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Baxi App Referal Program – How To Make Up To 5000 With Baxi App

baxi app referral program


Here is another mobile app that also pay you for referring friends, just as kuda bank and others. But this one is slightly different as it pays up to N400 per referral and also credit you immediately your referral registration in completed.

Today, I will be giving you the detailed step by step guide on how to register band make money with baxi app without taking a dime out of your pocket.

But guess what?

Before proceed to the steps, I will like to give you a brief overview on the so called baxi app for better understanding and know who they are and what they does.

What Is baxi app?

Baxi mobile app is an app that is designed to please you in all your online transaction, such as sending and receiving money, buying airtime, paying bills and lots more.

The app have so many functionality that you can explore as soon as you are done with your registration but that’s not where we’re going to today.

The main purpose of this article is to show you how to register and make money via the baxi mobile app referral program and which I will like to go straight to the point.

Now let’s go to the main purpose of this article.

How To Make Money With Baxi App

Making money with baxi app only requires three steps which will be discussed in details in this article.

The steps are:

1. Open a baxi account

2. Verify your baxi account.

3. Refer others and earn. It’s as simple as that. Now let’s take the steps one after the other.

How To Register For A Baxi App Account

• First of all, Click here to download Baxi mobile app from play store and install it.

• Now open the baxi app and click on sign up, you will be redirected to the registration page as shown in the picture above.

• Click on Register with BVN. Don’t panic, your BVN is 100% safe with this app.

• You will be taken to a page to fill your details, click on the camera Icon and take a selfie if yourself, make sure it’s clear and show your face boldly.

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• Enter your BVN in the space provided for BVN.

• Enter your email address in the space provided for the email address.

• Enter your preferred username in the space provided for username. Note that the name must be up to 8 letters, it can also contains of digit if you like.

• Your valid phone number that is inside your phone at the point of registration. Here, if you have Glo or Airtel Number, it’s preferable than MTN for quick delivery if OTP.

• Enter your password in the space provided for password and the password must contains a special character, an uppercase letter, a lower case letter, and a digit. Mixed them together to make it 8 characters.

E.g. &Ad356464

• This is the last box that asks for you referal code. Your referral code is 00006789

• Make sure you enter 00006789 as your referral code.

• Now Click on the continue button.

• A verification code will be sent tobthe phone number you submitted earlier, enter the OTP and click on the verify button.


Registration is successful

Congratulations, you have successfully create a baxi app account, now Click on the login button as shown above and enter you Username and password to login to your Baxi account.

Set transaction PIN

• Upon the successful login, you will be asked to create transaction PIN, enter 4 digit PIN that you won’t forget. You must remember it every time because, you can perform any transaction without it. It’s you transaction PIN as it’s name implies.

Transaction pin is set

• Now that you have set your transaction PIN, if you see any upgrade notification just skip it and go to your dashboard.

Now, we are done with the first step, now let’s move to the second step.


How To verify Your Baxi Account

Once you’re done with the registration as shown above, below is how you dashboard will looks like.

Baxi account details

• Now Copy your account number and fund the account with N1,000. This N1,000 can be withdrawn back to your account immediately it enters your Baxi app.

You account number is shown above as well as your bank name.

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You can either choose Rubies or High Street MFB as your bank name at the point of the transfer from your bank account to the Baxi app.

• Once the N1,000 enters your Baxi app, congratulations, your Baxi account is now verified and you can withdraw your 1000 Back to your account. You will also get a bonus of N100.

Now, we are done with the second Step, now let’s move to the last step.

How To Refer on Baxi and make money.

The steps required is as simple as, grab your referral code, tell your friends to download Baxi app from play store or send it to them via sender. Guide them on the registration steps and let them apply you code as their referal code. It’s as simple as that.


How To get your own referal code on Baxi.

1. Open the baxi app and locate the settings icon at the bottom right corner as shown below.


2. Click on the settings icon and you will be redirected to another page.

Manage referal

3. Scroll down a little bit and click on the manage referal button as shown in the screenshot above.

Copy your referral code

4. Now Click on the copy button and boom! You have copied your referral code, just paste it to your friends and let them apply it at the point of registration.

Note that 00006789 is the referral code you will use at the point if your own registration.

5. You will earn N400 for each friend that Register with your link and follow all the steps highlighted in this guide.

Now imagine referring just 20 friends, that’s a whopping sum of N8,000 without spending a dime.

Even if you are able to refer only 2 friends, it’s something, at least you didn’t spend anything, you get it for free.

How can I withdraw my earnings


Transfer To bank

This process is very simple and fast, once you are ready to withdraw to your bank account, just login to your Baxi app and click on Transfer as shown in the picture above.

Click on transfer to other banks and Enter your bank details and boom! Your money is in it’s way.

How To Move Your Referal Earnings From Commission To The Main Balance

Before you can withdraw on baxi app, your money must be on the main balance, but your referral earnings will go directly to the bonus balance. Now follow the steps below to move your earnings from the bonus balance to the main balance to enable your withdrawal to local bank.

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Click on Transfer

1. Click on your bonus balance and you will be redirected to the page showing above.

2. Now Click on the transfer button as shown in the picture above.


Click on Withdraw

3. You will see a notification that you are about to withdraw your commission to your main wallet. Click on withdraw as shown in the picture above.


Bonus has been transferred
To The Main Balance successfully

4. Boom! Your money has been moved to the main balance and you can now go the the app home page, Click on Transfer, select Transfer to other Banks and enter your bank details.

How To Move Your Referal Earnings From Rewards To The Main Balance

I recently noticed that the referal bonus on baxi are now being added to reward instead of Commission and this implies that you can only use the bonus to buy Airtime and data.

But don’t panic! Yes, nothing spoiled. Just follow the few steps below to move your reward balance to the main balance and withdrawal without stress.

1. Open your baxi app.

2. Scroll down to select your preferred network for the purchase of recharge card.

3. Enter all details But, if you choose MTN, just enter Airtel or Glo mobile Number and vice versa.

4. Click on proceed and allow it to load.

5. Upon loading, you will get error message, just click on try again twice.

6. Now close the baxi account and Open it again then login again.

7. Boom! Your money will be staring at you on the main balance and you can now withdraw it to the bank.

Now that you have understand everything you need to know about the app, it’s time for registration and don’t for to use 00006789 as your referral code during the registration.


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  1. Instead of my referral funding their account with 1k, can't I perform a transaction with them via the app
    Like I'd send them 1k and they would send it back via the app.
    Would their own account still be activated

  2. I don’t this Baxi is working the way you said in this article. I’m not sure they still pay the #400 referral bonus.

    I tried to withdraw my #1000 and they bill #58+ service charge! This is robbery.


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