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How To Earn Free PayPal Cash With LANPARTY App

Hello! You’re welcome to another complete guide on how to make money online and get paid directly to your PayPal account.

Follow the instructions below to register and start using LANPARTY App in your spare time
Step 1: Click HERE to download the app.
Step 2: Input your valid details and  SKBBE4  as your referral code in irord to receive your 5000 sign Up bonus.

Today, I will explain all you need to know about the LANPARTY App, how to make money from the app and how to get paid, note that the only payment method that is available on this app is PayPal, so if you don’t have one, you can visit our detailed article on how to create a valid and verified PayPal account without stress.

This article will answer some possible questions about LANPARTY App which includes.

• What is LANPARTY?

• How can I make money with LANPARTY App?

• How can I get paid from LANPARTY App?

• Who can join LANPARTY App?

• How can I register on LANPARTY App?

• Pro and Cons of LANPARTY App

What is LANPARTY App?

Below is the short description about LANPARTY App;

LANPARTY is a mobile application that pays it’s users to watch video ads and for predictions. LANPARTY pays in coin which can be converted to PayPal cash at the point of withdrawal.

How To Earn Free PayPal Cash With LANPARTY App

There are two major ways in which LANPARTY users can explore make money  on the app. Which are;
• By watching video ads,

• E-sports predictions and

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• Referring others.

How to make money with LANPARTY App by watching video ads

Step 1: Click HERE to download LANPARTY App from Google play store  and input  SKBBE4  as your referral code to receive 5000 points for sign Up bonus.

Step 2: After which your registration has been done successfully open the app and check the bottom of the the app home page, then click on get  more and the video will pop up.

Step 3: Wait till the specific video timer goes off and click on the multiplication sign that will appear at the right top corner of the app and you will be returned back to the app home page with a pop up of additional coins.

However, the amount of coins for each videos varies, it may be high some time and low some time and the amount of videos you can watch us limited to two different n an hour, but luckily they might ask you to come back in 8min or less.

How To Make Money With LANPARTY App By Predicting E-sports

This simply means that you have to make some predictions about the outcome of a specific E-sports events on the app and if you are correct at the end of the day some coins will be thrown out to your balance and if not you will loose the coins that you placed on each prediction.
LANPARTY App E-sports

To Make E-sports predictions on LANPARTY App, make sure you have registered for your account,

Step 1: Open the app and click on any of the icons at the top of the app.

Step 2: select any E-sport that you will like to place your predictions on.

Step 3: There will be two teams in each section then click on the one you want to go for  and a button will appear having negative sign at the left side, zero at the middle and positive at the right hand side, click on the zero and change it to the amount of coins you intend to place on the specific prediction and click on done then wait for the result to Know if you win or lose.
Check the picture above, it indicates both prediction won and loss.

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When you check the picture above, you will see that there are some value like x3.76 and others below each team, the interpretation of those values is that, the amount of coins that you place on each prediction will be multiplied by that value and the result will be added to your account.
For example if you picked zera and your prediction and zera has x3.76  and you place 100coins on the prediction, it means you are going to get 376coins in return.

Note that the amount of predictions you can place in a day is unlimited, provided that you have enough coins to make each prediction in your account balance.

How To Earn Free PayPal Cash With LANPARTY App By Referring Others

LANPARTY App will reward both of you and your referral with 10,000 Coins which implies that you will get 5000 coins for referring others, and your referral will also get 5000coins for using your referral code, but there are some requirements to meet up with before you and your referral will get the said points, and they are as follows,

1. Your referral must input your referral code while signing up which implies that, if your referral didn’t input your code, he/she won’t get any sign Up bonus and you will not get any bonus for Referring them as well.

2. Your referral must complete the asigned tasks; after which your referral has completed his/her registration he will have to make at least three predictions and won and also earn his/her first 5000coins.
The target named above are very simple to complete, you just have to watch couple of videos and you are done.

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How Can I Get Paid From LANPARTY App

Withdrawing your earned cash from lanpaty is very simple and easier,
LANPARTY App Payment Proof
Minimum withdrawal on LANPARTY App is $0.05 which is equivalent to 5000, which you can get as a sign up bonus.
Withdrawal from LANPARTY App is very fast, just click on withdraw points when you have at least 5000 in your coin balance and input your PayPal email address and your money will appear in your PayPal account within 50secs even without leaving the withdrawal Page.

Who Can Join LANPARTY?

LANPARTY App is available worldwide and doesn’t restrict any country from using the app, so everyone can join LANPARTY.

How Can I Register On LANPARTY?

Follow the instructions below to register and start using LANPARTY App in your spare time
Step 1: Click HERE to download the app.
Step 2: Input your valid details and  SKBBE4  as your referral code in irord to receive your 5000 sign Up bonus.

That’s all start using the app in your spare time and earn some penny from the app.

Pros of LANPARTY App

> Registration is free.
> Low minimum withdrawal.
> Payment appears in your PayPal account within 50secs

Cons of LANPARTY App

The earning potential is very low and requires a lot of work before you can earn a reasonable amount of money.
But despite the fact that the earnings on this app is very low, it is still better than that of BuzzBreak App
I hope you found this article helpful, drop your questions in the comment box below
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