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Cotps.com Review – See If Cotps Is Legit Or Branded Scam

Cotps.com review

Cotps is a self acclaimed arbitrage trading platform that allows you to invest and make a certain percentage of return on investment by trading virtual arbitrage and in this Cotps.com review, I will reveal all you need to know about the platform and if it’s legit or just another scam.

You will agree with me that a lot of Ponzi scheme have been emerging recently with a kind of Branded format that will let the general public trust the platform and invest in it with their full chest. But is cotps.com a ponzi platform? Keep reading to get clearer picture of it.

In my intro above, I made mentioned of a virtual arbitrage trading and you might be wondering what that can mean, when talking about virtual, it’s automated version of a real time event, this event never take place but replicate that if the one that takes place.

When mybonus comes, it makes used if virtual order 86fb, CFC Football Investment and other came, they used virtual betting method and that’s exactly what cotps.com is doing, but not virtual betting this Time around, but arbitrage trading. The platform has designed a suitable AI that will help you complete some trade and provide you with profit within a fixed Period of time.

About cotps trading platform

Cotps is the abbreviated form of Cryptos OTC Trading Platform, it is said to be a digital currency service platform, which make use of artificial intelligence and algorithms to automatically buy digital currencies at low price and sell them at higher prices to earn the difference between the two. Remembered crypto arbitrage Trading is known as the act if taking advantage of slight difference in price between two exchange platform.

Moving forward, The COTPS trading platform claimed to have been in existence since 2019. Each day, participants make 3.6% on their capital by trading every two hours. Reading this line, I Know you will be wondering why you’re just hearing about the platform in 2022 if truly it has been in existence since the said 2019, this are the few among the question that will be clear in this cotps.com review.

COTPS provide all it’s investors with a wide range of attractive trading features without extra cost, it allows you to trade use AI without bot fee ever, you will have the opportunity to keep 100% profits, while earning a whooping sum of 0.3% interest on your investment, every 2 hour

On Cotps,  you are guaranteed 3.6% profit per day on your capital as long as you trade, above all, the platform claims to be regulated in US,  Canada etc.

With this platform, you will be able to start trading arbitrage and make profit every two hours with a minimum deposit of $10 and you are provided with the opportunity to withdraw to your crypto wallet at any period if time.

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Cotps deposit and withdrawal - How to deposit on Cotps.com

How Cotps works

As it has been stated in the previous part of this Cotps review, the platform has an artificial intelligence (Al) system that scans the international markets to identify USDT buyers on cryptocurrency exchangers like binance, Hotbit, Okex whose bid price for USDT is higher.

The platform then automatically sells the USDT to the available buyers at a higher price and buys back the USDT at a lower/standard price and sends your capital and proportion of your profit back to you after 2hrs. You will have the opportunity to trade every two hours and be able to trade up to ten times on a daily basis

Apart from trading on the platform, refer and and earn Is another means of making money on the platform and this method can fetch you any amount of money on a daily/weekly basis, depending on how strong you team is

Cotps.com referral

Immediately you register on the platform, you will be given a unique referral link, which you can use in referring your others to register on the platform. You will earn commission for every profit earned by your referral after which the have complete their registration and start trading on the platform.

You will get 15% commission of the profit made by you level 1 referrals, 10% of the profit made by your level 2 referrals and 5% of the profits made by your level 3 referrals. If you combine all this, this is a robust compensation plan for referral and will enable you to make a lot of money within a very short period if time.

How to register on Cotps.com

Wants to register on the platform? Simply click here to go to the Cotps Registration page, you will be asked for your phone number, simply enter you names as required, enter your phone number and other required details. Then proceed by clicking on the registration button to complete your registration and have full access to the site.

Register on Cotps and start making money

Cotps.com login

To login to your account, all you need is your username and password, this is only necessary if you lost the page after which you have complete your registration, cause normally, you will be redirected to your dashboard upon registration.

But if due to one reason or the other, you lost the Cotps login page and wants to access the site again,  simply  click on the link provided for registration, select login on getting to the page, enter your username and password, then login to your Cotps account.

How to deposit on cotps.com

To deposit on the platform, simply login to your account and click on mine at the bottom right corner of the platform dashboard. You will see a deposit button, click on it and you will be taken to the deposit page, a wallet address will be provided for you, copy the wallet address.

Then, send the amount you want to deposit to that wallet address and follow the instructions on the deposit page to complete your deposit.

