes it More easier to individuals to stick with the app and enjoy using it all the time. Below are the basic features of the app that makes it Unique and amazing:

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1. The app allows you to make real cash and choose PayPal withdrawals, gift cards a s get paid to you preferred payment method real and fast.

2. The app provides it’s users with two broad opportunities, which is the ability to Gain Health and Money in FitGift

3. If you are using a step counting and drinking water app, FitGift is another better choice because you can make money by counting steps and drinking water!

4. With FitGift, you no longer have to worry about buying milk and meat without living expenses.

Fitgift referral

Fitgift registration – How register on fit gift for united states of America citizens

If you’re from the united states of America and wish to register on the app and make money while you go about your normal routine on a daily basis, all you have to do is to click here to download and install the app.

You won’t be asked of any questions, not even your email address. The app works with device and immediately you download it, it will be bound to your mobile phone and you can start using the app straight away.

Wondering how you will get paid? Don’t worry, the fitgift withdrawal process will be discussed in full and the later part of this fitgift app review.

How to register on fitgift if you reside outside of the united states of America

Incase you from Nigeria and other countries outside the USA and want to start making money on fitgift app. All you have to do is to download a very strong VPN and use it as follow.

Download the fitgift app APK via the APK download section of this fitgift review. Install the APK, but don’t open it yet. Now connect your VPN to USA. Make sure you connect the VPN to USA.

After connecting the VPN to USA, open the app and you will get a prompt saying “We checked that you are using VPN, please turn off the VPN, otherwise FitGift will not work properly”. Now off the VPN and access the app without VPN. That’s all.

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Fitgift APK download

In this section, I am going to provide you with the link to download the fitgift app APK version, in case you’re unable to download the app from Play store as a result of country restriction.

However, there is a way to bypass the country restriction and be able to download the app from play store, we have explained that in details on our previous guide on how to download apps not available in your country.

Name                                                 Fitgift

Size                                                     23MB

Version                                               Latest Version

Service                                               Fitness

Download fitgift APK

Fitgift registration bonus

How to get $1 sign up bonus

When you complete your registration on the app, you will have the opportunity to withdraw $1 directly to your PayPal account.

There are two welcome bonus on the app, one being a test payment after which you have bound your preferred payment email address (PayPal email) and the other, $1 after completing two tasks on the app.

Once you sign up on the app and be able to complete two tasks, you will get $1 to your PayPal account.

Fitgift withdrawal – How to bind PayPal email to fitgift

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Immediately you gain access into the app, you will be prompt with a form to claim a gift, requiring you to bind a PayPal account.

How to withdraw from fitgift

Enter your PayPal email address that will be your payment address whenever you withdraw via PayPal.

Fitgift referral program- How to earn up to $5 referring others to fitgift

The app allows you to refer others to the app and earn up to $5 by referring others to the app, imagine getting up to $5 when you join the program, depending on how they are able to complete tasks on the app.

To copy your referral link, click on the earn button and you will see the referral option and the appropriate instructions to be able to make money via the referral program. Below shows a typical example of what the fitgift referral page looks like.

Fitgift referral

Fitgift review

Fitgift being a fitness app that pays you for doing exercise on a daily basis is an app with flexible schedule and the only but found on the app so far is that it is only available for individuals who reside in the United States of America.

Though, this fitgift app review has been able to provide you with the solution on how to access the app even when you’re not a citizens of the united states of America but the method have limitation as you going to be troubled with scarcity of tasks compared to that of if you truly reside in there united states of America.

Is fitgift legit or scam

Fitgift app is legit and withdrawal has been confirmed as at the moment of writing this fitgift review. Simply follow the instructions provided in this guide to explore the app and make best out of it.

Fitgift task earnings


Having gone through this fitgift review, you should have fully understand everything about the app, ranging from how it works to how to redeem your bonus and get paid immediately.

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  1. Love the app, but there are issues! The daily reward of 500 Tickets for Trying A New App keeps glitching, no credit even tho the app displayed the download progress or it claims the reward was granted come back tomorrow. Also noticed the app getting slower and buggier the longer I use it, even tho I clear the cache regularly and uninstall unused apps. The Telegram bonus is great, but it’s unpredictable and should be updated every day. Paypal payouts are hit or miss, but when it works the money posts instantly. My record shows out of 23 total payouts since 9-25-22, only 12 Succeeded and 11 are still Paying. Not a complete waste of time, I give it a 7/10.

  2. I can’t seem to withdraw the $50 to my Paypal. It keeps saying withdraw failed. I have been playing this game for over 2 months. I really hope it is not a fake game. I can’t find where the app is on the Play Store.


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