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Electronics4all Income Program Review: Make Money Without Referral

Electronics4all income program review is an insight that will reveal all you need to know on how to make money online without referral via electronics4all income program.

I recently published an article on how to make money online without investment, but many people laments about their inability to generate referrals in other to make money via the program.

However, the reason stated above was what prompts me to make a research on a program that will allow you to make money and get paid without referral. And guess what? I have found a legitimate online platform, which will allow you to make money and get paid directly to your Nigeria bank account without the needs of referrals for withdrawal.

This article is going to expanciate on all you needs to know about electronics4all, how the program works and how to make money via the platform.

However, this platform has appeared for some days ago, and if you happens to be among those that had known something about this platform but have some questions for more clarification, just read this review carefully as it’s going to answer some questions that might be bothering you.


What Is Electronics4all?

Electronics4all is an electronics platform that pays you to share electronics products on social media, especially Facebook, on a daily basis.
This company is owned and powered by Emiy electronics limited and electronics4all office is located at enugu, abakaliki express road emene in enugu state. The platform aim is to give everyone, the power to grow their financial status in Nigeria and west Africa at large.

As a Nigerian, you will be able to make a residual income from this program by sharing adverts to your Facebook timeline on a daily basis and also get paid to refer new users to the program.

Don’t get it twisted, this program have a referral program, but it doesn’t affect your withdrawal in anyway as it’s just a way to make more money on the program. Weather you refer or not, everyone is going to be paid, but you will have the opportunity to make more money and also enjoy some freebies for referring new users to the the program.

How Does Electronics4all Works?

Electronics4all income program works on two basis as mentioned above, which are; Sharing of advert on a daily basis to your social media account ( Facebook ) And Referring new users to the platform.
At this point, I will like to expanciate on the fact that you can never be denied of withdrawal, just because of referral, either you refer or not, you are going to be paid and this is the main reason why electronics4all provide solution on how to make money online without referral.

How To Make Money On Electronics4all

Electronics4all have four different plans, which determines the amount of money you can make from this website at the end of the time stipulated for the specific plans.
The amount of money you can make on this platform depends on the plans that you paid for, at the point of registration.

If you’re following up with this article from the beginning, I have made it known to you that the main way to make money on this platform is by sharing electronics products to your social media on a daily basis while referral is an optional way to make money on this platform, giving you the opportunity to make extra cash outside the calculated earnings for your plans.

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Below shows the specifications of all plans available on electronics4all:

Electronics4all Plans

In order to have access to the full feature of this platform, you have to purchase a plan and your earnings depends on the plan you purchased at the point of registration.
Electronics4all has four plans as mentioned earlier, and each plan are valid for 30days from the day of your activation and you will be required to renew your subscription at the end of each subscription.
The plan are discussed in details below:

Novice Plan

This is the lowest plan on the platform, giving everyone an opportunity to join this program and have a share from the benefits that are attached to this program. No matter how shy or broke you are, you should be able to risk N1,000 in order to see how the program works.

Name: Novice.

Subscription: $3 (N,1000).

Daily shared advert earning: $0.3 (N100).

Total monthly advert earning: N3,000.

Referral bonus $0.7 (250).

Amateur Plan

Amateur is the next higher plan after novice, it allows you to earn double of the amount stipulated for novice and it’s price is also twice to that of novice plan price.
• Name: Amateur.
• Subscription: $6 (N2,000).
• Daily shares advert earning $0.6 (N200).
• Total monthly shared advert earning N6,000.
• Referral bonus $1.5 (N500)

Master Plan

This plan allows you to earn a bit higher amount as compared to the previous two plans that are being discussed above. The break down of your earnings on this plan are stated below.
• Name: Master
• Subscription: $15 (N5,000).
• Daily shared advert earning: $1.5 (N500).
• Total monthly shared advert earning: N15,000
• Referral bonus $3 (N1,000).

Professional Plan

This is the highest plan on this platform and this implies that that all your activities and referral earnings will be very high as well as the Activation fee.
Check the break down of your earnings on this plan below.
• Name: Professional.
• Subscription: $30 (N10,000).
• Daily shared advert earning: $3 (N1,000).
• Total monthly shared advert earning: N30,000.

• Referral bonus $6 (N2,000).


How To Join Electronics4all

How to activate your account on electronics4all
Steps for activating
Electronics4all Account
Below are the detailed explanation on how to register on the platform and start making cool cash without stress.
Follow the steps below to get started :


Electronics4all is not available anymore, which implies that it isn’t paying anymore, click here to start making money via lcredit loan app Referral program

Step 1: Simply click here and you will be redirected to the registration page.

Step 2: Now enter the required details for your registration, the details includes, first name and last name, email address, user name, phone number and password.

Step 3: After which you have enter your details as mentioned in the step 2 above, click on the register button.

Step 4: You will be asked of your payment details, simply fill in your account details  for withdrawal.

