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RolexAfrica Review – Legit Or Scam? Is It Safe?

RolexAfrica Review - legit Or Scam

RolexAfrica review is a detailed insight of the recently lunched RolexAfrica.com.ng, which will reveal all you needs to know about the platform and give you the full potential of weather to Invest in this platform or not.

If you have come across the above mentioned platform and you’re confused on how reliable the platform might be, then relax and carefully read this my honest RolexAfrica.com.ng review as it’s going to give you all it takes to conclude on the best decision towards the platform.

Recently, I dropped a detailed review of clickella investment platform, which many individuals have come across and it truly help them in taking the right decision. Today, I will be dropping the full review of Rolex Africa.

Let’s go!

What Is RolexAfrica?

According to the information retrieved from RolexAfrica.com.ng, it’s an affiliate marketing Investment platform that claim to have ventured forex trading, binary and crypto trading.

The platform give it’s investors a whopping sum of 60% ROI in 21days  which you don’t have to wait for the whole 21days before you can withdraw as withdrawal has been made available to it’s members on a weekly basis.

The above line implies that your investment on the platform will last for 21days, but you can withdraw three times before your purchased plan expired.

Above is the brief overview of basic information about RolexAfrica and you will agree with me that the information provided above doesn’t guaranteed anyone of jumping up to Invest in the platform.

However, I have gathered a lots of vital information that will help you in taking the best decision towards RolexAfrica.com.ng and all you needs to do is to follow me through every line in this detailed review.

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RolexAfrica Review – How Does RolexAfrica Investment Works?

RolexAfrica gives the general public, the opportunity to become a member of the platform by purchasing a coupon code from any verified vendor of the platform and this is the only code you can use to complete your registration on the platform.

The purchased coupon code will determine the type of member you are on the platform as the platform have different type of plans, depending on the amount you invested.

Any amount you invested on the platform will yield you an additional 60% after 21days and you can withdraw the money bit by bit before the full duration of 21days.

How To Make Money On RolexAfrica?

Your Investment: This is the main money you take out of your pocket to Invest on the platform in expectation of 60% ROI at the end of 21days. As it has been stated in the earlier part of this RolexAfrica review, the amount you earn on the platform depends on which plan you opt in for.

RolexAfrica Packages

Rolexafrica packages
Available Packages

Below are the plans that are available on the said investment platform with the amount to be earned.

Earth Plan

Investment Required: N5,000

Total Earnings: N8,000

Mars Plan

Investment Required: N10,000

Total Earnings: N16,000

Jupiter Plan

Investment Required: N20,000

Total Earnings: N32,000

Venus Plan

Investment Required: N50,000

Total Earnings: N80,000

Neptune Plan

Investment Required: N100,000

Total Earnings: N160,000

Mercury Plan

Investment Required: N200,000

Total Earnings: N320,000

As at the moment of writing this RolexAfrica.com.ng review, above are the plans that can be found on the website.

Referring Others: This is the second way to earn on the platform, the platform have an affiliate program that allows all registered members to earn additional income, while referring people to the platform.

With the RolexAfrica referral program, every members are eligible to get 5% of their referral Investment as a bonus (referral bonus).

RolexAfrica Registration
Registration page

RolexAfrica Registration

The registration process of the platform is very simple and required no stress, kindly res through below steps in order bro understand in full, how to register on RolexAfrica.com.ng.

  • Kindly visit the RolexAfrica official website (https://rolexafrica.com.ng)
  • Click on the menu bar at the top right corner of the website homepage.
  • Select sign up and you will be taken to the registration page.
  • Scroll down and click on view vendors.
  • Choose any vendor and message him/her to get your coupon code for registration.
  • Return to the registration page and fill the provided form with the required details.
  • Click on the next button to login to your account.
  • Follow the prompts and navigate around your dashboard for better understanding.
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RolexAfrica login
Login Page

RolexAfrica Login

Upon the completion of your RolexAfrica registration, you should be taken directly to your member dashboard, but if eventually, due to one reason or the other, you need to access to login page again, kindly go to https://rolexafrica.com.ng, click on the menu bar and select login.

But Wait! Don’t Join Yet!

Kindly go through my detailed RolexAfrica review order to take the right decision of weather you should invest or not


RolexAfrica.com.ng Reviews

During the process of gathering information for this RolexAfrica review, we try to explore the visible details about the website and below are the red and green Flags we have found on the platform.

Green Flags

  • The platform platform ROI is not up to 50% of each users Investment.
  • The platform pays 5% of the referral Investment to the referee, this is very low as compared to what order platform pays and this will prevent the platform from running out of enough revenue in a short period of time.
  • The platform interface is very friendly to users and easy to navigate through.

Red Flags

  • The site is new and their behavior is yet to be ascertain as at the moment of writing this report.
  • The identity of the platform CEO is not known anyone.
  • The platform claims to be getting double of the investors Investment via forex trading and this might be untrue.
  • The main source of revenue for the platform to pay new pay it’s investors is through new investors Investment.

Is RolexAfrica Legit?

As at the moment of writing this report, the information we are able to gathered can no guaranteed one way conclusion on weather the platform is legit or not, all we know is that the platform is also like other ponzi and probably might not exist for a long period of time.

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Is RolexAfrica a Scam?

RolexAfrica is a newly lunched platform and early investors sometimes stand a chance to gain from a platform like this and vice versa.

However, the exact Stand of the Platform is yet to be ascertain as at the moment of writing this report and we promised to keep updating this review as soon as soon as we get more details about the platform.

Can I Invest In RolexAfrica?

This RolexAfrica.com.ng review has revealed a lot of things you need to know about the platform and if you should take a deep look of the reviews section on this article, the red and the green Flags provide are enough to guide you in taking the best decision on weather you can invest in the platform or not.

Who Is The CEO Of RolexAfrica.com.ng?

If you have been following this review from the beginning to this section, you will recollect that I have answered this question in the Reviews section and the answer still remain the same.

The identity of the platform owner is not known to anyone, not even the registered members of the platform.

Conclusion: This RolexAfrica review has revealed all you need to know about the platform and gives you the freedom to take the decision that is best for you. However, you should know that an Investment like this are classified as high risk Investment program and if you should be involved in any, always be careful and risk responsibly.

I hope you found this guide helpful, do let us know what you think about this review and if you have any contrary opinion. All the possible questions are welcomed in the comments section of this post.


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