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Sthronepro.com Review – Is Sthronepro Legit Or Scam

Sthronepro.com review

Sthronepro.com review is a honest insight on the recently lunched reversed betting platform known as Sthronepro, which allows you to make money placing online Bets that can be regarded as a virtual betting. Just like that of CFC football investment platform.

Today, I have decide to reveal to you, all you need to know about the Sthronepro platform, how it works, how to make money on the platform and most especially, to let you know if the platform is legit or not before you invest with your hard earned money.

Is Sthronepro.com legit? What if the Sthronepro.com is a scam? Keep reading as I am going to reveal to you, all the untold truth about this platform and provide you with all it takes to take appropriate decision towards joining the platform or zooming off.

About Sthronepro.com

Sthronepro.com is a newly lunched platform that operates with the same precision as that of the 86fb, 86w, CFC football investment platform and their likes. It allows individuals to make cool cash online while doing what they love doing and making money on the platform is made possible via a newly introduced method of betting called reverse betting.

However, making money on the platform is not only limited to your participation in the reverse betting, the platform also have a referral program that allows you to make cool cash by referring others to the platform.

When you invite people to the platform, you will get commission(rebate) on their reverse betting activities on the platform and sometimes, a fixed cash price.

How did Sthronepro platform works

As it has been stated in the previous part of this Sthronepro.com review that I am going to provide you with all you need to know about the Sthronepro.com and how it works, in the section, I am going to provide you with how exactly the platform works and this includes the major ways to make money on the platform.

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Playing games on Sthronepro.com

Placing Reverse Betting

This is the major way with which you can make money on the platform as it’s purposely designed for this reason. The platform uses a zero investment risk algorithm that reflect on football scores and giving you a rest of mind on any placed bets on the platform.

If you already know about CFC platform when it was paying, you should have zero issues with Sthronepro.com and if you don’t know about it, kindly check it out to be able to catch up with us on this one.

However, I picked an interest in letting you know about Sthronepro.com because it allows you to make money without investment and be able to withdraw to any cryptocurrency wallet of your choice.

How to make money on Sthronepro.com without investment

The platform provides you with a registration bonus of $5 and you can start to play the company games with this registration bonus.

Allowing you to boost the bonus to any amount of your choice and withdraw afterward, even without investing a dime.

Sthronepro.com registration bonus

Sthronepro.com registration

In order to register on the platform, all you have to do is to click here to go the registration page, provide all the required details and start playing reverse betting with your bonus.

How to play games on Sthronepro.com

Simply login to your account and click on the menu bar at the top left corner of the platform, you will s e games. Click on the game and play either tye company games or your personal games if you think you understand it better.

To play a game on the platform, click on the game you want to play, click on all button to input all your balance as stake, especially when you’re playing company games. Activate the percentage by clicking on it and click on bet.

Advantage of playing the company games

The company games are safe and you cannot loose playing them while tye other games can be played at your own risk. If your prediction is correct, you will get higher return and if otherwise, you will loose all your stakes.

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Sthronepro.com safe bet

How to identify company games on Sthronepro.com

Once you get to the games area of teg platform, you will noticed some matches that are marked with safe bet, those are the company games.

Register now and get $5 registration bonus

Sthronepro.com Referral

Referring others to the platform is another way to accumulate some cash on there platform as it allows you to earn recurring commission of up to 13% of your downlines daily income from the first to the third generation.

In order to get your referral link, all you have to do is to login you your Sthronepro account and click on the menu bar, select profile and you will see your referral link at the top of the profile page.

Sthronepro.com Withdrawal

You can withdraw to any cryptocurrency wallet of your choice via USDT TRC 20, see how binance works in case you don’t have any wallet before.

Click on the menu bar at the top left corner of the app and select profile, you will see where to add your USDT TRC 20 wallet address. Add and safe it a d you can then withdraw to teg Wallet after getting to the minimum withdrawal.

Sthronepro.com minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal on teg platform is $35, this implies that you must have at least, $35 on your balance before you can be able to initiate a withdrawal.

You will get $5 as registration bonus and this implies that you must boost the $5 to $35 or beyond via playing games on the platform in order to be eligible for withdrawal.

On this note, you should b playing games regularly to be able to meet up with the minimum withdrawal as soon as possible as no one knows for how long the platform will stays.

Sthronepro.com withdrawal

Sthronepro.com reviews

Sthronepro.com is clearly a reverse betting platform and indeed, we have came across many of them in the past, which they are no where to be found as at the moment of writing this Sthronepro.com review.

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This implies that the platform can only be legit on the present ground and will surely fade away as time goes on. In might be sooner or later because I have personally seen a reverse betting platform that lasts and still existing till today. Just only one in like one million of them though.

Is Sthronepro.com legit

As at the moment of writing this Sthronepro review, the platform is still paying and above all, the platform allows you to make money by using your registration bonus as a start up capital. Only if tye platform Don’t roll out rules that will boycott that though.

But for now, the platform is paying both the free members and those that decided to invest.

Is Sthronepro.com scam

So far the platform is still paying, it cannot be pronounced as scam, the only advise we can give is that you invest the amount you can afford to loose should things goes wrong earlier than expected.

Can I invest on Sthronepro.com

Sthronepro.com is not like other Ponzi scheme platforms that have different plans that you can invest on, Sthronepro.com is open in such a way that you earn 8% interest on every games you played and this implies that the higher your stake, the higher your income. You can play twice in a day.

However, the decision of whether to invest or not is your decision to take and not ours. If you think you can bear the risk, then you can go ahead and if you have a very low risk potential, then you stick with the free option. Allowing you to risk nothing.

how to play games on Sthronepro.com
Steps to play games on Sthronepro


This Sthronepro.com has successfully revealed all you need to know about the Sthronepro platform and with the detailed information revealed in this guide, you should be able to take the appropriate decision on whether to invest or stick with playing games with your $5 bonus.

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  1. Am done with the registration but it remains to login and site is not logging in after I put my username and password and I press login it will load and show and the username and password space will just show blank and it won’t login

  2. Please in your write-up, you said you only know one reverse betting platform that didn’t crash and is still ongoing. please can you tell me the name. thank you🙏🙏


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