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Cotps withdrawal – How to withdraw from cotps.com

To withdraw on the platform, you will have to bind your wallet, simply click on the withdraw button and you will be prompt to set your transaction code. Set the code and bind your USDT wallet address

Once you complete all that, you can now click on the withdraw button whenever you want to withdraw and get the withdrawal amount sent to your provided Wallet address.

Cotps review - is cotps legit or scam

Cotps.com review

This is where I will telling you all the untold Truth about the Cotps trading platform and in this section, I am going to provide you with detailed insight that will gives you the opportunity to see the real picture of the platform and be able to take appropriate decision in whether the platform Worth your time or not.

When you see a platform like cotps.com, the right question that supposed to come to your mind is if the platform is legit or not which I believed you already want to know about that and that’s the main reason why you’re here right now.

When I heard of the platform, I signed up and make my first deposit so as to properly test the platform so as to be able to write proper guide without any form of unverified claim. And indeed, I have been able to make my deductions and have enough information to make this cotps.com review a great One.

Ok! Lets go straight to the main question that bother you the most

Is cotps.com legit?

This is the main question I Keep getting that prompts me to write this detailed guide and before I tell you if the platform is legit or scam, I will firstly outlined all the green and red flags found in the platform while gathering information for their Cotps review.

Green flags

The platform is paying as at the moment of writing this guide. It has been paying for a while and still paying as at now.

The platform make and accept payments in cryptocurrency, giving everyone the opportunity to access the platform regardless of where you’re are around the world.

The platform have good compensation plans to allow individuals make a lot of money within a very short period of time. It’s a potential get rich quick scheme.

Red flags

The platform claims to be an arbitrage trading platform but with our detailed check, it’s not one. When talking about arbitrage Trading, it’s typically buying a particular asset in one exchange and sells it in another exchange to make profit.

But in Cotps case, the buy and sells takes place on Cotps.com alone, they claim to be using AI for the task but as at the moment of writing this cotps.com review, their is no AI that is capable of such, remember we’re not taking about technical trading here, we’re talking about arbitrage.

The return on investment is very high and this makes the platform a potential get rich quick scheme and all get rich quick scheme are bond to crash on the long run.

The platform in it’s bid to affirm it’s authenticity as a registered business, provides an MSB business registration certificate and this Same certificate is what mybonus, uwork, CFC investment, 86fb investment and lots other presented and later crashed.

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They claim to be in existence since 2019 but we’re just getting to hear about them in 2022, this is the same method of other Ponzi platform that have crashed in the past.

All indication shows that the platform is a Ponzi platform as they have no other source of income than that of the new users investment or the old ones re-invesment.

The CEO of the platform remains anonymous from it’s lunch to the moment of writing this Cotps review.

Now, is Cotps legit

You have asked me this question in the past and it’s my turn to ask you now! I have revealed a lot of untold Truth about the platform and you should be able to deduct one or two and be able to decide if the platform is legit or just another scam.

Is Cotps.com scam

As at the moment of writing this review, the platform Is paying it’s investors smoothly and nothing seems to wrong as at the moment, their withdrawal is fast and as well as the deposit and on this note, we have no right or whatsoever to declare it Scam. For now, it’s legit.

But one thing is sure, the platform is a branded Ponzi scheme and all ponzi scheme are bond to crash at any point in time. If you want to invest on the platform, make sure you do that with caution and invest the amount you can afford to loose.

When will cotps.com crash

No one can decide when a platform is going to crash, all you can do for yourself is to make sure you can bear teg risk you’re talking and fully sure that you can stand firm if by any chance the platform crashed with your investment.

Has Cotps Crashed?

Wants to know if cotps is still paying, can still continue to pay or have crashed completely? We have provide you with a detailed video guide, which explains everything about the current situation if the platform and provide appropriate analysis on if that platform have crashed completely or can still continue to pay. Simply watch the video below carefully.


Bottom line

This is an honest cotps.com review with the result of a proper research about the reviewed platform, browsingtechzone have play it’s part by doing proper research and revealing all you need to know about the platform. Now, you have enough information to classify the platform to where it truly belongs to and decide if you’re to invest on the platform or zoom of.

We’re able to outline in the Cotps review, all the red and green flags found on the platform and let you know the the platform is paying at the moment and if you want to invest, you should invest the amount you can afford to loose if the platform by any chance crash with your investment.

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