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How To Make N15,000 To N50,000 Weekly With Branch Loan App Referral Program.

How to make money with branch referral program
You’re all welcome to another great and complete guide on how to make cool and quick cash online without investment.
As it’s stated above, there is no doubt in making more than N50,000 Weekly with this app if you take it serious and follow the steps that is going to be provided in this guide.

The app I’m taking about is branch app, this app requires no sign up fee or any activation fee  and they reward all user’s with N400 sign up bonus  and you will also get N1,500(Now N400) for each person you refer to the app successfully and which is the main reason that trigger this article.

The main purpose of this article is to show you how to make free and cool cash with the branch app referral program, but you can as well use it to take loan and payback within the stipulated period.

Now let’s continue with the main purpose of this article.

Making money with this app is as simple as:

Copy this Promo code >>   adepoj5fe7e  you will strongly need to apply it after registration.

• Download the branch app.

• Register and go to promotion and apply my code   which is       adepoj5fe7e

• Take a loan that will be sent to your bank account immediately. And repaid the loan.

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• Once you repaid the loan you Will be given a N400 sign up bonus.

• start referring friends and earn N1,500(Now N400) per friend that you referred.

If you have heard about this app before but you are yet to take and action, do now because the app is legit and paying their user’s very well.

If you think that you don’t need any additional information about this app just skip to the how it works section of this article and see the simple steps involved in making money with this app.

If you need any help after reading this article you can send a direct message to the WhatsApp contact that is going to be provided after this guide for support.

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Brief overview of branch app:

Branch App is an international lending app which is not only accessible for Nigerians, the app is also accessible for people from Ghana, Tanzania, Mexico, Kenyan and others.

It’s a mobile application that grant loan without collateral and every process concerning the lending of the app can be carried out using your mobile phone which implies that no paper work is needed either with this app.

But today, this article will only expantiate on the referral program of this app and how you can create another source of income with this app.

On this app you will have access to a sum of N400 as sign up bonus and N1,500(Now N400) for Referral. Now imagine referring 10 people’s to the app, that is cool N15,000(now N4000) which will be paid directly to your bank account without story.

Below are the requirements for the registration:

• Internet connection.

• Working and a valid bank account.

• A promotion code and your promotion code is      adepoj5fe7e

• Branch app. Which can be downloaded here.

But before you download the app, it’s strongly recommended that you read how to go about the app so as to make your registration a successful one and the link to download the app will also be provided at the end of this guide.

Below are the step by step guide on how to go about this great offer:

Step 1: After which you have downloaded the app with the link that is provided that will be provided at the end of this guide, Then lunch/Open the app.

NOTE: If you are asked to enter promotion code/Referral code just type/copy and paste  adepoj5fe7e  in the space provided and if not just continue with the steps discussed below.

Step 2: you will receive a welcome message then click continue.

Step 3: Click on register new account and select “Register with phone number

Step 4: Enter your valid mobile phone number and an OTP will be sent to the phone, check your phone and enter the OTP to continue with your registration.

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Step 5: Branch app will take some permission grof your phone click allow for all permission taken.

Step 6: You will be required to enter your details, just do that by providing the best and accurate details.

NOTE: Don’t be panic to provide any information demanded from you by the app as the app is registered with CBN and cannot use any information you provided to them in an illegal way

Step 7: They will ask you of where to send your loan, then enter your correct bank account details.

Step 8: Now they will take you to a page where you will be asked to apply for a loan of N1,000, don’t apply yet, firstly, go to promotion and apply this code =>  adepoj5fe7e   you can locate the promotion by clicking on the menu at the left top corner of the app as illustrated below.

Steps To Apply Promo code

You can copy the code  ==>   adepoj5fe7e   or write it somewhere just make sure you apply the code before requesting for a loan.

Step 9:Now go back to my loan and click on apply for a loan of N1000 then wait for like 5minutes and you will get the money deposited into your preferred bank account.

Step 10: wait for money to Enter your bank account, then proceed to repay the loan, choose your preferred method of payment and N1,200 will be deducted from your account immediately the transaction is successful you will rceive a sign up bonus of N400 and that’s all you can now proceed to refer as many as possible tell them to use your code  and receive N1,500 cash for each Referral

Take note of step 8 very well it’s very important!

Now that you have understand how the app works, Click Here to download the app and start making cool cash just to refer.

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Did you encounter any problem in any aspect of the app? Inbox browsingtechzone on WhatsApp via this contact ==>> 08128333856 for support. Or click here and clear the default message and type your request


Referral History
The amount you earned on branch for referring people to down load the app has bee reduced from the said N1,500 to N400 per referral. this implies that any individual you referred to the app as at today, 10th of November, will earn you N400 and not N1,500 anymore.
However, if you have referred anyone before this modification and the person is yet to repay their loan, whenever the person repay the loan, you will still get your normal N1,500 as they are counted as old referrals, but henceforth, new referrals bonus is N500.
The sign up bonus is now N400, this implies that the referee get N400 while the referral also get N400 bonus as well, which is still a great feat!
New branch referral bonus


Where can I find my referral code and link

1. Click n the menu at the left top corner of the app home page.

2. Click on get N1,500.

3.  Click on the  invite button and share to your friends.

4. Tell them to apply your promo code appropriately before they will request for a loan.

NOTE: Make sure that you apply the code ”    adepoj5fe7e   ” before you apply for your first loan.   And you must repay your first loan before you received the sign up bonus of N500.

That’s all! I hope you found this article helpful, share your thoughts in the comment box below.


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  1. I added your referral code, but it’s not working… Even After I borrowed and paid them back.I wasn’t given any bonus.


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