Step 5: Now that you have done with the registration, you will be redirected to the website homepage, click on the three white lines at the top right corner as shown in the picture step 1 of the picture above.

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Step 6: Click on the positive sign in front of the home as shown in the step 2 of the picture above. Then select new subscription as shown in the step 3 of the picture above.

Step 7: Now select your preferred plan as shown in the step 4 of the picture above and click on confirm. Then you will be given an agent bank account details with phone number.

Step 8: Transfer the money to the agent bank account.

Step 9: Now, send your payment details via SMS to the agent phone number and wait for 30mins. If you login after 30mins and your account is yet to be activated, call the agent for instant activation.

Step 10: Once your account has been activated, the unverified tag will changed to verified. At this point, you have successfully create your account and you can now login and share the daily advert to your social media account and also refer new users to the program.


Why Should I Refer On Electronics4all?

There are two main reasons, why you should try to refer others to join this program via your referral link and the two reasons will be explained in this electronics4all income program review.

1. Additional Earnings: The referral program attached to this program will allow you to boost your earnings to any extent as the amount you earn referring others to join the platform depends on your commitment in getting Referral. If you’re good in referring others, the fact that you will earn multiples of the amount stipulated for your plan is not negotiable.

However, if you’re not good in referring others and you are willing to make use of this great opportunity, don’t panic, we have got you covered, just click here for detailed explanation on how to get Referrals to a referral program like this.

2. Referral Contest Bonus: This program also have a referral Contest bonus and you will be rewarded with a lot of freebies I you are able to meet the specific target.

Electronics4all will rewards you with N100 or N200 recharge card, if you’re able to 3 or 4 people per day. And also, if you are able to refer 10 people within 30 days, you will get one month free Subscription.

Note that Referral is completely optional,
you are going to be paid withouth referral and this is the main reason why electronics4all provide solution on how to make money online without referral.


What Is The Minimum Withdrawal On Electronics4all?

Electronics4all minimum withdrawal is as low as N1000, which implies that you can request for withdrawal as soon as you have minimum of N1000 in your electronics4all account balance. But, you can only request for shared advert earnings on Saturdays while you can request for your referral earnings at anytime, provided that you have minimum of N1000.


How To Withdraw From Electronics4all

How to withdraw on electronics4all
Electronics4all Withdrawal

Immediately you have the minimum amount for withdrawal, login to your account and click on the menu bar, then withdraw and enter your bank account details and your withdrawal will be received within 24hours.


When Can I Request For Withdrawal On Electronics4all?

Your referral earnings on electronics4all can be withdrawn at any time, while the earnings you get from sharing the electronics products can be withdrawn every Saturdays of the weeks and it only takes 0 to 12 hours to get credited to your Nigeria bank account.

What Happens If My Electronics4all Account Is Extended?

As I said earlier, inviting 10 friends to the program will extend your current plan for another 30 days. You might be wondering what you will do with the extended Account. However, the extended account is like normal subscription, but you are not paying for the plan this time around, it’s free in order to compensate you for your hard working. With the extended account, you will be able to share advert and receive referral commissions with other freebies attached to the normal subscription.

Is Electronics4all Scam Or Legit?

I know that, you will be eager to get answer to this question, but looking at all the explanation from the above, you should be able to deduct one or two things concerning the status of this platform weather it’s legit or not.
However, Electronics4all is legit at the moment of writing this electronics4all income program review, but it can crash at any time, because, electronics4all works with the principle of using new users money to pay the existing users. This implies that you are taking the risk to join this program with an expectation that it lasts longer.
I will advise you to join this program while it’s still fresh and paying in order to have  the opportunity to secure your bags before the moment of story telling comes.
Procastination is a waste of time, Click here to join now, before it’s too late.


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Electronics4all Money Return Policy

Yes, electronics4all has a money return policy which allows all the news users to request for a refund in the first week of their subscription. In case you join and you are willing to quit, you can easily request for a refund within the first week of your Subscription.

Pros and cons of electronics4all

Below are the things I like about the platform and those that I don’t like.
• Sharing of advert to your social media account is very easy and can be done in just one click.
• You get credited with your shared advert earnings immediately the advert is shared to your social media account.
• Sharing advert and getting paid for the shared advert is completely automatic, you will get paid without needing to download anything or type anything manually.
• You get a lot of freebies if you take the program serious, a good example of this is the plan extension for referring 10 users.
• You are chanced to withdraw your referral earnings at any time and activities earnings on every Saturdays.
• The program have money refund policy, which allows you to request for a refund in your first week of subscription.
• They have a friendly customer care service with quick response.
• The time stipulated for you to receive your withdrawal is considerably short.
The program has only for plans and this has imposed some restrictions on those that are willing to invest more.
Now that you have seen all you need to know about electronics4all income program, click here to create your own account and start making money now.

If you have any question that I have not answered in this guide, kindly drop them in the comments box below and I promised to answer them as soon as I can.

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