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How To Get Free N1000 That Can Be Withdrawn To Your Bank Account

Here is another freebie that you guys always anticipate for, especially those that have been following browsingtechzone for a while.

If you didn’t forget, we have Enjoy an offer like this from FCMB, Standard Chartered Bank and likes, in the past few months and I am very sure that many individuals are able to to get something from the aforementioned stuff before they stop.

Another sign up and get free cash offer is here and I am glad to inform you that you won’t need to take anything out of your pocket before your can redeem the Free N1000 to be discussed in this article.

All you have to do is to calm down and follow every instructions in this article and boom! Your own Free cash will be yours.

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Today, I am going to give you the detailed steps on how to get free N1000 for downloading ziing app and complete Your verification by providing all the required documents.

I guess you will be asking yourself what the ziing app is all about and how you can get your own free N1000 Registration bonus.

But guess what?

You don’t need to give yourself unnecessary stress as I have gathered all you need to know about this app and I am very sure that the information on this page will be enough for you to deduct what the app is all about.

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Though, we’re mainly interested in this app because of the N1,000 bonus, but still, I will give you brief overview of what the app is all about and I am very sure that some people will love to stick around the app.

What Is Ziing App?

Ziing app is mainly a financial app which was developed to server three purposes all in one place, which are savings, trading and you Investment. The app allows you to carry out multiple financial activities in few clicks right from your phone and at the comfort of any where you are.

This app was recently lunched, and it’s the main reason that prompt this opportunity as the developer needs more users and they in turn run a promo which we will be taking it’s advantage today.

Without further Ado, let’s dive into the day steps on how to get the free N1000 from ziing app.


Requirements For Getting The Free N1000 From Ziing app.

1. Ziing app, which can be downloaded here for Android users or here for iOS users.

2. Bank verification number (BVN). Don’t panic, your information are safe with the app.

3. Utility bill purposely for address confirmation.

4. Signature, put your signature on paper and snap it.

5. Any form of identification (ID card).

6. Few minutes to read the instructions on this page carefully.

Having get all the requirements above, now let’s move to the detailed steps on how to download the app and enjoy the attached freebies.


How To Register On Ziing App and Get N1000 For Free

1. Click here to Download the app if you’re an Android users. Click here to download the app if you’re an iOS user.

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2. Upon downloading the app, install it and open it.


Sign up button

3. You will be provided with two buttons, now Click on the sign up button.

4. Now provide all the required informations, ranging from full name, email address, phone number and likes.

5. Now hit the sign up button to proceed to the next page.

6. An OTP will be sent to the email address you provided earlier, Check your email address and enter the OTP to confirm and complete your registration.

7. You will be asked to set up a security question and answer plus transaction PIN, set them and boom! You will be taken to your dashboard.

Congratulations! You have complete Your ziing registration and the next thing now is to Activate your bonus.

Now follow the steps below.

How To Activate Ziing N1000 sign up bonus

Once you have complete your registration as explained above, you will be redirected to your dashboard. Ok! Let’s go!

Kyc button

1. You will see two buttons at the top of your dashboard page, click on kyc as shown in the picture above.

2. This is where all the signature and utility bill mentioned in the requirements will be used. Upon clicking on the kyc button, you will be taken to a page shown below.


Kyc verification

3. Click on the requirements one after the other and upload each file, then click on the save button.

4. By clicking on the save button, your credentials will be submitted for proper verification.

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5. Now head to the notification bar at the top right corner and fill all the pending details, most especially your BVN.

6. Wait for your pending submission to be approved and boom! Your ziing Account will be credited with N1000 which can be withdrawn to your bank account immediately without any stress.

You’re done, the next thing is to enjoy your free cash!!

Can I be paid for referring friends too?

No! Ziing app didn’t provide their user’s with any referal incentive, Only registration bonus is involved and that’s all.


The ziing Free N1000 bonus is a promotional offer from ziing with the purpose of getting as much users as possible and they reserved the right to suspend the registration bonus at any time.

This implies that the Best thing after reading the instructions is to grab your phone and do the registration without procastination.


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